Monday, July 28, 2008

Book Bomb the Giant Spot with your Game Face!

Ahahah, so I had some fun with naming this title eh? I wanted to incorporate 3 things and yet still be short... so it doesn't matter that it doesn't make a lot of sense.

So, here's the scoop on it all. It incorporates the (jumbled up) names of three sites; those being GameSpot, GiantBomb and FaceBook. Simply because that is what I'll be discussing in this odd little post of mine.

To start things off, Gamespot is sliding like you wouldn't believe (in my eyes at least). It's forums are crawling, the members not caring, and we all know about their shady business over the last year, so all in all, gamespot has lost major respect in my view of things. Now, I'm not going to go all nutso and just claim my total leaving of the place, but I feel that it's more or less going to be a weening process as I get more and more into another gaming website.

That other site you ask? Well, it should be easy; it's been the talk of many lately. has got to be my quickest "latch on" sites ever. Most sites I visit that claim to be big "all games all the time" sites feel awkward and are missing so many features that I enjoy (ala gamespot) that I never stay very long or end up just popping back into gamespot for my dose of community. But Giantbomb seems to of gotten so many things right - right from the gates opening, I'm really in awe. Their interface, Wiki like pages (which you as a member can edit) and over all just feature rich existance is really fucking kewl. I've got a few friends over there now who were Gamespot budds and would like to see YOU there as well. You don't need to give up gamespot but I urge you to at least give GB a try. :D BTW I'm known as hush404 there... shocking eh? :D

Lastly, I've noticed this thrown around a bit lately. Just wanted to let ya know that you can add me ala facebook if we happen to be "friended" ala gamespot of Giantbomb - as I respect all of you who I choose to make the friend list. That place is the ultimate "up to date place" for me as well as the easiest way to reach me (via messages, wall posts etc), so go a head and add me dammit! :D LOL. My Profiles is at this LINK.

Peace sukkas.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

E3: What mattered (to me)

Hey guys, as most of you know E3 is hot on everyone's minds as it brings lots of new and exciting info. I am no exception and enjoyed a number of announcements as well as had fun checking out the new updates on games I've been waiting for. Also, like everyone else - I was looking for certain things and have my preferences as to what exactly matters to me. That said, it should explain that I own neither a 360 nor a Wii and thus Sony's showing meant more to me any either MS's or Nint's conferences which boils down to most of the "important" news (from my point of view) dealing mainly with PS3 stuff. That said, I do have some thoughts on some of the "other guy's" stuff and will try to slip that in. So enjoy.

Probably the biggest thing to get me excited is the new stuff shows for Resistance2! Insomniac came to the show with their 'A' game and showed off some truly remarkable bits of the game. From the fight with a 300ft tall "leviathan" in a torn down Chicago tower, to the frantically fast "avoid getting torn apart" rush in an ally on it's (Chicago) streets... it just all looks spectacularly intense, fun and a treat visually. Check out the video.

Another big announcement, while a bit short on info and content, it's more or less a teaser trailer but it's just enough to get one excited. That of course is God of War 3! Kratos is returning (roughly) march 2009 for his third game (unless you count the PSP title) on Sony's consoles and I've got a grin on my face. Check out the trailer here.

MAG is a surprise this year. No word about it what so ever till E3 and it looks really really ambitious. If I'm correct it's simply titled "Massive Action Game" and it's being developed by Zippper Interactive (Socom) for the PS3 and it boasting to include 256 players online in this crazy awesome looking shooter.

Killzone, while not introducing a lot of new info or features more or less continued to impress as they showed off some more gameplay and what not. Game looks gorgeous, nuff said.

Little Big Planet has me more excited that EVER! At first I had little to no interest in the game, didn't get it much at all, didn't see the appeal. But slowly and surely it's opened my eyes and now I'm excited! It's totally unique and opens up into a world of impossible combinations.

