Friday, May 07, 2010

Latest Pickups: Avatar + Playlist


Yay, amazon has finally gotten my items to me :D Took longer than usual, but w/e, they're here now. Once Avatar has been announced to come out on dvd/br I've been waiting for it.. and when the day come... I forgot. lol. Odd, I know, but a little while later I jumped on amazon and ordered it from there... cuz you know, life it too busy to rip into town (10 min drive) and pick up a copy at one of the various stores that sell movies :S

One very kewl thing I noticed about avatar is that the Blu-ray version... or rather the one I purchased (I assume they're all the same) came with both the br disc and the movie on DVD :D Soz, I don't have to worry about playing on something that doesn't support BR, which is VERY kewl. I did just recently get my Blu-Ray drive in my PC to work properly with my media software to play blu-rays, which is also a very awesome bit of news. Now I can slip in a blu-ray and watch it while surfing or w/e on my PC as I've done with DVDs for a while now.

Anyways, back to the other items. Besides Avatar on br, I also picked up Evangelion 1.11 You are (not) alone and Ghost in the shell 2.0 (both on br) and I'm looking forward to viewing both.

I also finished of my collection of the various series in the Trailer Park Boys TV series with box sets for seasons 5, 6 and 7. Great show IMO and I got them at a superb price.

Last, which I believe I mentioned in a blog previous to this one, Gears of War2 GOTY edition. I've yet to open it :P But hope to get into it at some point.

Which Segways right into my other topic: The Playlist. A few blog posts ago (here) I listed the massive amount of games I currently have to get through as a part of my plan to finish more games before buying new ones. The week especially, I've gotten heavy into playing games again and hope to whip through some titles at a much faster pace than I have been, since I've started this initiative.

Bioshock 2 was ripped into for a number of hours the other night and I'm not quite sure how far along I am, I'm really enjoying it. It's quite a bit similar to the first which is great :)

I also finally got The Witcher downloaded via steam and thus far I'm rather impressed with it's visuals! I wasn't aware it was such a nice looking game. Still playing around with witch controll scheme I like to use and hope to get deeper into the story soon.

I'm also still plugging away at Resistance: Retribution... and REALLLY hate the female huge head alien things in that game :( They're made so all you need do to kill them is shoot their head... but the autoaim... aims anywhere but, so it's annoying as hell when 6 come rushing you out of no where. Heck, I'd rather take on the 15ft beast with rocket launchers than those females... lmao.

Pokemon Heart Gold is on pause, but I do hope to jump into God of War 3 again, maybe today as a nice break from bioshock 2. Also, out of thin air I decided to start back into Doom3 (PC) see if I can get that finished :P Soz, lots of ma plate, lots more waiting, wish me luck.