Monday, September 29, 2008


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| Trophies |

Sony has rolled out trophy support for it's PS3 a while ago and it's been somewhat of a slow process getting rolling with games that support them. I've realized that with games that were nearing completion, simply adding trophies might be a lot of work and didn't get too upset if one game didn't include them. Sure, I would love if every dev went back in slapped in support for each and every game... but what ya gonna do? :P

I've got a few games right now that either have trophies implemented or plan on having them soon in a patch. None of which I've gotten updated to use said trophies yet but as soon as I get them patched they'll be ready to go. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was one of the first to announce their support for it and I've been holding off a second play through because of that. As soon as I get the patch I will be playing it again. Burnout Paradise also has a patch for trophies and I though they announced they would prob be retroactive (able to just add trophies according to how much you've already done) - it turns out it won't be. If I want the easier trophies it seems I'll have to restart the game... which sounds shitty, but burnout is so fun I don't think I'll mind - if I decide to do so. BattleField: Bad Company is also getting a patch, look forward to that as well.

The thing that got me excited tho, is the fact that a large number of games I'm currently anticipating are getting trophies right from the get go! In the next month or so Little Big Planet, MotorStrom: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, Rockband2 and Mirrors Edge will be shipping - all including trophies. Brothers in Arms is said to support them and that game has be interested - and Killzone2 in Feb will have them as well. So before long, I will be a slave of trying to get those platinum trophies.

There are 4 different kinds of trophies, from easy ones in Bronze to a medium Silver and the Hard Gold trophies. The last, Platinum, is only achieved if every other trophy in the game is collected and thus represents and insane like achievement.

| Now Playing |

I'm playing a few games at the moment. I think I've mentioned it in my past blog post, that I've gotten back into DiRT and I'm progressively finishing races, collecting vehicles and more or less doing my best to finish the game - and it's a blast! Nothing like leaving a game alone, coming back and enjoying the hell out of it! :D

Beat Bioshock (PC) - Amazing game!

Gave up on Elven Blood (facebook) due the fact that I needed to continually add party members and hassling people to add the app gets old, quick. Suffice to say, it's a well thought out app except for that part - it prevents those who can't get others to play from progressing in the story.

Before playing some rockband 2 (which seems like a great upgrade from RB1) my cousin and I threw in "Fight Night Round 3" and had a round or two which just grabbed me and hooked me in! I went shopping a few days later and found a copy for my PS3. It's such a fun game :D

Also, got Lego Batman(PS3) - of which I've been waiting for, for quite a while. It rawks. It's the same ol Lego formula and I love the batman universe and thus it feels much kewler to play that something like lego star wars - of which I'm not a huge fan.

Another steal (thanks SuperStore :P) is Spider-Man3 (PS3) that I snatched up. It's rather ugly - graphically - seems to have its share of hang ups and glitches but its a lot of fun swinging and fighting as the ol Spider. It gets bonus points for getting Bruce Campbell as the Narrator.

Lastly, I picked up a copy of this month's PC gamer and with it I got a number of Demos. Including a wacky fun racer "Track Mania Nations" and a trial for Spore's Creature Creator! The Spore CC is amazing! It really made me want the game - I will prob get it sometime. Here's some picks of a few creatures I've made:

| Other |

Never got around to deciding on headphones, so it's still up in the air. I have no idea when I'll get around to getting a new pair, but I also want to take my time and get a really awesome pair. Still open for suggestions for anyone who's got any. Read my previous post for info on what I'm looking for.

Lol, I know I still havn't rolled out one of those "What happened" features yet, I swear I'll get to it. :P