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This time around, I'm asking for advise on a game which I will receive for christmas. My mother/sis said they'd split on a game for me and I'm stoked... but I'm not sure what to get.

I've got a few ideas of games I'd like to give a whirl but can't decide. I'll list these games and give a few notes as to why I'm considering them. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to state them.

*I'm looking for PS3 games - games I already own are here. Already receiving Mirror's Edge as xmas gift.

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Action Adventure)
  • +Really enjoyed the other two titles done by this team
  • +Looks good, fun etc
  • -From reviews I hear it's short :(
DeadSpace (Survival Horrish)
  • +Looks fresh, kewl setting and characters
  • +Dig the combat (that I've seen)
  • -Not sure about the length
Eternal Sonata (RPG)
  • +Looks spectacular (visuals)
  • +Been tracking for a long time, very interested in title
  • -Heard from reviews that story, conversations are lacking
FarCry 2 (Shooter)
  • +Superb visuals
  • +Open world, vehicles, weapons, apparently very immersive
  • -Heard it takes a while to get into.
  • -Not positive about how gameplay holds up.
Pure (Racing)
  • +Looks good
  • +Reviews are generally positive
  • -May have enough offroad like racing with MSPR on my hands
Grid (Racing)
  • +Older title I've been putting off, very interested
  • +rather good reviews
  • -Not anticipating it as much as other titles listed.
Like I said, any suggestions beyond this list is accepted.

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  1. I would go with Pure or Far Cry 2. Grid was really good too though.

  2. I agree with AttackedCamo about Far Cry 2. Dead Space also looks cool, but Far Cry 2 looks epic.

  3. i would say Far Cry 2 or deadpsace i just love far cry 2 and one of the best fps out there.

  4. I see that FC2 will have some downloadable content soon. Will cost $10 though. Dead Space sounds really good too. I just can't decide. Let's see you've already got DiRT and MSPR so Pure may be overkill, unless you really want it.

  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Seems to be that the common thread is FarCry2. Looking heavily at that one now :D

    Pure does look good, but I agree with Meek and Rojer (@GS) who say that having MSPR and DiRT is enuff to satisfy my need for offroad racing - which makes sense.

    DeadSpace has been heavily suggested as well... but rojer tells me it took him only 12hrs - on a mild playthrough... which sucks. I may just wait for it to become a bargain bin purchase.

    @Meek - Yeah I was reading about the FC2 DLC. Not really interested. I think $10 for 3 guns and 2 vehicles is kinda retarded. I don't mind paying a few bucks for a song on RB or a costume in LBP ... or even Burnout Paradise content - cuz it usually rawks and they've given away so much already - but some DLC I will just not support. An extra gun or two or even a vehicle should be free.

  6. Prince of Persia... Or Tomb Raider. But I'd go with Prince of Persia...

  7. LOL, why am I not surprised that you would say PoP, prince? :P I'm going shopping for christmas stuff very soon, think I may just buy a game myself. Is PoP out yet? 's it good? I'm heavily thinking of getting TR:U.

  8. Comes out December 2nd, but I can assure you that it will be good. I put up ten rep points betting that t will be good XD

  9. lol 10 rep points :P I had no doubt it'd be good, just to what degree of "good" is what I always questioned. From your latest blog post it seems like IGN really liked it. Actually, I'm still thinking about it but... PoP may just be that game that I will get! It's honestly impressing me that much.


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