Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gotta knock a little harder

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Allo all. :D This blog is a blog for the sake of writing something down. I really have no central point of which I'd like to focus on - rather just some random thoughts I've decided to slap into a post. To start things off, the title for this blog "Gotta knock a little harder" is a direct reference to the song by Yoko Kanno for the movie "Cowboy Bebop" - which I just had playing. The music composed by Kanno and performed by her band "The Seatbelts" as soundtrack groundwork for stuff like Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain is stellar stuff and really unique. It's not stuff I'd usually go for - as most of it is mix of random Japanese with bits of Jazz, techno and so on. But I totally dig it and just can't put it down :D Hella kewl stuff.

Next up, I got to see (a little while ago actually) "A beautiful Mind", an incredible movie with Russell Crow and Jennifer Connally. The story is about this genius mathematician who ends up having Schizophrenia (sees & interacts /w people who aren't there) and it totally mixes up his life.

Also got to catch "Gotham Knight" a 6 (or 7?) set of short films done in various anime styles all about batman. Detailing the myth of, as well as what people think of him as a "crusader" of sorts. I really dug seeing all the different visual takes on the character. It's directed by one of my fav doods Bruce Timm - who did the Batman Animated series - with Kevin Conroy taking up vocals of batman/bruce wayne (who also did the voice for batman on the Animated series).

Lastly, in the world of watching stuff, I got to catch some shows on the history channel on (mostly Canadians) and the battles of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele and others. Rather interesting stuff all around really. They talked about battle plans, the tunneling under the battle grounds, aerial reconnaissance in a time where air planes were in their infancy and other intrigueing awesome topics. Kind of fitting as today is Nov 11 - remembrance day.

|Now Playing|
Spent quite a while going through Resistance 2 and loved it! Tho... it's hard as balls IMO! It seemed like I never had enough ammo and died twice as often as that! A bit sad to see that there are no usable vehicles what so ever in the game - which was an awesome part of the first one. Only being able to carry 2 weapons is also kind of a pain (the first you could carry every gun) but it also makes you think more. The bullseye Mark II seemed to be my constant fav - with the Auger Mark II coming in second. The Magnum with exploding bullets was nifty too. I've finished the single player campaign and jumped into it again for another go. One thing that really surprised me is the water! At first I thought it may... just may be partical based (as in millions of particles working together, instead of the appearance of that) but I'm positive it's faked. Faked or not I spent loads of time just watching the water chimera swim around as the movement of the water around them is just something insanely kewl. Weird I know, but w/e.

Fallout 3 also continues to devour my hours. I've got maybe 70% of the map explored, with places still hiding. I've recently found tenpenny tower and am still on the hunt for my father. As I continue to play the game I find out more about how it works. For instance, not too long ago I figured out that I can repair weapons/armor just by collecting multiples and then doing it myself! Ha, dunno how I missed that :P I've got my speech maxed, working on my repair and lockpick as I continue my romp through the world. I don't think I'll be putting it down any time soon.

Those two games take up most of my game time. Rockband 2 just sits there for now - I'm in one of those "pfft dun care" moods with RB atm. I dig into motorstorm PR too when I can, but FO3 still eats up the most of my time. Mirror's Edge is out today but I strongly believe that I'll leave it as a Christmas present so I can have some time to get other titles done and then have that to play during the holiday season.

I think I finished LBP... as no more levels are showing up? Huh, thought it would be longer. Still havn't collected everything but will continue to play. Would love to get online and see what others have made. That Gradius level looks mega awesome.

Ha, for a "random" blog I still seem to get a great amount written down... huh.

Keep it real sukkas.