Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another promise of broadband

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Ahh, ha! It seems like some company likes to dangle a string above my head with the promise of a broadband connection being made available in my immediate area... oh at least a few times a year and so far it's been one disappointment after another. This time I have my finger's crossed! :D Our government (for the province I live in) has said that "broadband will be available to EVERYONE by 2009. Now, some time has gone by and I began to wonder if the statement made meant by the begining of 2009 or the end of said year... but with recent news - it may be sooner than later. A wireless broadband company who's working with the government to provide the service to rural areas has erected a tower a few miles from my place of residence and have even replied to an email sent to them in question of when the service will be available. If all things go right, 2-3 months at the latest is the word. So, here I am again - pondering, waiting, anticipating for when I'll be able to ditch this disease known as "Dialup". Who knows, by christmas, I may be blogging with speed yo :P (again fingers crossed eh?).

Ha, with that out of the way, how ya doin? It's been a while since my last blog, heck it's been a while (it seems) since I've been very active on the net at all.

Ahh, one of my fav times of the year, for differing reasons as I get older. The alure of free candy by the bag load for just dressing up in some whacked out costume is what did it for me while I was younger, but as I get older I find it's the movies that get me excited for this time of year. Got to see Psycho (the '98 remake) a number of Halloween titles, some Friday the 13th here and there and other random oddities - which tottally rock. Why can't TV show stuff like this all year round? Work tomorow night and have to "dress up" but still havn't got a clue what I'm going to muster up... I mean.. I've got some wacky wigs in the closet... those might work? lol. Mmm, now I'm thinking about candy corn :P Haha.
Happy Halloween all!

One of the reason I've been absent from the ol internetage... is cuz there's so many awesome games coming out and I've been playing a lot. Rockband2 hit the PS3 last week (or something like that) so I got that. It's pretty good, the improvements glare to me, it's a much smoother experience IMO... still having problems getting my guitar syncing to the point that it's pin point on... which is disapointing... but I can handle it for now. This tuesday was a doozy as MotorStorm: Pacifc Rift, Fallout 3 and Little Big Planet all came out... and of course I need em right? :P LBP is sic, so unique - I smile when I play it. Pacific Rift is interesting, think I did the original more... but will spend more time with it before I say that for sure. Fallout3 (for some reason) surprised me with how awesome it is. I played it for 8hrs straight the day I got it, I can tell it's going to suck me in just as bad as Oblivion did, sigh.

Lastly, I'm looking for a name for my blog. It started off with a simple "Stand Alone Project" in a ode to Ghost in the Shell and then I named it "Black Rabbit" (tho, it was in german) which pointed to an old "logo" I use to use with the ol hush404 name... but now I'm looking for something a bit more different. Something simple, yet catchy. Any thoughts? THanks :P