Saturday, April 17, 2010

The GIANT list (of unfinished games)

Ahh, so last blog I mentioned that I had quite the hefty backlog of games piling up. Did you venture a guess at how many games were in that list? I bet you were wrong ;) I've decided to go through my list of games and venture a guess at what percentage of each game I had completed. The list follows. For each, I'll give a tiny description on their status, just for the hell of it. I will also be starting a check list of sorts, for the games I've completed this year. Starting with of course Mass Effect 1 and 2 and Heavy Rain. It's my goal to finish as many games (from the list below) before purchasing any new ones. Wish me luck ^_^

Chrono Cross (0%) - Found it cheap at EB, didn't start it.
Dino Crisis (10%) - Got on PSN, fun, funny, oldskool.

Dragon Quest 8 (??%) - Got stuck, never bothered to finish
Final Fantasy XII (??%) - Got burried somehow, never finished.
Resivoir Dogs (0%) - Was stoked to find a RD game, didn't play it.
SMT: Persona 4 (25%) - The time constraint frustrated me, I died, I left it.
Star Ocean 3 (0%) - Technically my Bro's game, decided I want to play it.
Xenosaga 2 (40%) - Got stuck... need to lvl grind, sigh, hope to finish some day.
Xenosaga 3 (0%) - Got it while playing X2, thinking I'd breeze right into 3...

Afrika (20%) - Snooze - gahh, boring, so boring. Want to finish tho.
Afro Samurai (0%) - Loved the Demo, didn't touch it once I got it.
Assassin's Creed 2 (50%) - Just stopped playing :S Loved it at first and then it got burried.
Avatar (50%) - Loved the world, got burried.
Beatles: Rockband (50%) - I pick away at it... cuz it kind of annoys me :P
Bioshock (0%) - Played on PC, got for PS3 to see what it's like, didn't play yet.
Bioshock 2 (40%) - Partially done, again another titled burried.
Brothers in Arms (0%) - Had a nice chunk done, then my save file corrupted :(
Burnout Paradise (90%) - Mostly done, just some DLC to finish, really.
Chronicles of Riddick AoDA (10%) - Waited till it was cheap, then it got burried like many other titles.
Dark Sector (90%) - Gahh, got stuck on a boss and left it too long. Want to finish tho.
DiRT 2 (50%) - I pick away at it.
Dragon Age Origins (90%) - Played like mad... then just took a 2-3month break :P Need to finish.
Dragon Age - Awakenings (0%) - Got the expansion, need to finish first game tho.
DragonBall Z: Burst Limit (75%) - Fighting games annoy me. I just want it all unlocked right now! :P
Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (85%) - Countless hours poured into this and there's till missions to do.
Eternal Sonata (40%) - Got bored.
Fallout 3 (80%) - Story done, most quests done, just DLC to finish.
FarCry 2 (25%) - Gahh, got to a point where I hated the game, had to stop. Will replay later.
Final Fantasy XIII (15%) - Just started really, eager to keep going.
Folklore (20%) - Got burried I think.
God of War Collection (25%) - Played both on PS2... so it's not on the top of my to do list.
God of War 3 (50%) - Will no doubt finish this sucker soon.
Grand Theft Auto 4 (90%) - Im so damn close to the end, I dunno why I stopped playing.
MLB 10 The Show (50%) - I mainly play quick games, which leaves the actual game unplayed.
Mirror's Edge (70%) - Got stuck, left it, burried.
Mortal Kombat vs DC (50%) - Again, unlocking stuff? Bahh.
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (60%) - Ticky game, I still pick at it.
Ratchet & Clank - QfB (50%) - Burried.
Red Faction: Guerrilla (25%) - Burried.
Silent Hill: Homecoming (10%) - Hard. No inverted camera... pain...
Trine (50%) - Lovely title, didn't finish.
Wet (0%) - Loved the demo, got the game... then didn't play it. lol.

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines (20%) - Started in on it... it got burried.
Brave Story: New Traveler (70%) - Was super addicted for a bit, stopped playing, lost track.
Dead Head Fred (40%) - Boring. Still wanna finish tho.
Dissidia FF (0%) - Just got. Havn't played much.
GTA: LCS (50%) - The game litterally makes me dizzy.
Jak & Daxter: Lost Frontier (10%) - Got for Christmas, not time to play yet.
LocoRoco2 (40%) - Can't seem to care, lol, I loved the first one tho.
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (10%) - I seriously got lost in the tutorial :P
MotorStrom Arcitc Edge (50%) - Picking away at it.
Resistance Retribution (60%) - Sigh, a pain to play, will finish.
Socom FTB2 (30%) - I dunno if I even care to finish it.
Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror (0%) - Didn't start.
Siphon Filter: Logans Shadow (0%) - Didn't start.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (35%) - Was super into it... then I stopped playing. Need to finish.
LoZ: Phantom hourglass (60%) - Again, really into it and then I stopped.
LoZ: Spirit Tracks (0%) - Didn't start.
Pokemon Heart Gold (25%) - Currently into it.
World Ends with you (20%) - Hate the battle system, still giving it a go tho.

PN03 (??%) - Weird, dunno how much is done.
MGS Twin Snakes (20%) - Loves MGS, find it weird playing on GC :P

Bullet Witch (25%) - Just stopped playing :P
Crackdown (0%) - Christmas gift, havn't tried yet.
Dead Rising (10%) - Just got, died a few times :(
Fable 2 (35%) - Was really into it for a litle while, then it got burried.
Kameo (0%) - Christmas gift, not started yet.
Kung Fu Panda (30%) - Came with 360, started it.
Lego Indy (0%) - Came with 360, no interest, right now, in playing it.
Prey (0%) - Played on PC, but got as a gift for 360, will play sometime.
Pure (25%) - Just got, started ripping into it.
Quake 4 (10%) - Mainly got for included Quake2, but plan on playing Q4 too.

Beneath a Steel Sky (20%) - A give I think? Got stuck multiple times :S
Blood Rayne 2 (40%) - Sweet game :) Kinda confusing level design. Stopped.
Braid (10%) - Steam Christmas sale, barely touched it yet.
Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon (10%) - A gift? Barely started.
Broken Sword: Smoking Mirror (10%) - A gift? Barely started.
Clive Barkers Jericho (30%) - Started, but it didn't run well on my PC, hope to play later.
Company of Heroes (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Crysis (75%) -
Doom 3 (25%) -
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (50%) -
Frontlines: Fuel of War (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Indigo Prophecy (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Left 4 Dead (60%) -
Longest Journey (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Overlord (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Sands of Time (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Two Thrones (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
PoP: Warrior Within (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Red Faction 2 (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Red Faction Gurrilla (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
STALKER: Clear Sky (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded.
Rainbow Six: Vegas2 (0%) - Steam Xmas sale, not downloaded. +Played it on PS3.
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (30%) - Was really diging this game... the it got burried.
Warhammer 40k: DoW2 (30%) - Started in on it. Paused playing it.
The Witcher (0%) - Just bought on steam, yet to fully download.