Friday, July 11, 2008

The green glow of my new Xbox

Ahh, I've talked about it long before now and have finially gotten around to getting that Xbox I was thinking about for some time now.

No, it's not a 360, it's the original black beast. Slipped into EBGames and asked if they had any; to my surprise they did and were only $39.99!! :D So, I spent some time rummaging through the rack of used xbox games and picked up 9 delightful titles along with another controller.

Games I got:
NBA Street Vol2
DOA Ultimate
Chronicles of Riddick
Forza Motorsport
Project Gotham Racing 2
Burnout Revenge
Fusion Frenzy

Got any other games worth checking out? I know of a number I would like to check out like Fable, KOTOR, Ralisport, perhaps unreal championship. Just lemme know some of your fav Xbaux games.

Right away I noticed some odd fan noises coming from the box when I first set it up, but hope it's nothing :P I've got a year's warranty on it anyways so I'm not worried.

Other games wise, I'm on my second run through MGS4, started Gears of War on my PC and give GT5P a go every so often too.

Ahh and before I forget, I also picked up a special, random gem today too. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 the Animated series complete DVD collection! WOO!

Lastly, I'm heading out tonight to see Hellboy2 :D Excited! :D