Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Again We Rise

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Hello boys and girls, I am your DJ for the evening and Lamb of God is on tap. It's been a while since I've done a blog - tho there's no shortage of topics I could of covered in this time... I just havn't had the ambition to bother writing anything down. The blog title this time around is a song title by one of my fav bands - Lamb of God. Not only is it an awesome song but it also kind of fits the blog subject - coming back after a bit to hit the world with a new post, and (if you've noticed) a new look too.

The new look is something I like (especially the Headphone logo :) )... but I feel so limited by customization in blogging sites. I even went off and joined up on wordpress, hearing that they had better "theme" support... and I wasn't really impressed, so it's blogger where I stay for now. It keeps me thinking about getting back into webpage creation again tho. As it was something I enjoyed doing back years ago with many a fanpage, clanpage and the like being run all at the same time. Sadly I lost interest in keeping them up they're all history now but I still love the idea of creating stuff... which is why I spend time with photoshop creating sig, profile goods and even boxarts - but again I still itch for that website side of things. I fear it too tho... because of my lack of skill (or knowledge) of the interactive and dynamic conditioning that most sites now implement - that I won't be able to make what I want, which would lead me to learning those said skills and - well that is just a lot of time I just don't have or want to dedicate.

Even though I speak of time limitations I do seem to be finishing a number of things lately, each with their own values. I finished up "The Long Halloween" - the Batman collection book I talked of in my last blog, Syberia 2 - a wonderful PC adventure game that cleaned up the loose ends of the first (game) and delivered a very enjoyable experience. I finially got around to finishing up Lego Star Wars for my PS3 and thought it was good... but not near as kewl as Lego Batman - prob only cuz I dig batman much more than star wars. I finished up the second set of Ghost in the Shell manga and questioned many a crotch shot and full nudity - almost for the sake of nudity but over all enjoyed it. Anime wise I finished up Speed Grapher and add it to my favorites list - as it was spectacular all the way through. Delivering on solid & unique characters, a decent story and enough action and silliness to round it all off it beats many an anime I've seen.


I've had some time to catch up on some movies, both good and bad.

To start things off I watched Step Brothers, a movie by and staring Will Farrell and John C. Riley. It was ok. A lot of it felt forced and/or already done in other similar movies (even ones the duo did) - a few things made me laugh or just smirk and it wasn't bad.. just nothing unexpected. 3/5 (yeah I've just decided I'd rate em out of 5 :P).

Thankfully the next movie; Horton Hears a Who, was 1000 times better :D The CG film with Jim Carey at the helm as the voice of Horton the elephant is a remake of sorts of the old half hour long Dr.Sues cartoon - of which I have very fond memories of and does a very clever job of bringing the story and some good humor to the big screen. I give it a 6/5 - yeah it was that awesome.

A Scanner Darkly is the next in line and I must say I really dug it. It's an odd story of this undercover cop like guy who is more or less sent to spy on himself (the cops don't know his identy) and not wanting to spoil anything I'm just going to say it's gold. Much like the Matrix (also starting Keanu Reeves) you have to follow it very closely to understand it but once you do it's really nifty. With a totally unique style where they filmed the movie entirely like a normal movie and then painted over it with a computer to make it look almost like a comic book and a cast of great characters - I'm just very impressed. Turns out the mind behind the actual story is a guy who's name I keep running into - Philip K. Dick. I'm going to have to do some more research on this author and perhaps get a few of his books or something as it seems I really dig his stuff. Oh yeah Scanner Darkly gets a 4/5.

Then it was back to shit - with Disaster Movie. Sigh, I really wish they'd stop making these "making fun of" movies... cuz their SO BAD. Ugh, I thought Epic movie was the lowest they could go... but this one is even worse. 0/5 is too high of a score for this "movie". No wait! It gets a 0.5/5 because of the awesome chipmunks doing dethmetal bit! :D

Things didn't get much better with "Burn after reading" - which I though actually might have something to it. I didn't expect too much from it and didn't even get that. I kept wanting to leave it and say forget it... but then I kept saying to myself "Nah it'll prob get better" and it didn't. For a movie that was suppose to be funny.... the only thing I laughed at was George Cloony's home made dildo chair. Everything else just felt like a poorly done (low budget) spy or cia themed movie.... which just didn't work. Ugh. 1/5.

