Thursday, July 03, 2008

Passing the Torch

Ooh, it's been a while since I've had the ambition to whip up another blog post it seems. My last one near the end of May and this being a few days into July. Oops :P

To start things off, we'll deal with the title's subject. It refers to two things actually; one being (this will only make sense to those who read from Gamespot) my step down from the Assassin's Creed Union of which I formed and with help from some friends, got built up to a decent size, dedicated union which dealt with everything Assassin's Creed.

I am very proud of where the union is today; about 700 members strong with a beefy set of topics discussed. Things have slowed down, forum wise as the game has been out for some time now (PS3, 360, PC, DS) and there is absolutely no news from Ubisoft on a sequel yet. However I feel that when news does start flowing in, I won't have the time or ambition to head the project and report on everything. So, I've handed leadership to (after discussing with) Snake4Eva for the time being. He has agreed to do his best to keep the place running smoothly, has even offered the leadership back if I ever decide I want the responsibility again (which I don't think I will), and I'll keep my Officer position so I can contribute what I can.

Kind of sad to leave the place like that, but I believe it's for the best. Farewell ACU.

Anyways, onto the second part of the topic's meaning. That is Metal Gear Solid 4.


Astounding game. It's really rather marvelous in every part of it's execution. From it's insanely kewl character list, superb audio, gameplay, cutscenes, graphics (OMG), acting... just everything is SPOT on. Such a rush from begining to end and I can't wait to go through it again (I need to get that Altair costume unlocked!) I truely believe that the game is best enjoyed when you play by yourself and have at least a little knowledge of the older games. There are lots of inside jokes and references to the older games (mostly MGS1) and being able to catch them and smirk because of it is a treat in of itself.

The game isn't much of a showcase to those just looking for some arcade fun; as I tried to show off the fun of MGS to a cousin and we spent most of the time sitting, watching cutscenes (If you read this; Jeff, that cutscene went on for some time after you left!) :P lol. The cutscenes seem to get more frequent towards the end of the game and the end scenes are rather lenghty as well. But like I said, it's best enjoyed by yourself, volume turned up and controller in hand.

It feels just like you'd expect a new itteration of MGS to feel. MGS has always had a certain feel to how the characters move, act, react and so on and MGS4 has that in place all while allowing pretty much complete freedom outside of that box to not only control how you like but also do as you please and only sneak if you want to.

A truely fitting end to the saga IMO. It ties everything together nicely and (without spoiling anything) ends in a very pleasing way as well. It just feels right! I went into it thinking I knew how it would end and just kept getting surprised at the choices in plot change. I don't know if I'll write a review or not... but I might just rate it a perfect 10/10. Its... seriously that awesome.

So, that concludes my bit on the two references in regards to the topic. Now for a few loose ends.

Lately I can't get enough Gigabytes! XD lol. I've recently upgraded the HD in my PS3 from 60gb to 250gb so I'll have more space for those rediclious installs and stuff like music, vids and downloads.

I've also gone along and upgraded my MP3 player from a 1gb sony stick thing to a nice 80gb IPod Classic and it's oooh so sweet. I've already moved over my entire MP3 collection :D

I've decided to stop spending money on games so much. I've got a large number of titles I need to complete (GTAIV included) and decided that only titles I'm really really waiting for are on the buy list with others getting shoved to the "Might get when it's cheap" pile (GRID and BFBC have hit that pile). That means I'm getting Soul Calibur 4 at the end of this month and then pretty much nothing till this fall when titles like Resistance 2, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Fallout3 and others come out.

Slipknot has a new album coming this august, totally stoked for that :D

I also plan on doing on different blog posts (for gamespot). Little features about games and such. Something besides the usual "This is what's up" blogs. I also plan on doing a videoblog some time (I'll need to get the PSEye software again, as that was my only camera), expect that sometime in the future.