Monday, September 08, 2008

Need Headphone advice

I've been searching for some time for a great "mid ranged" headphone set in the "over the ear" style - that can offer some decent audio quality on all ranges (especially bass) in a comfy to wear set that doesn't include a 6' cord as it's only option. I will be using it on my computer as well as on the go with my Ipod.

Currently I have two pairs of headphones:

The first is a pair of over the Head/Ear style by Sony named: MDR-XD100 which I picked up a few years ago for like $20 and are fairly decent headphones, tho lack a bit in the deep bass I like and never seem to get as loud as I like either.

The second pair are a "around the head" style (goes behind your head instead of on top) by Panasonic; named "Shockwave RP-HG15" and is just about the best pair I have ever owned. Only about $20 as well, they're about 6-8 years old (forget how long now) and I have just replaced the rotted foam covers (that go on the ear) thanks to an ol crappy pair I had lying around. They've got really good sound on all ranges but can be uncomfy to wear at times.

Now, what I'm looking for in a new set is an over the head/ear set (like the Sony ones I have) with great sound on all ranges (including deep bass) and without the 6' cable. I hate lugging around a pair of headphones with cables that I have to tie together with elastics and such, I'd much rather the 2 or 3 ft cables of most normal portable headphones. I don't like in the ear headphones, so don't even mention those.

I've been looking into Sennheiser's products, as I've heard they do quality stuff and am thinking about the HD-280 Pro series but I'm still unsure.

Just want to know if any of you have insight on the subject, perhaps can offer some suggestions? I'm looking to spend upwards of $100, but really not much more. I've seen a lot of kewl sets that I wouldn't mind having but I think over $100 for them is retarded - heck I think it's kinda crazy to pay $100 for a set, but I'm willing to do so.