Other games worth mentioning include Ghostbusters, which has another gameplay showing at the show and couldn't look any better! I'm so exciting for this game which comes this fall. The newest Tomb Raider made an appearance at the show as well and Eidos has finially confirmed a release date for this fall (forget the exact date), something I'll be looking forward to. Street fighter 4 still looks sweet as hell and if I'm not mistaken it comes out this fall too (woo, this fall is going to break my wallet). Eternal Sonata, an older (once 360 only) RPG was on my radar for some time and when the PS3 version was announced I was happy, but then it was a "Japan Only release" and then I was sad :( :P But it's finally come this way this fall as well. Motorstorm had a showing. Infamous is a title I've heard of before but never gave it much attention, which may be a mistake on my part because of what I've seen it's looking really nice, something I may have to look out for. Lastly, def not least, is a little love for the PSP! In the form of a resistance title for the system! Dubed "Resistance Retribution" it takes place in between the first and second games (from the PS3).

Getting away from the games a bit Sony has come forth and slapped down a video service for the PS3 (which is already live I hear) where you can rent and even purchase videos (in digital form). With prices ranging from $3-4 for a normal rental $6-7 for a HD rental and $15 for a purchase, I can see it really taking off.

Something else (that will save you a few bucks) is the introduction of the "Greatest Hits" section for PS3 games, meaning you'll be able to get games that have sold enough to meet the criteria for a discounted price of $29.99. They've got a pretty good starting list of games including motorstorm, assassin's creed, resistance and others (full list here).

Last is a rumor or something to look out for. As it is, recently Sony introduced (with firmware 2.40) not only the abilty to access the XMB (the menu) ingame but also achivement like "Trophies" which are more or less like XBL's achivements system but instead of a gamerscore, you get a nice card with lists of your trophies (gold, silver, brownse etc). Anyway in an interview or w/e for a BUZZ game for the PSP, develper said a trophie may be rewarded for doing well and when asked (by gamespot) if the PSP would also get trophie support like the PS3, the dev said to check back with them in the future.

Ahh, that be in for Sony :P or atleast that's what I cared about. If you've heard something I might find interesting and forgot to mention please let me know.

Nintendo is still at their strategy of making fun for everyone and while most of it might not interest me, I applaud them for taking of in a new direction. But really, the only game that caught my eye was "Deadly Creatures" a (somewhat realistic looking) game where you play a spider and a scorpion who traverse the backyard desert, fight snakes and eventually have to square off again the big bad humans. Interesting ideal and I'm glad someone is trying to make something look real instead of cartoony on the Wii.

Microsoft's biggest announcement by far is the Square Enix partnership to bring Final Fantasy XIII to the 360 as well as the PS3 instead of it being PS3 exclusive. That aside, not a HUGE amount of stuff that had me excited. See I could care less about gears2 and that seemed to be their big point of interest. Fable2 looks good, would want to play that. Most of the multiplatform games I didn't bother much with as I could get them with my PS3. A bit ticked that Rockband 2 is heading to the 360 before the PS3! I smell a dirty deal there! :P But I'm still stoked for RB2 when it does hit Sonys black box.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The green glow of my new Xbox

Ahh, I've talked about it long before now and have finially gotten around to getting that Xbox I was thinking about for some time now.

No, it's not a 360, it's the original black beast. Slipped into EBGames and asked if they had any; to my surprise they did and were only $39.99!! :D So, I spent some time rummaging through the rack of used xbox games and picked up 9 delightful titles along with another controller.

Games I got:
NBA Street Vol2
DOA Ultimate
Chronicles of Riddick
Forza Motorsport
Project Gotham Racing 2
Burnout Revenge
Fusion Frenzy

Got any other games worth checking out? I know of a number I would like to check out like Fable, KOTOR, Ralisport, perhaps unreal championship. Just lemme know some of your fav Xbaux games.

Right away I noticed some odd fan noises coming from the box when I first set it up, but hope it's nothing :P I've got a year's warranty on it anyways so I'm not worried.

Other games wise, I'm on my second run through MGS4, started Gears of War on my PC and give GT5P a go every so often too.

