Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waiting Patiently for StarCraft 2

sc2 blog head
Hello fellow gamespotters, blogspotters, gametrailerians or other creatures lurking at one of the various places I like to slap my blog into. I arrive yet again for another blog post!  The year: 2033, the location? Deep space! All engines are go and this ship is fueled by both Metal (music) and Video Games.

Mmm, a ship fueled by Metal  and Video Games :) Sounds alot like me ;)

Have you heard of a small game titled "StarCraft" from a tiny developer who goes by the name "Blizzard"? :P It just so happens to be one of my FAVORITE PC games just about ever and I've been rather excited for quite a long time knowing that the sequel; tentatively titled "StartCraft2" has been in development.

This year is said to be the year that StarCraft2 finally makes it out and it's got a smile on my face. I signed up for the beta but didn't get in :`( but ah well, I'll just have to wait for the full game to come along... well... 1/3 of the game I guess. The way blizzard is going about it this time is a bit different than usual.

The game is going to be released in 3 different segments with yet-to-be-announced spaces of time in between each. Each "game" will house a fully working multiplayer mode but just one of the 3 campaigns (1 for each race), which I presume will be pretty lengthy bits - each on their own.  


Partially in anticipation for the game, I've recently updated my PC... which turned into more or less a whole new PC.. even though I didn't intend on that at first :S  I think the only thing I have left over originally from my last PC is my case and a wireless card, lol. Everything else is new and hip hoppy fast, so I should have no problem running it (starcraft2) when time comes.  With it I picked up a copy of Win7 and I must say, I'm quite impressed. It's snappy, not crashing, includes some nifty features and feels quite a bit more fresh than XP. Here is a screen shot of my desktop:
Click for larger image.
Remember the giant list of games I need to finish? Yep, well, I'm going to start up a list for all of the games I manage to beat (from that list). Off to a shaky start tho :( I plunged into Resistance Retribution (PSP) and got quite a few levels done... but then caught some sort of cold/flu thing and haven't played games since (nearly a week) :S Just now I'm feeling well enough to start in on some gaming again. I've started up Crysis on my PC again (kept my save files from before) and I'm looking forward to playing that more as well.

Actually, I've started crafting a blog entry just for that game (Crysis) as it's quite the game on all fronts and I feel it deserves a run over. Expect that some time in the future.  Actually, expect a number of varied blogs from me in the future! I've taken advise to up the frequency of my blogs and do them weekly as opposed to every 2-3 months :P With them, I hope to cover a wide variety of topics from games, movies, music or just something I find interesting; like a certain artist I would like to spot light at some point :), so be on the look out for those. As always they will be posted here (where ever you're reading this) as well as at my official blog at

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The GIANT list (of unfinished games)

Ahh, so last blog I mentioned that I had quite the hefty backlog of games piling up. Did you venture a guess at how many games were in that list? I bet you were wrong ;) I've decided to go through my list of games and venture a guess at what percentage of each game I had completed. The list follows. For each, I'll give a tiny description on their status, just for the hell of it. I will also be starting a check list of sorts, for the games I've completed this year. Starting with of course Mass Effect 1 and 2 and Heavy Rain. It's my goal to finish as many games (from the list below) before purchasing any new ones. Wish me luck ^_^

Chrono Cross (0%) - Found it cheap at EB, didn't start it.
Dino Crisis (10%) - Got on PSN, fun, funny, oldskool.

Dragon Quest 8 (??%) - Got stuck, never bothered to finish
Final Fantasy XII (??%) - Got burried somehow, never finished.
Resivoir Dogs (0%) - Was stoked to find a RD game, didn't play it.
SMT: Persona 4 (25%) - The time constraint frustrated me, I died, I left it.
Star Ocean 3 (0%) - Technically my Bro's game, decided I want to play it.
Xenosaga 2 (40%) - Got stuck... need to lvl grind, sigh, hope to finish some day.
Xenosaga 3 (0%) - Got it while playing X2, thinking I'd breeze right into 3...

