Sunday, November 15, 2009

Need some creative mind's input

So... I've been working, on and off, on this project of mine ever since I closed the "Harley's House" union here on gamespot. The idea is the same, a site dedicated to strong female characters in gaming (and beyond) but I'm looking to push it to a much more ambitious scale. I plan on releasing it as a blog $tyle page (tho, the layout will be quite different from a normal looking blog, the posting articles will be the main connection to the format) and Hub for news, media etc and a forum for everyone to discuss the topics at hand. It will all be wrapped up with a domain name and that's what I need your help with.

I need a name for the project. A name that is simple and easy to remember, but also catchy. I also need to make sure the domain is not in use, so any name you think of please run in by a google search to see if the name is already take. I plan on making the domain a .com suffix.

Any help in the matter will be greatly appreciated.