The green glow of my new Xbox

By  Hush404     Friday, July 11, 2008    Labels:, 
Ahh, I've talked about it long before now and have finially gotten around to getting that Xbox I was thinking about for some time now.

No, it's not a 360, it's the original black beast. Slipped into EBGames and asked if they had any; to my surprise they did and were only $39.99!! :D So, I spent some time rummaging through the rack of used xbox games and picked up 9 delightful titles along with another controller.

Games I got:
NBA Street Vol2
DOA Ultimate
Chronicles of Riddick
Forza Motorsport
Project Gotham Racing 2
Burnout Revenge
Fusion Frenzy

Got any other games worth checking out? I know of a number I would like to check out like Fable, KOTOR, Ralisport, perhaps unreal championship. Just lemme know some of your fav Xbaux games.

Right away I noticed some odd fan noises coming from the box when I first set it up, but hope it's nothing :P I've got a year's warranty on it anyways so I'm not worried.

Other games wise, I'm on my second run through MGS4, started Gears of War on my PC and give GT5P a go every so often too.

Ahh and before I forget, I also picked up a special, random gem today too. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 the Animated series complete DVD collection! WOO!

Lastly, I'm heading out tonight to see Hellboy2 :D Excited! :D

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  1. Ah yes! Nice purchase with the original Xbox! I enjoyed mine up until the day I got a 360. In many ways I think that the original was better, at least for the time. I miss my old behemoth "Duke" original Xbox controllers though. :(

  2. for that price the xbox is a good buy, you should pick up brute force.

    also that is a good find the mario animated show i miss that show i should try to find that

  3. Counter-Strike for the Xbox was pretty good. Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel without a Pulse was also good. I kinda missing my Xbox now...

  4. Fuzion Frenzy is awesome! I can't remember any of the other games I played on the original Xbox. So how was HB2?

  5. @boot - Haha, you liked those monster controllers? I've got 2 'S' controllers.

    @insane - Cha, good price. I remember hearing of BF.

    @bojo - Played a lot of CS on the PC years ago dun think ill get it fer de XB. I might get Stubbs tho.

    @liz - cha its fun. HB2 was good. quite similar to the first, nothing crazy exciting new but fun all the same.

    @ All - I actually took my XB back to eb today cuz it was making really strange noises and not reading discs, but simply traded it for another and the new one works great.


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