Saturday, March 22, 2008

Superstore does it again!

Ahh, I don't know what I'd do without my local "Atlantic Superstore"!

After my trip to EBGames this last Tuesday I had collected just over $100 of in store credit after selling a good number of games to them (something I'll never do again) and decided today; I'd return to see if perhaps they had some games I was looking for but to my disappointment I leave the place unsatisfied. They didn't have any copies of "Rainbow Six Vegas 2" (PS3), didn't know what "MLB 08 The Show" (PS3) was and claimed "God of War: Chains of Olympus" wasn't released yet with just one remaining game I was looking for; that being "Army of Two" (PS3)... so with a sigh I purchased the only game I had interest in - that they had in stock.

A brief meeting with brother and mother outside and then we take a quick trip down the road to our local Atlantic Superstore; a giant grocery/everything else store which I have gone to again and again for the best video game selection locally. I blow into the video game/electronics section, almost instantly spot a few copies of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 sitting on the shelf so I snap it up and my brother points out God of War sitting not too far from it so I snap that up too. MLB 08 had a place with a price but no cases in it's spot - but I was plenty happy finding the two other games I had been looking for. The also had Army of Two there as well, FYI. But all is not lost, as I get hope, jump on ebay and bam, snag me a copy of MLB08 for $40 (which is great considering new PS3 games around here go for $50-$70). So now I'm sitting happy with a plethora of new games to play. All praises for superstore!!!!

Havn't touched RSV2 as of the writing of this, but played a number of hours in Army of Two with my brother and it's decent. Nothing super spectacular but decent. God of War on the other hand is very very kewl! I know I'm going to have a blast playing that! MLB08 should arrive sometime late next week or early the week after.

Anyways, I've bought these games in a sort of celebration. I have just recently (this week actually) sent just over $2000 to the government to finally finish off my student loan and now I'm sitting, debt free. :D Feels good.

For the heck of it: Games I'm looking forward to and plan on getting this year (in order):

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP) - Late march
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) - Mid April
Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) - Late April
Haze (PS3) - Mid/late May
Metal Gear Solid 4 - (PS3) Mid June
DragonBall Z: Burst Limit (PS3) - June?
Soul Calibur 4 (PS3) - June/July?
Resistance 2 (PS3) - Fall
Killzone 2 (PS3) - Fall
MotorStorm 2 (PS3) - Fall

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New boxart & Yokko Kanno

To start things off, I've had some time to do something I enjoy but really don't get time to do much of anymore. The art of Video Game Box Art creation! :P By the looks of it it's been almost 3/4 of a year since I've done my last one! They're just SO time consuming and at times frustrating that it often gets shoved aside as I go watch a movie or play a game instead :P

But I dusted off, my ol copy of Photoshop and gave it a whirl. This boxart is for Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, a superb 2D fighter for the PSP.

Let me know what you think! You can check out the rest at or my DeviantArt Page.

Also, note worthy is the final arrival of a set of CD's which I ordered off of ebay! The set included 14 CDs of music - mostly soundtrack work - by Yokko Kanno who is very quickly becoming a fav of mine. She did the entire music score for Ghost in the Shell Stand alone complex and Solid State Society which is what first got me interested... cuz I'm such a bit GitS nut :P The CD's I've received today include some of her work, some of the work from her band (The Seatbelts) and some other talented Japanese artists thrown in here and there for a mix up.

Now, included in my total collection of Yoko Kanno content:
Ghost in the Shell O.S.T + (x2)
Ghost in the Shell O.S.T 2 (x2)
Ghost in the Shell O.S.T 3
Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society O.S.T
Ghost in the Shell O.S.T Bonus Tachikoma Disc
Ghost in the Shell O.S.T Be Human
Wolf's Rain O.S.T Disc 1
FLCL O.S.T Disc 1 (Addict)
FLCL O.S.T Disc 2 (King of Pirates)
Cowboy Bebop O.S.T 1
Cowboy Bebop O.S.T 2 "No Disc"
Cowboy Bebop O.S.T LE BoxSet (4 Discs)
Cowboy Bebop O.S.T Future Blues (Movie OST, 2Disc)
Cowboy Bebop Blue
Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless
Cowboy Bebop Remixes: Music for Freelance

Peace for now.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My fav male/female/creature game characters

Have been wanting to do something like this for some time and just never felt ambitious enough to do it proper. I've spent - literally - hours collecting pics, sizing them how I wanted, making the list and writing out my explanations and then formatting it all in one cohesive package. I'm very happy with the result and hope I was able to explain myself properly for each character. Please comment on your thoughts of my choices, my explanations and of your own favs! :D


Number: 10
Name: Kairi
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts (series)
Notes: Kairi is a character whom I thought was kind of underdeveloped in the first game. She simply offered a friendship to Sora/Riku and never really got fleshed out as her own being. That changed in KH2 tho, as Kairi got a larger role which lead to a deeper insight to her character. Would love to see that continue and perhaps even see her star in one of the games.