Afrika (20%) - Snooze - gahh, boring, so boring. Want to finish tho.
Afro Samurai (0%) - Loved the Demo, didn't touch it once I got it.
Assassin's Creed 2 (50%) - Just stopped playing :S Loved it at first and then it got burried.
Avatar (50%) - Loved the world, got burried.
Beatles: Rockband (50%) - I pick away at it... cuz it kind of annoys me :P
Bioshock (0%) - Played on PC, got for PS3 to see what it's like, didn't play yet.
Bioshock 2 (40%) - Partially done, again another titled burried.
Brothers in Arms (0%) - Had a nice chunk done, then my save file corrupted :(
Burnout Paradise (90%) - Mostly done, just some DLC to finish, really.
Chronicles of Riddick AoDA (10%) - Waited till it was cheap, then it got burried like many other titles.
Dark Sector (90%) - Gahh, got stuck on a boss and left it too long. Want to finish tho.
DiRT 2 (50%) - I pick away at it.
Dragon Age Origins (90%) - Played like mad... then just took a 2-3month break :P Need to finish.
Dragon Age - Awakenings (0%) - Got the expansion, need to finish first game tho.
DragonBall Z: Burst Limit (75%) - Fighting games annoy me. I just want it all unlocked right now! :P
Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (85%) - Countless hours poured into this and there's till missions to do.
Eternal Sonata (40%) - Got bored.
Fallout 3 (80%) - Story done, most quests done, just DLC to finish.
FarCry 2 (25%) - Gahh, got to a point where I hated the game, had to stop. Will replay later.
Final Fantasy XIII (15%) - Just started really, eager to keep going.
Folklore (20%) - Got burried I think.
God of War Collection (25%) - Played both on PS2... so it's not on the top of my to do list.
God of War 3 (50%) - Will no doubt finish this sucker soon.
Grand Theft Auto 4 (90%) - Im so damn close to the end, I dunno why I stopped playing.
MLB 10 The Show (50%) - I mainly play quick games, which leaves the actual game unplayed.
Mirror's Edge (70%) - Got stuck, left it, burried.
Mortal Kombat vs DC (50%) - Again, unlocking stuff? Bahh.
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (60%) - Ticky game, I still pick at it.
Ratchet & Clank - QfB (50%) - Burried.
Red Faction: Guerrilla (25%) - Burried.
Silent Hill: Homecoming (10%) - Hard. No inverted camera... pain...
Trine (50%) - Lovely title, didn't finish.
Wet (0%) - Loved the demo, got the game... then didn't play it. lol.

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines (20%) - Started in on it... it got burried.
Brave Story: New Traveler (70%) - Was super addicted for a bit, stopped playing, lost track.
Dead Head Fred (40%) - Boring. Still wanna finish tho.
Dissidia FF (0%) - Just got. Havn't played much.
GTA: LCS (50%) - The game litterally makes me dizzy.
Jak & Daxter: Lost Frontier (10%) - Got for Christmas, not time to play yet.
LocoRoco2 (40%) - Can't seem to care, lol, I loved the first one tho.
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (10%) - I seriously got lost in the tutorial :P
MotorStrom Arcitc Edge (50%) - Picking away at it.
Resistance Retribution (60%) - Sigh, a pain to play, will finish.
Socom FTB2 (30%) - I dunno if I even care to finish it.
Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror (0%) - Didn't start.
Siphon Filter: Logans Shadow (0%) - Didn't start.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (35%) - Was super into it... then I stopped playing. Need to finish.
LoZ: Phantom hourglass (60%) - Again, really into it and then I stopped.
LoZ: Spirit Tracks (0%) - Didn't start.
Pokemon Heart Gold (25%) - Currently into it.
World Ends with you (20%) - Hate the battle system, still giving it a go tho.

PN03 (??%) - Weird, dunno how much is done.
MGS Twin Snakes (20%) - Loves MGS, find it weird playing on GC :P

Bullet Witch (25%) - Just stopped playing :P
Crackdown (0%) - Christmas gift, havn't tried yet.
Dead Rising (10%) - Just got, died a few times :(
Fable 2 (35%) - Was really into it for a litle while, then it got burried.
Kameo (0%) - Christmas gift, not started yet.
Kung Fu Panda (30%) - Came with 360, started it.
Lego Indy (0%) - Came with 360, no interest, right now, in playing it.
Prey (0%) - Played on PC, but got as a gift for 360, will play sometime.
Pure (25%) - Just got, started ripping into it.
Quake 4 (10%) - Mainly got for included Quake2, but plan on playing Q4 too.

Beneath a Steel Sky (20%) - A give I think? Got stuck multiple times :S
Blood Rayne 2 (40%) - Sweet game :) Kinda confusing level design. Stopped.
Braid (10%) - Steam Christmas sale, barely touched it yet.
Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon (10%) - A gift? Barely started.
Broken Sword: Smoking Mirror (10%) - A gift? Barely started.
Clive Barkers Jericho (30%) - Started, but it didn't run well on my PC, hope to play later.
Company of Heroes (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Crysis (75%) -
Doom 3 (25%) -
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (50%) -
Frontlines: Fuel of War (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Indigo Prophecy (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Left 4 Dead (60%) -
Longest Journey (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Overlord (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Sands of Time (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Two Thrones (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Warrior Within (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Red Faction 2 (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Red Faction Gurrilla (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
STALKER: Clear Sky (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Rainbow Six: Vegas2 (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded. +Played it on PS3.
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (30%) - Was really diging this game... the it got burried.
Warhammer 40k: DoW2 (30%) - Started in on it. Paused playing it.
The Witcher (0%) - Just bought on steam, yet to fully download.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slowing things down

