Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Video blog coming soon?

Hey guys (and gals)! I've been putting some thought into possibly doing a video blog after seeing what can be done (thanks punkhead and bojocon) and wanted your input into the matter. What exactly would you want to see in a video blog from me? What do you expect? :D lol. I don't plan on just sitting in front of a camera and spewing my guts (ala my normal blog lol), I plan on having fun with it, maybe giving my thoughts on games? I dunno, I need your input!

Thoughts on newer played/bought games:

Prey (PC) - Really fracking kewl IMO. From the opening in the bar where you get to play Runeman (Rune style pacman) to the puss holes that vomit human body parts on board the alien space craft... bahh, I've barely scratched the surface but I already like it!

Bioshock (PC) - I more or less just started to see what I could do with the settings and what not, I already know its a kewl game (from playing it at a cousin's place) and play to get into it more later.

Cliver Barker's Jericho (PC) - Is nifty. It has some kinda floaty movement to it but I plan to playing with some setting to get it how I like it. I also had to do some major tweaking to get it to run right! It had a ton of graphical oddities that made playing the game impossible before I changed some settings.

Halo (PC) - Ha, I bought Halo (the first) for the PC and it's still as fun as I remember it back on the ol Xbox :D We (my brother, sister and I) actually had a nice little 3 player blood gultch up and running over the computers a few days ago, mega fun!

SimCity 4 (PC) - Seems a bit more complicated than my ol SimCity 2000 but I'm liking it.

Gears of War (PC) - Still hav't gotten to play it cuz I need to install updated drivers for my videocard... which I have downloaded but don't want to install until I backup my PC, incase it messes up again (last time I tried to update the drivers I got a BSOD and had to reinstall windows).

Haze (PS3) - Bahh, I can't fathom that Free Radical Design -those brilliant fuckers- are the ones who put out this mediocre game! It's not horrible but... man, I prefer playing Resistance Fall of Man which was out at the launch of the PS3! Ah well, now we wait for TimeSplitters4! :D

Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) - Havn't beaten it yet :P Just too busy messing around to bother with many missions. Haha, love it!

Games I can't wait for (you'd think I'd have enough to play eh?):

-Metal Gear Solid 4
-Soul Calibur 4
-Resistance 2
-Motor Storm 2
-Ghost Busters the Game
-Fallout 3
-Killzone 2
-Silent Hill Homecoming

Others I'm interested in:

-Beyond Good & Evil 2 (just announced)
-Heavy Rain
-Red Faction Gurellia
-TNA game
-Hellboy The Science of Evil

Sigh, a rather empty blog eh? Well, i really made it to get your suggestions on teh video blog :D Thanks in advance.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

PC game bonanza

Last post; (which was mere days ago GASP!) I mentioned that I had finally gotten around to building my new PC but I more or less didn't have anything up to date to play on it. The most up to date thing being a cheap (tho rather fun) jewel case of Star Wars: Republic Commando. However, during my drip to to visit with my sis - we've gone shopping and I've stocked up on PC games to last me... quite a while I hope.

First off, a title a friend told me I had to get because of it's awesomeness. Lucky me I found it for $5; Prey is the title and like the rest I've yet to be home to install it. :D I also picked up Bioshock, Gears of War, SimCity4 Deluxe, Clive Barker's Jerico (which looks awesome!) and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

I also picked up The Shivering Isles expansion pack for Oblivion (PS3) as well as Second sight (GC) but ended up putting them back in an effort to safe cash. I did however get a $2 copy of Beast Wars for the PS1 :D Also hit up HMV to get Lamb of God's Sacrament and New American Gospal along with Nightwishe's Dark Passion Play.

I believe the last thing i found... a real gem IMO. Some Cowboy Bebop manga for a good $3.30! :D Awesome price and I can't wait to read it :D While on this trip I've realized that I don't pay much attention to where city buses go, I'm not that great at pool, I spend money too quickly when I see stuff I want, fast chinese food in mall food courts rawks and I despise 4-5 hour bus trips back and forth from home.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

B-day, GitS, New PC, Trips and Stuff

Ahh, it's been a while yet again since I've done a blog post! I just dun seem to have the enthusiasm to do them anymore... I guess. Well anyways, last blog I wished my PS3 a happy b-day (lol) and now it's my turn! Today (14th May, 2008) I turn the ol 22. Not much planned but, I don't have to work till next Wednesday! :D

Next Wednesday because I booked a nice week off of work to head up to New Brunswick to see my sis (who's going to school up there), do some shopping or w/e... I really dun know yet, but no work = awesome in my books. Work was a bit harsh... Sunday I believe it was... cuz I had a really good time with some cousins and others celebrating my cousin's graduation from college/uni and suffice to say we enjoyed it :D

I believe this is the first blog I've written while on my new PC (might be mistaken, but I think it is). This lil gem has been about a year or more in the making... just slowly saving up and collecting parts as I went along. But I must say, I'm pleasantly pleased with the speed and power I was able to get for around $500. So, when StarCraft2 drops I shouldn't have a problem running it. [Specs (for those interested) - Athlon64+X2 dual core 3800+, X1800XT 512mb, 3gb (forget the actual model of teh game), 250gb HD and other niceties. ] I haven't gotten much in terms of new PC games to test it out but I plan on getting Prey after what Justin has said about it.

Click each pic for a larger ver if you'd like:

Other games currently in my line of sight include GTAIV - which is astoundingly fun, Star Wars Republic Commando which I really dig! I got it for like $8 as a jewel case at walmart thinking I wouldn't miss $8 if it did turn out a bad game but I really like it! I also got Star Wars Battlefront2 but... it doesn't work! It just crashes when I try to run it. Haven't played much else since I got GTAIV tho... lol. Haze comes out on the 20th (or something like that) and I've already got it pre-ordered so I'll pick that up then. Then June brings MGS4... which I CAN'T WAIT FOR! Great year for games!

Lastly, my GitS obsession continues to grow. Last post, I believe I noted my purchase of 4 novels set in the universe and I'm almost through 1 (haven't had a lot of free time to read). A few days ago I hit up amazon and got the 3 collection books of the original Manga (the original manga had multiple issues which were combined into one big book years later). So now I'll be able to see the roots of Ghost in the Shell. I'm stoked! :D It's like a ritual thing now, to hit up ebay to see what new gits items are being sold :D I just got the LE of SSS and the SE of the first movie and decided to send off the standard editions (which I had all along) to Booticon - a good friend on gamespot who dug the idea. Hope ya enjoy em man!

Speaking of Ebay, I've used it to beef up my anime library! Recently I've purchased the boxsets for Ergo Proxy, Elfen Lied and Ah My Goddess (first season) and can't wait for those to arrive either. Bahh can't get enuff :D

Thats it. Huh. Actually I tried writing this post quite a few times... it always got massive tho, so enjoy the short version :D.