Number: 9
Name: Tira
Game(s): Soul Calibur 3, 4
Notes: Almost all of the characters of Soul Calibur have a special place in my heart, but Tira is one that I dug the instant I saw her and got to wield her massive circular blade. I was uber glad to hear she'll be returning for SC4 and can't wait to slaughter fools with her.

Number: 8
Name: Rikku
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Notes: Rikku was an odd character in the FFX game but I've latched onto her as my favorite. Yuna's got too much emotional baggage for me to bother caring and while Lulu has the looks, she just bugged me. Rikku's unique personality and skills just caught my attention.

Number: 7
Name: Alyx Vance
Game(s): Half-life 2
Notes: Alyx is a different character, a very real one at that. She's not your typical "Save the world with godly powers" kinda girl, she's simply a girl who was born into a shitty world of combine suppression and takes pistol in hand to help in the resistance to bring them down. Alyx's real world personality and charm - just suck you in.

Number: 6
Name: Nariko
Game(s): Heavenly Sword
Notes: Unlike Alyx, Nariko is that "Save the world with godly powers" kinda girl and it works for her. For the most part she's a normal clan girl who loves her family and goes to fight off the evil Botan who wants the power of her clan's powerful "Heavenly Sword". Ignoring the warning, Nariko decides to use the sword to her benefit and defeat his army with it, which opens up a whole new world of power for her and lets you in on her life and her as a character which made me instantly like her. **Possible Spoiler!*** Sad, the ending of the game - we see that Nariko will never be back for another game :(

Number: 5
Name: Jade
Game(s): Beyond Good & Evil
Notes: Jade in another unique character, much like Alyx Vance who is more of a real world woman who is merely fighting for her family/friends/worlds safety and does it with her normal skill set - not that of a godly power. I think much like Vance, that real world personality and charm is what attracted me to liking the character so much. *Also, her best friend is a talking pig! :D

Number: 4
Name: Chun-Li
Game(s): Street Fighter (Series)
Notes: Chun-Li has always been a staple of the Street Fighter Series and it's not hard to see why. She's got the legs of a stallion and will snap your neck in the blink of an eye with them. Her over all strong willed-ness and attitude of "I won't take any shit off of you" is what I like in her character.

Number: 3
Name: Lara Croft
Game(s): Tomb Raider (series)
Notes: For the longest time I didn't care for the Tomb Raider games merely because I hate the bad controls and camera, the portrayal of Ms Croft in the Tomb Raider movies lead me to want to explore that character further. Then along came TR: Legends which got the controls and camera right and I was able to get into the world of TR. Croft is a strong, beautiful character who totes dual pistols, a mean punch and a drop kick or two just to name a few. The personality of being a hardened heroin without need for anyone coupled with the very real believability that there's so much more emotion and problems with her than you can see, a very well rounded character.

Number: 2
Name: Sakura Kasugano
Game(s): Street Fighter Alpha (series)
Notes: Sakura has got one of the highest positions in my favorite characters list, male or female, and it was a hard decision to give her the second spot (instead of first) in my top female list. Sakura has a crazy awesome, optimistic personality and non stop enthusiasm for fighting, life and over all everything. She can take on even the likes of M.Bison and whoop his ass (IMO) and is always my choice of character in any game she's in.

Number: 1
Name: Tifa Lockheart
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Notes: Tifa is the embodiment of what I respect in a character, in this case a female character. A never quit attitude, an insane love for her friends and family, the ability to whoop some serious ass, a personality that makes you just smile when you see her and a pretty face to boot. When playing FFVII for the first time I was always rooting and interested in Tifa, the hell with that Aeris bitch :P I really enjoyed how they fleshed her out more in Advent Children as a great person and her new attire couldn't fit her better. It shows you more of the caring Tifa who can kick your ass if she needs to - unlike some of the CG images of the original game that seemed to focus more on her... mammary glands than anything. I think, a FFVII remake on the PS3, like that of the short clip shown with the release of the PS3 would just melt my brain with over joyfulness.


Number: 10
Name: Chrono
Game(s): Chrono Trigger
Notes: Chrono is downright awesome. He's willing do to whatever it takes to save his family, friends and the world he knows.

Number: 9
Name: Altair
Game(s): Assassin's Creed
Notes: Starting the game, Altair is a bit of a cocky-know-it-all who I couldn't stand and that's why I'm glad they stripped him of that so he could rebuild his character into something I liked. Altair is a character I would like to see more of in the future.