slowing thigns down
So.. I've had this plan brewing in my head for some time now... but up till now it's not been properly executed. But, I'm going to give it my best and have been trying REALLY hard for a few weeks now.
The idea you ask? I'm going to try and stop buying games... for the time being. Silly you say? Crazy, insane? Sure, but, I've seemingly built up a backlog of games that are either partially finished or not even touched and that pile just keeps adding up - so much so that I fear I'll never get to them... and thats not what I want, at all. I want to experience their stories and have fun in their worlds, I don't want to pass over them for game X that comes out. So I'm making a stand. No more games.
That said, I know in my heart that the rule is mostly applied to new full priced games because... it's uber hard to pass a good deal when in a games store or online. For example, while shopping for my brother's birthday (he wanted Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for PS2) I just so happened to graze over a pile of cheap games in a bin. Not being able to pass up some cheap games, I picked up Pure and Dead Rising for the 360 at $8 and $11 respectively as well as Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP at $14. Then while online I picked up a few PSP minis (which aren't too bad, as I can usually blow through them in a few hours) Avatar the Game for PSP (on sale) on PSN and The Witcher for the PC via Steam (again, on sale). So here I am with a growing number of games I need to play :S However, I am doing better and plan on being even more strict with my purchasing of games from here on.
I guess it doesn't help that I just purchases a new Video Card for my PC (link) and along with it comes a copy of Modern Warfare 2 packed in :P lol. But really I just hope to run some of my more demanding games in full now :P
I guess I can't talk about needing to finish games without mentioning which I'm currently playing or recently finished.
I've got about 17hours or so into Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) and I'm really liking it thus far, the whole battle system is rather easy to grasp while also being built in a way that it causes you to think and not just sit there tapping the attack button :P I find the main character, Lightning, kind of annoying.. and question the localization of Vannielle's lines... but over all I feel that most of the characters are strong ones that really fit the world. My fav thus far is Sazh :)
I'm also a good portion of the way through God of War 3 which is f'n sweet. Really what I expected out of a GoW title on the PS3. I love that they display the quick time even buttons on their corrosponding piece of the screen. Square left, Triangle top, Circle right and X bottom with R1/L1 in their top respective corners really A) makes it easier to know which one to press and B) lets you view more of the battle thats unfolding rather than having your eyes glued to the place there the button pops up.
I've also started in on my quest to be a Pokemon Master ;) on Pokemon Heart Gold and thanks to some new software on my card, don't have issues with it freezing. So I'll be able to play more of that :D I chose cyndiquil as my starter pokemon.
Perfect Dark is seriously the best $10 I spent on any game :) I play it constantly and love it. Got the game finished on both Single player and co-op via the agent mode and have various other levels completed on Special Agent and Perfect agent as well. It takes quite a bit of planning and trial/error to get perfect agent levels completed... but I love the game so much I don't mind putting time into it. I am missing 1 gun within the game tho :( It's also preventing me from getting one of the achievements associated with that.
Oh yeah, I also got into playing Left4Dead (PC) a game I got for like $2 on steams christmas sale and have now gotten around to playing. It's kind of fun and chaotic... but I've got issues with it's pacing. It's to the point that I can predict when they're going to send a hoard of zombies rushing at me, so it's really boiled down to wandering around till that point and bunkering down to kill them all. I feel it should have a little more dynamic to it and keep me guessing as to where they're going to come from and when.
As for games I've completed this year. Well, lets see. When MassEffect 2 came out I started in on and re-played (about 37hrs) Mass Effect 1 all the way through - doing most everything there was to do, even giving the dlc a try. I think focused on completing Mass Effect 2, which took around 40 hours as well, to complete and I loved it. Mass Effect and Bioware are f'n amazing at what they do.
I also played through Heavy Rain when I first got it. It wasn't too hard, but I really enjoyed the exprience. Quite a unique game that quite honestly could be a movie :)
So that's what? 3 games for 2010 thus far? lol. Unless you count PD's Agent mode I guess :P But plan on there being MUCH more as I bunker down and set out to finish more.
Lastly, I had a question. Should I do blogs more often? 1 every 2 months is a little crazy imo :P I do actually write up more blogs... just never seem to upload em and they get lost. :S