Then on a recommendation of a Co-worker I sat down to Labyrinth staring David Bowie as a "Goblin King" in a title where most of the cast were Jim Henson muppets :) A goofy 80's kids/but good for adults kind of movie it had some humor in it that made me laugh and some horrible 80's rock/techno pieces all done by Bowie. Ha. Very weird stuff but with enough charm for me to like it. They could of done away with the very tight fitting trousers that they put Bowie and... erm less crotch shots showing off those trousers... but all in all I enjoyed it. 3.5/5 (thats for the movie not Bowie crotch shots :P).

I also watched my copy of The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray again - totally awesome. 666/5. :D

Army of Darkness - is a title I already love but my bro tossed it in the other day and we sat and laughed at it once more. Haha, sigh, Bruce Campbell rawks. 5/5.

That segways me right into what I'm reading! Boo yeah! lol, I knew there was a reason for watching AoD! Recently our local CDPlus had a going out of business sale - which sucks balls because it is literally the only place left for music other than that generic crap that walmart sells - thus I'll have to start ordering online for my music or... head to say Halifax for some good stuff. But anyways, I went it and got some CDs, DVDs and a crazy awesome book tittled "If Chins could kill - Confessions of a B movie actor" by none other than Bruce Campbell. :D I'm not too far into it but I love it already. Very kewl find.

To round up the "finishing" and "doing" part.


Currently I'm awaiting February to arrive and with it Killzone2 and Street Fighter 4 :D Both of which I have pre-ordered. Before those drop I'm trying to go through some other games, finish up their stories, unlock their goods and so on. I tried to give Gears of War a go againg but to no avail. I did manage to play the into... for the like... 10th time lol, but then it was acting weird and crashing so I quit, restarted and the it asked if I'd like to login to Windows Live and I said sure! Linked the account to it and tried to put in my gears code and it told me it wasn't any good and then booted me from the game and now the game doesn't work! UGH! POO!

So I grabbed my "Clive Barker's Jericho" disc and slipped that into my PC's drive and plugged a few hours into that sucker. It's kinda nifty as they let you switch between characters (you have 6 team mates) at any time, each with their own weapons, magic and attributes. I don't know if the story is going to hold up yet or not but we'll see in the future I guess :).

I've also become rather addicted to some SimCity4 on my PC too. Spending hours staring at my little city grow and curse at the fact that people get mad at me raising taxes which meet the percentage I pay in real life! lol.

PS3 wise I've been rawking some MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - trying my hand at completing some more races to unlock more stuff. Still rock the RockBand2 - ha, even destroyed my voice one night while I had a bad cold but had an insane urge to sing in the game! 3 Hours and I had sung to a point where I couldn't make the largely high or low tones - my voice just cut out lol. Have some titles I should finish up with the system too like Prince of Persia and Mirrors Edge.

Handhelds are spouts of Brave Story: New Traveler on the PSP, Pokemon Diamond and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS.


Ahh the end of the blog (did you question it's arrival?) :D. Just wanna shout out to all the sukkas I havn't heard from in a bit like Cloud737, Boot, Liz, SexyPansas - miss talking to you guys. An just for the hell of it I'm a shout out to a few more fools: Roy, Cameron, Jeff, Ahmed, Prince (of GB fame), Curtis - I could go on, ha if you sukkers see this hit me up sometime.

Have had thoughts of getting a 360 for a while. Still iffy on it. My biggest reason are a few exclusive like gears, fable2, Mass Effect - biggest concern is the ol RROD shit and my biggest reason for not getting it is $300+. :P I had plans on sellin off my laptop and using that cash to get a system but it didn't pan out - w/e, I'm not upset at all, actually feel my laptop is worth more to me than i was planning on selling it for - so I may just keep it - break it out when ever we get hooked up to high speed - with may be another month or two it seems - but it's looking VERY promising. Anyways, back to the 360 idea - perhaps coming income tax return time? Mmm? I'm saving for school and that's going well - but I know last year I had nearly $1200 return and if it's close to that this year... I could snap me up a system and some goods and still have loads left. I dunno, wuddya all think?