Saturday, November 22, 2008

Help me pick out a game!

This time around, I'm asking for advise on a game which I will receive for christmas. My mother/sis said they'd split on a game for me and I'm stoked... but I'm not sure what to get.

I've got a few ideas of games I'd like to give a whirl but can't decide. I'll list these games and give a few notes as to why I'm considering them. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to state them.

*I'm looking for PS3 games - games I already own are here. Already receiving Mirror's Edge as xmas gift.

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Action Adventure)
  • +Really enjoyed the other two titles done by this team
  • +Looks good, fun etc
  • -From reviews I hear it's short :(
DeadSpace (Survival Horrish)
  • +Looks fresh, kewl setting and characters
  • +Dig the combat (that I've seen)
  • -Not sure about the length
Eternal Sonata (RPG)
  • +Looks spectacular (visuals)
  • +Been tracking for a long time, very interested in title
  • -Heard from reviews that story, conversations are lacking
FarCry 2 (Shooter)
  • +Superb visuals
  • +Open world, vehicles, weapons, apparently very immersive
  • -Heard it takes a while to get into.
  • -Not positive about how gameplay holds up.
Pure (Racing)
  • +Looks good
  • +Reviews are generally positive
  • -May have enough offroad like racing with MSPR on my hands
Grid (Racing)
  • +Older title I've been putting off, very interested
  • +rather good reviews
  • -Not anticipating it as much as other titles listed.
Like I said, any suggestions beyond this list is accepted.