Number: 8
Name: Gannon
Game(s): Legend of Zelda (series)
Notes: While gannon has been represented very differently over the years, with each new zelda game - he still holds a high spot in my fav characters because of his total bad-ass attitude and sheer lust for power. He's the Ying to Links Yang and the two make a perfect match.

Number: 7
Name: Kilik
Game(s): Soul Calibur (series)
Notes: Kilik has the skills of a master and when explored to unlock all of those skills, he becomes a one man slaughtering machine. Any attack can be thwarted and reversed in a snap when Kilik is at his best.

Number: 6
Name: Roxas
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts 2
Notes: When I heard that one would control a different character for a portion of Kingdom Hearts 2 I wasn't impressed and very skeptical. However, Roxas won me over and I actually enjoyed played him more than Sora. I would love for him to return for another go in the series.

Number: 5
Name: Kratos
Game(s): God of War (series)
Notes: Kratos is a bad ass. That's all there is to it. Only this guy can grab an enemy, thrust a blade through it's chest and then rip it in two, tossing it's parts aside and still look that kewl. Enjoying a little - different- physical activity afterward ;)

Number: 4
Name: Gordon Freeman
Game(s): Half-life (series)
Notes: The main character of the Half-life series, you really only ever see the guy's arms as he handles various weapons to take down his enemies. An unlikely hero, Freeman was a mere scientist who managed to beat the odds and... pretty much save the world.

Number: 3
Name: Solid Snake
Game(s): Metal Gear Solid (series)
Notes: Snake is the calm, collected hero of the MGS series who - no matter the situation - knows what to do and how to do it in style. Even as a very aged subject in MGS4, snake holds that presence about him which demands respect and sometimes a jaw on the floor.

Number: 2
Name: Cloud Strife
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Notes: Cloud is a strong willed individual who fights for his friends and what he believes is right. Riddled with countless problems, cloud is a character with a ton of personality who you can't help but relate to and have a connection with.

Number: 1
Name: Link
Game(s): Legend of Zelda (series)
Notes: Link has, for a long time, been my favorite male lead character of just about any game and for the most part I enjoy all of the Zelda games. He's a strong willed, never quit kinda character who wields a ton of awesome weapons in a fight to right the wrongs of his world.


Number: 10
Name: Ultralisk
Game(s): StarCraft
Notes: I've always had a liking for the unltralisk, even tho my fav race of the game was the Protoss. Can you imagine strapping a harness on that sucker and riding it into war? :D

Number: 9
Name: Chibi Robo
Game(s): Chibi-Robo
Notes: Chibi robo is unique and the most amazing little robot you'll ever meet.

Number: 8
Name: Pyramid Head
Game(s): Silent Hill (+series)
Notes: The first time I saw Pyramid head in SH2 I shit myself. He is seriously the ultimate creep of the entire series.

Number: 7
Name: Loco Roco *Black version*
Game(s): Locoroco
Notes: Shortly after purchasing, I fell in love with a little game titled "Locoroco" where you guided a little yellow blob around the screen while it sang. Through out the game you meet various colors of locoroco, each with they're own style and rhythm. I absolutely adored the black one.

Number: 6
Name: Rayman
Game(s): Rayman (series)
Notes: Rayman is the craziest character I've seen in a long time. No legs, no arms, but he had hands and feet! :D He's got style and shoots orbs from his hands!!!

Number: 5
Name: Kimahri
Game(s): Final Fantasy X
Notes: Gentle, Loyal and Silent, Kimahri has the power to (literally) rip your head from your body and look good doing it.

Number: 4
Name: Kosmos
Game(s): Xenosaga (series)
Notes: Some may wonder why Kosmos isn't in the female top 10, but you must remember. Kosmos is a weapon, a robot and while this robot looks a hell of a lot like a female, it's still a robot. Kosmos kicks ass! She (I'll refer to kosmos as she) can take down and entire fleet of Gnosis in one shot AND her abdomen open up to fire lasers, need I say more?

Number: 3
Name: Dog
Game(s): Half-life 2
Notes: If you thought Chibi-robo would make the ultimate pet robo, think again! Dog has the personal characteristics of a lovable pet or friend and and pure strength that only a 12foot robot can have.

Number: 2
Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Game(s): Oldschool Sonic the HedgeHog
Notes: I must stipulate that this refers to the old-school sonic, the fast rollin, chili-dog eating hedgehog of the genesis years. Not the whored out blue disappointment of recent years.

Number: 1
Name: Daxter
Game(s): Jak & Daxter (series)
Notes: Daxter packs a punch either as a side kick or as the hero in his own adventure. His humor and cleverness will have you smirking and you know that the games wouldn't be even half as good without him.