Sunday, December 21, 2008

15 Hotly anticipated: 2009

I've been working on this blog post for QUITE some time now... it's even evolved from 10 titles to 15 because I couldn't slim it down to just 10. It also went through some changes as I worked on getting the art pieces and thought about it. After reading Roy's version - I decided I'd better haul ass and get it done with!

**Afterwords, there is a mini list of games which I am looking out for but either missed my top 15 or I'm not sure of just yet. Explanations included.

All will be represented with a picture and the following:
N (number - of 15)
T (Title)
S (System)
I (Info)

Top 15

#15 -
(T) - Final Fantasy Versus XIII
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - This game gets in the list for a few reasons. One - the visuals are superb. Little in-game stuff has been shown but still, very stylish. Two - the action is said to be a mix of final fantasy and kingdom hearts, heavily leaning on action above RPGish battle systems. Three - it's a companion to Final Fantasy XIII - which didn't make my list but still looks like it might be mega kewl.

#14 -
(T) - inFAMOUS
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - inFAMOUS (it's fun to write it like that) jumps on and falls off of my top chart all the time. I love the idea and so far like what I see, but I get that gut feeling that it might not live up to expectations. Regardless, it's my #14.

#13 -
(T) - Beyond Good & Evil 2
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Heh, strange that a title that nothing is known about actually excites me so much. BG&E2 merely has that screen and a name atm (as far as I know) and I'm not even sure if it'll be seen in 2009, but one can wish! I loved the first title and hope it holds that same charm.

#12 -
(T) - StarCraft 2
(S) - PC
(I) - The only PC game to make my list, I have been waiting for SC2 for AGES! Kinda wacky that the game is being split into 3 seperate campaigns - thus you have to buy all 3 to get the story, but I'm still drooling over it regardless. I built my new PC last spring just for this puppy.

#11 -
(T) - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
(S) - Playstation Portable
(I) - Ha, the only PSP title to grace my list is just a step up from the only PC game :P I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 1&2 on my PS2 - more than just about any RPG game (Oblivion and Fallout3 not withstanding) and am excited to see such a gorgeous game gracing my little handheld. Havn't looked much into details but from what I picked up - it's a prequel staring Roxas.

#10 -
(T) - Ghostbusters: The Videogame
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Ghostbusters were my thing as a child. Sure there was some Batman and Ninja Turtles thrown in too - but ghostbusters will always have a special place with me. When I heard the news that Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis were writting the story (they wrote the stories for the movies too) and Bill Murray and others were all lending voice talent to the game that is suppose to be like a third movie.... I nearly broke my face with such a big smile :D. This game really should be higher on my list - but there are so many other greats coming.

#9 -
(T) - DiRT 2
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - The original DiRT (Colin McRae's of course) was awe inspiring. Simply the best racer this generation. It was the perfect mix of arcade racing (something like MotorStrom) and simulation/realism (like Gran Turismo) with top notch visuals, vehicals, damage, tracks and on and on and on. DiRT2 looks to improve on that and I couldn't be happier.

#8 -
(T) - God of War 3
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - While the Spike VGA trailer did near nothing to excite me, I'm still excited to play Krato's next adventure - as every other adventure has been a total trip and a 1/2. I hope the rumors of a sping release are true... but I wouldn't hold my breath.

#7 -
(T) - Batman: Arkham Asylum
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Like I mentioned, Batman was a staple of my childhood and there are some talented fuckers out there who want to do him justice in the video game world. Batman Arkham Asylum takes you into the depths of the craziest jail/mental house ever - with potential to make me melt with happiness :D The idea sounds great to me, it looks great, promising AND Kevin Conroy / Mark Hamel have signed on as voice actors! **Conroy did Batman in The Animated Show and Hamel did Joker - aka my fav's for those roles EVER.

#6 -
(T) - The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - I've been waiting for AoDA for a long time! I picked up the original game "Escape from butcher's Bay" for my Xbox this year and loved the experience. I love the work and character and have been stoked.... prob even before I had my PS3 for this title. The game is said to ship with a completely re-tooled version of Escape from Butcher's Bay along with the new expansion like "Assualt on Dark Athena" portion which is said to add 10hours to the story at the very least - which is just about a game in itself, as some games don't last that long on their own.

#5 -
(T) - Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Bioshock was such a special experience. Back in the begining of the summer I picked up the PC version - as announcement of a PS3 port was nill at that point - and it took a while for me to get into it, starting the first part off a few times and leaving it each time before diving head first into it and spending about 4-5 days of non stop bioshocking. The atmosphere just sucked me away and it'll be something I'll never forget. It should be a no brainer that I want more.

#4 -
(T) - Mafia 2
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Yet another game that sucked me in was the original Mafia (on the PC). It encompassed a steller story, characters, graphics, open world game plays, retro music and a movie style voice cast into one - slightly frustrating because of it's difficulty - package of awesomeness. The new game looks to build on that experience and deliver another stellar mafia inspired romp through the 1930s, tommy guns and stylish suits intact.

#3 -
(T) - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - I'm still not sure if this should be above Mafia2 on the list... but for now it is. Drake makes his return, something I was VERY glad to hear. The first, while it had it's frustrating moments with the shoot out sequences, was a unique game with great story telling, characters and action. The second hopes to better that as we visit drake once again. I'm really looking forward to see how naughty dogg pushes the game forward.

#2 -
(T) - Street Fighter IV
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Street Fighter is one of my fav franchies ever and prob my fav fighter too (right beside soul calibur) - thus a new official title in the series should excite. It has. It's amazing graphical style screams... well... style :) ha! A lot of my fav characters are showing up for the battle (tho... I would love if they threw in Ibuki) and I can't wait to get my hands on it and have a good ol round.

#1 -
(T) - Killzone 2
(S) - Playstation 3
(I) - Killzone's first showing was good - I enjoyed it - but think I enjoyed the world they had created more than the actual gameplay, but with liberation on the PSP I became a big fan of the killzone universe. The original CG video for the game really threw me for a loop as I couldn't believe what I saw and while I was disappointed to see that it was CG... I kinda knew that already :P That said tho - Killzone2 looks absolutely amazing. Everytime I see it in action I get giddy - lol, lame sure but - omg it looks so rich, like I could live in that world! I can't wait to get into that world and hand some Helghast their asses!

Titles that just missed the list:

Heavy Rain (PS3) - Looks stunning, I'm still confused on what it's about and how it's played!
Resident Evil 5 (PS3) - Looks good, I'm just waiting tho. I didn't like RE4 - but this looks more like RE of yesteryear - so I'm iffy :P
Demon Souls - Looks like Shadow of the Colossus meets Oblivion! Hella kewl idea, gonna watch it.
Doom 4 (PS3?) - It's DOOM4!
Red Faction: Guerrilla (PS3) - Loved the other titles, this one looks equally kewl, still iffy on it tho :P
Alpha Protocal (PS3) - Sort of just watching, not sure about it.
Bayonetta (PS3) - May never get it, looks funny and quite tho. Sorta like Bulletwitch.
Quantum Theory (PS3) - Gears of War with a Japanese twist? Color me interested.