Monday, February 09, 2009

Games cost too damn much!

So... who's idea was it to jack up game prices this generation? I want the name of the douche bag who I can kick firmly in the head, please.

Ugh. Buying new games puts this like... wormhole in your bank account these days, and when you're grabbing games for 3 or 4 systems... it becomes a game (ironic?) of "Check MetaCritic first" and "Leave it till it gets cheaper" rules that you live by.

This all comes from... well, the opposite situation that I ran into today. Whilst browsing our local Super Store's electronic section (one of the better places for games around here btw) I happened to notice a few things. The first, Bioshock for $39.99 - which is roughly $20-$30 off of it's original price. Tempted, I left it, solely because I've got it for the PC and have already enjoyed it; $40 saved! :D So my eyes dart around to the other games, with Spiderman3 on for $20 (I had it before, it made me dizzy, lol), a few older Hockey titles on for $10, $20 and $30, the oldest being 07 (something I will be asking Jeff his opinion on). But what really caught my eye is a $10 copy of "Dark Sector", a game I had some knowledge of. Some knowledge as in I knew the premise, the "unique" draw of it... and also generally knew it got "Meh" review (as in not great, but not bad either).

Just then it occured to me that: $10 is a great price for a game and it would take a horrid game for me to believe that I wasted those 10 dollars. So... I snatched it up, looked over the box and continued my browsing. Down the asile, around a corner and I get to the PSP section - which sports a few titles I've been looking to get and play... but all (to my disappointment) at tip top $39.99 price tags. But sitting on the very top - and I mean very top, as in on the actual shelving unit - with a price tag hanging just underneith it, is "Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters". Also conveniently priced at $10 ($9.99 if you want to get techincal) - I thought "I enjoyed the demo, why not" and placed it beside Dark Sector in my hands.

Finishing the corner and heading down the second asile, I stop to look at some PS2 games with gems like God of War 2 on for $15, various sports games on for $10 & $20 and so on, I decided to skip that section for the time being - but to remember it for future reference. At the end of the asile I hit the DS section and scaned around the games. Brain age $20, Mario 64 $34, Mario Kart DS $54!!! Ugh, money money money. So I finish my browsing and head to the cash with my $20 worth of games and happy that I didn't spend a fortune.

I'm just tired of ploping down $60 or more for a game! Is anyone with me? Depending on where in the world you live - you'll have different currency, but I bet it's a very similar situation. One thing that made this subject really stand out in my mind is the game "Afro Samurai" which came out... I think last week and had me interested, as the show is spectacular, but at $69.99... I had no choice but to leave it there; I mean come on! $70+ tax (here it's 13%, thus $69.99 eventually equeals $79.08) is A LOT of money for a single game.

Thus, from now on (tho I have practiced it in the past) I believe I will be somewhat of a froogle shooper when it comes to my games. Maybe hit up ebgames or blockbuster more for used games, perhaps trade in more titles (I've actually made quite a nice bit trading in old games to pay for new ones in the last year or so) and just wait for titles to come down in price. Granted there are going to be some games I WON'T wait for (have Killzone2 and StreetFighter IV already pre-ordered) but I will still try to hold off on some.

I've had insane amounts of fun with inexpensive (I don't say cheap anymore thanks to that Nissan commercial ;) ) games. IE - Prey (PC) $5. Actually a lot of the games I have for PC I got rather cheaply, rarely do I get PC games at full price.

As an end note, I'm really digging Dark Sector and R&C feels like it could be very kewl.

SO BOOURNS!!! To Expensive games!