Sunday, April 25, 2010

Waiting Patiently for StarCraft 2

sc2 blog head
Hello fellow gamespotters, blogspotters, gametrailerians or other creatures lurking at one of the various places I like to slap my blog into. I arrive yet again for another blog post!  The year: 2033, the location? Deep space! All engines are go and this ship is fueled by both Metal (music) and Video Games.

Mmm, a ship fueled by Metal  and Video Games :) Sounds alot like me ;)

Have you heard of a small game titled "StarCraft" from a tiny developer who goes by the name "Blizzard"? :P It just so happens to be one of my FAVORITE PC games just about ever and I've been rather excited for quite a long time knowing that the sequel; tentatively titled "StartCraft2" has been in development.

This year is said to be the year that StarCraft2 finally makes it out and it's got a smile on my face. I signed up for the beta but didn't get in :`( but ah well, I'll just have to wait for the full game to come along... well... 1/3 of the game I guess. The way blizzard is going about it this time is a bit different than usual.

The game is going to be released in 3 different segments with yet-to-be-announced spaces of time in between each. Each "game" will house a fully working multiplayer mode but just one of the 3 campaigns (1 for each race), which I presume will be pretty lengthy bits - each on their own.  


Partially in anticipation for the game, I've recently updated my PC... which turned into more or less a whole new PC.. even though I didn't intend on that at first :S  I think the only thing I have left over originally from my last PC is my case and a wireless card, lol. Everything else is new and hip hoppy fast, so I should have no problem running it (starcraft2) when time comes.  With it I picked up a copy of Win7 and I must say, I'm quite impressed. It's snappy, not crashing, includes some nifty features and feels quite a bit more fresh than XP. Here is a screen shot of my desktop:
Click for larger image.
Remember the giant list of games I need to finish? Yep, well, I'm going to start up a list for all of the games I manage to beat (from that list). Off to a shaky start tho :( I plunged into Resistance Retribution (PSP) and got quite a few levels done... but then caught some sort of cold/flu thing and haven't played games since (nearly a week) :S Just now I'm feeling well enough to start in on some gaming again. I've started up Crysis on my PC again (kept my save files from before) and I'm looking forward to playing that more as well.

Actually, I've started crafting a blog entry just for that game (Crysis) as it's quite the game on all fronts and I feel it deserves a run over. Expect that some time in the future.  Actually, expect a number of varied blogs from me in the future! I've taken advise to up the frequency of my blogs and do them weekly as opposed to every 2-3 months :P With them, I hope to cover a wide variety of topics from games, movies, music or just something I find interesting; like a certain artist I would like to spot light at some point :), so be on the look out for those. As always they will be posted here (where ever you're reading this) as well as at my official blog at