Monday, July 28, 2008

Book Bomb the Giant Spot with your Game Face!

Ahahah, so I had some fun with naming this title eh? I wanted to incorporate 3 things and yet still be short... so it doesn't matter that it doesn't make a lot of sense.

So, here's the scoop on it all. It incorporates the (jumbled up) names of three sites; those being GameSpot, GiantBomb and FaceBook. Simply because that is what I'll be discussing in this odd little post of mine.

To start things off, Gamespot is sliding like you wouldn't believe (in my eyes at least). It's forums are crawling, the members not caring, and we all know about their shady business over the last year, so all in all, gamespot has lost major respect in my view of things. Now, I'm not going to go all nutso and just claim my total leaving of the place, but I feel that it's more or less going to be a weening process as I get more and more into another gaming website.

That other site you ask? Well, it should be easy; it's been the talk of many lately. has got to be my quickest "latch on" sites ever. Most sites I visit that claim to be big "all games all the time" sites feel awkward and are missing so many features that I enjoy (ala gamespot) that I never stay very long or end up just popping back into gamespot for my dose of community. But Giantbomb seems to of gotten so many things right - right from the gates opening, I'm really in awe. Their interface, Wiki like pages (which you as a member can edit) and over all just feature rich existance is really fucking kewl. I've got a few friends over there now who were Gamespot budds and would like to see YOU there as well. You don't need to give up gamespot but I urge you to at least give GB a try. :D BTW I'm known as hush404 there... shocking eh? :D

Lastly, I've noticed this thrown around a bit lately. Just wanted to let ya know that you can add me ala facebook if we happen to be "friended" ala gamespot of Giantbomb - as I respect all of you who I choose to make the friend list. That place is the ultimate "up to date place" for me as well as the easiest way to reach me (via messages, wall posts etc), so go a head and add me dammit! :D LOL. My Profiles is at this LINK.

Peace sukkas.