Saturday, October 04, 2008

Behold: Master Carpentry!

I have been searching for a good solution to my space problem for quite a while now. I always seem to have dvds, games, cds kicking around and never enough space in any shelving unit I buy or container I happen to have. After looking at encasement and professional shelving cases I've finially decided on a much cheaper alternative. Building my own wall shelf!

With professional cases (that hold the number of dvds -and dvd like- cases I'm looking for) going anywhere from $300-$1500 I was shocked that I was able to build a spacious shelf for about $40. Yeah.... $40... that's less than a new video game costs these days!

7 lengths of 10' - 6"x1" spruce boards, 6 right angles and a bag of various screws make up it's entire parts. A couple hours spent between my bro, mom and I with a table saw, power drill/screwdriver - some grunting, "WTFs" and some elbow grease and; VOLA!

We have a shelf that should last me quite a while! Doesn't look to shabby either :D Managed to fit all of my dvd movies, anime and games and still have room left over for other crap I put on.

(In pics -1- finished shelf, bare -2- mom in front of shelf -3- shelf filled up)

I'm so please with it :D

Sadly it will be coming down within a few months cuz we're tearing out/replacing the ceiling and walls - but it's going straight back up once that stuff is finished.