Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Trade-Ins, Completions, Anticipations

In this Blog:

[Trade-Ins] - Detailing some trade-ins I've made.
- Some stuff I've purchased.
[Completing games]
- Games I've gone through lately.
- Games I can't wait for.
[Final Notes]
- My final last bit of crap.

**Note the different style/layout. I plan on breaking stuff up, so you can decide what, if any, you want to read and skim what you don't or w/e.

First off, Vacations rawk! I love not having to keep much of a schedule at all, this 2 weeks off of work has been awesome. Some times a bit boring but I love the relaxation. Started it with a nice B-day bash at my cousin's place and then a wedding (oh which I felt like shit the whole time through :( ), got to see some old friends and more or less just chill - having time to do a little shopping, gaming, movie watching and so forth. As far as I know, I don't head back until Monday (the 8th of Sept I believe), so I'm going to continue to enjoy it.

Like I said, I got to do a little shopping. Little odds and ends, random bits and bolts it seems :D I went off to EBgames to trade in some games - yeah I know I said I wouldn't again... but it seemed like much less a hassle than ebay. Which BTW I finially used to sell a game! TES4 Oblivion for the PS3 was shipped off to a nice dude from Quebec for about $30 bones which isn't too bad at all considering I got a copy of the GOTY (Game of the Year) edition (includes all of the normal edition stuff plus the shivering isles addon) for like $45. Anyways, back to EBgames. I took in a nice grocery bag full of crap, not all of which they wanted. :P I sold them:

Army of Two (PS3)
Haze (PS3)
The Simpsons Game (PS3)
Dark Angel (PS2)
Beast Wars (PS1)
Fusion Frenzy (Xbox)

and got about $70 for it all. Which I then took and spent on:

BattleField: Bad Company (PS3)
NBA Street: Homecourt (PS3)

Both pretty kewl games, a decent deal IMO, cuz the games I traded in were more/less bad lol.

Through Bargain bin diving, random window shopping and ebay I managed to blow a shit load of money it seems? Ha, actually, a lot of these items are purchased mainly because I find them for cheap, or at least relatively cheap. Most of these items were purchased in the last month or so:

[$9] Syberia DVD pack (PC)
[$3] Paradise (PC)
[$34] Brave Story: A New Traveler (PSP)
[$22] Guild Wars (PC)
[$2] Advent Rising (Xbox)

[$4] 50 First Dates (DVD)
[$4] Harold & Kumar go to White Castle (DVD)
[$24] Birds of Prey Complete Series (DVD)
[$35] The Nightmare Before Christmas (Blu-Ray)
[$15] The Fifth Element (Blu-Ray)
[$16] HellBoy (Blu-Ray)
[$18]Batman Begins (Blu-Ray)
[$18] Pan's Labryinth (Blu-Ray)
[$19] Blade Runner (Blu-Ray)
[$26] DragonBall Z Season 4 (DVD)

[$22]Slipknot's "All Hope is gone" (CD)

Thoughts: The abundance of Blu-Rays in the list is more or less just me catching up on some great movies in HD. I've been meaning to get a number of the titles for a while now, but just never got around to it, now I have. The highlight being The Nightmare Before Christmas which I would of paid $50 for if they charged it! Frack I love that movie! Got DBZ S4 for like 1/2 the price that it usually sells for and a few other DVDs that I just happened to like and found dirt cheap. Found Paradise for a few bucks and then it reminded me of Syberia of which I've been looking for the sequel for a LONG time, found it, bought it (ebay) and was happy :D Wanted a new RPG for my PSP and after some research decided on Brave Story - still waiting for it via ebay. Also got guild wars on the note that it works on dial up!? Heard lots of people say it works flawlessly on dialup... so what the hell eh? Decided to give er a try. Got a copy of the GOTY on route from ebay for around $20. I've been wanting to play Advent Rising for a while now, got a 'Still in the package' copy at ebgames for $1.99! Last is Slipknot's New CD "All hope is gone" which is alright, a little too soft for my liking. Seems Corey is stuck on the Stone Sour tone of music for some of the songs and... I really just want some head banging tunes when I listen to slipknot.

[//Completing Games]
Like I've mentioned, this lil vacation has given me a lot of time to finish up and beat some games. I've started and finished Advent Rising (Xbox) and absolutely loved it! Sad the series died before it got off the ground, I would of loved to see the sequels! I also started and beat BattleField: Bad Company (PS3)- and it was a blast! So much destruction!! I'm at the very (I think) end of Crisis Core (PSP) and hope to jump into that again. Finished off the modes in DragonBall Z Shin Budokai & DarkStalker's Chronicle Tower both on the PSP. Got a good portion of Escape from Butcher's Bay (Xbox) finished (another amazing game BTW). Got a lot of the goods in Soul Calibur 4 (PS3) unlocked - including all the characters, levels. Fable (xbox) is done. About 60% done of Lego Star Wars (PS3), just started Doom3(xbox) and I'm about 1/2 way through another play through of MGS4 (PS3).

Enjoying the craziness of NBA Street Homecourt (PS3), loving my new pc adventure games - Syberia 2 and Paradise and dive into a lot of different games almost randomly. I still havn't gotten though a lot of Gears of War on the PC, as I had to update 3 times now to get it to work :( But I plan on getting it done one of these days.

What started out as a simple notepad txt file to keep track of some games coming out in the future... has grown into a somewhat complicated list of just what I have in mind for future game purchases. Check it out:

[X]Prob won't get, slightly interested
[-]Might get, interested - not convinced
[/]Prob Will get, greatly anticipating.
[*]Will Get, No Question.

Q = Quadrant, the year split into 4 segments
^ = Sometime, a general date.

[-]Aug 31 - Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
[X]Sept 16 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed
[-]Sept 02 - TNA impact
[/]Sept 23 - Lego Batman
[-]Sept23 - Brother's In Arms: Hells Highway
[X]Sept 30 - Legendary
[*]Sept 30 - Silent Hill Homecoming
[*]Oct 07 - Motorstorm Pacific Rift
[-]Oct 07 - Midnight club LA
[X]Oct 07 - Fracture
[X]Oct 20 - Dead Space
[*]Oct 21 - Litte Big Planet
[/]OCt 28 - Fallout 3
[*]Nov 04 - Resistance 2
[-]Nov 04 - Bioshock
[X]Nov 08 - Valkyria Chronicles
[*]NOV 11 - Mirrors Edge
[*]Nov 18 - Tomb Raider: Underworld
[-]Q4 08 - Eternal SOnata
[*]Feb09 - Killzone 2
[-]Q1 09 - Borderlands
[/]Q2 09 - inFAMOUS
[-]^2009 - Heavy Rain
[-]^2009 - Final Fantasy XIII, VS XIII, Agito XIII
[*]^2009 - Beyond Good & Evil 2

[//Final Notes]
Ahh, a mighty blog no? :P Please let me know what you think of the layout, whether or not it helps in organizing the content and so on. I plan on getting heavy into Guild Wars, if I can - so, if you play hit me up when I do get the game (its coming from ebay) and we'll play (hopefully).

Also, I've got at least 2 more ideas for the "What Happened" feature I introduced last blog, expect to see Vol2 some time in the near future.