Ahh and before I forget, I also picked up a special, random gem today too. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 the Animated series complete DVD collection! WOO!

Lastly, I'm heading out tonight to see Hellboy2 :D Excited! :D

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Passing the Torch

Ooh, it's been a while since I've had the ambition to whip up another blog post it seems. My last one near the end of May and this being a few days into July. Oops :P

To start things off, we'll deal with the title's subject. It refers to two things actually; one being (this will only make sense to those who read from Gamespot) my step down from the Assassin's Creed Union of which I formed and with help from some friends, got built up to a decent size, dedicated union which dealt with everything Assassin's Creed.

I am very proud of where the union is today; about 700 members strong with a beefy set of topics discussed. Things have slowed down, forum wise as the game has been out for some time now (PS3, 360, PC, DS) and there is absolutely no news from Ubisoft on a sequel yet. However I feel that when news does start flowing in, I won't have the time or ambition to head the project and report on everything. So, I've handed leadership to (after discussing with) Snake4Eva for the time being. He has agreed to do his best to keep the place running smoothly, has even offered the leadership back if I ever decide I want the responsibility again (which I don't think I will), and I'll keep my Officer position so I can contribute what I can.

Kind of sad to leave the place like that, but I believe it's for the best. Farewell ACU.

Anyways, onto the second part of the topic's meaning. That is Metal Gear Solid 4.


Astounding game. It's really rather marvelous in every part of it's execution. From it's insanely kewl character list, superb audio, gameplay, cutscenes, graphics (OMG), acting... just everything is SPOT on. Such a rush from begining to end and I can't wait to go through it again (I need to get that Altair costume unlocked!) I truely believe that the game is best enjoyed when you play by yourself and have at least a little knowledge of the older games. There are lots of inside jokes and references to the older games (mostly MGS1) and being able to catch them and smirk because of it is a treat in of itself.

The game isn't much of a showcase to those just looking for some arcade fun; as I tried to show off the fun of MGS to a cousin and we spent most of the time sitting, watching cutscenes (If you read this; Jeff, that cutscene went on for some time after you left!) :P lol. The cutscenes seem to get more frequent towards the end of the game and the end scenes are rather lenghty as well. But like I said, it's best enjoyed by yourself, volume turned up and controller in hand.

It feels just like you'd expect a new itteration of MGS to feel. MGS has always had a certain feel to how the characters move, act, react and so on and MGS4 has that in place all while allowing pretty much complete freedom outside of that box to not only control how you like but also do as you please and only sneak if you want to.

A truely fitting end to the saga IMO. It ties everything together nicely and (without spoiling anything) ends in a very pleasing way as well. It just feels right! I went into it thinking I knew how it would end and just kept getting surprised at the choices in plot change. I don't know if I'll write a review or not... but I might just rate it a perfect 10/10. Its... seriously that awesome.

So, that concludes my bit on the two references in regards to the topic. Now for a few loose ends.

Lately I can't get enough Gigabytes! XD lol. I've recently upgraded the HD in my PS3 from 60gb to 250gb so I'll have more space for those rediclious installs and stuff like music, vids and downloads.

I've also gone along and upgraded my MP3 player from a 1gb sony stick thing to a nice 80gb IPod Classic and it's oooh so sweet. I've already moved over my entire MP3 collection :D

I've decided to stop spending money on games so much. I've got a large number of titles I need to complete (GTAIV included) and decided that only titles I'm really really waiting for are on the buy list with others getting shoved to the "Might get when it's cheap" pile (GRID and BFBC have hit that pile). That means I'm getting Soul Calibur 4 at the end of this month and then pretty much nothing till this fall when titles like Resistance 2, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Fallout3 and others come out.

Slipknot has a new album coming this august, totally stoked for that :D

I also plan on doing on different blog posts (for gamespot). Little features about games and such. Something besides the usual "This is what's up" blogs. I also plan on doing a videoblog some time (I'll need to get the PSEye software again, as that was my only camera), expect that sometime in the future.