Monday, February 25, 2008

Not allowed an opinion

Ah, gamespot, a place I once cherished and enjoyed going to, each and every day. Now it seems, gamespot is taking a spiral downward and in the process denying me my opinion.

Not too long ago I posed a blog titled "F*** you NINTENDO" describing my utter frustration with the whole "buy multiple GBA systems and link cables to play multiplayer on the gamecube" scandal and to my dismay I jump onto gamespot to check out what's new with friends and such only to find a suspension notice for a 3 day period due to my inability to "Completely obscure offensive language".

Now, just to let you know, I've been "dinged" on gamespot previous to this for the exact same thing, the thing that ticks me off this time, is the fact that I deliberately edited my post to remove such "profanity" leaving a simple letter "F" followed with some stars (*) to express my frustration on the topic. I guess that wasn't good enough for Gamespot and their TOS (Terms of Service), so here I am, writing down a quick note on here on my ancient blogger account (which I really haven't used much at all before now), hoping to voice my opinion the way I want to without being limited by the small minded folks controlling the moderation of gamespot.

I will continue to read and comment on your blog and unions but from now on, this is my blog's home, this is where you'll read on what I have to say. Every post I make in my gamespot blog will only contain a title and a small message with a link to this here blog. You can continue to comment on my gamespot blog as long as you keep the "TOS" in mind when doing so, else you'll be the next up for a suspension.