Monday, May 10, 2010

THIS.. IS.. SPART... erm, Little Big Planet 2!!!

Hehehe, the news of this little (big) sequel was let loose a few days ago and slowly more and more info has been pouring in, then finally today we get treated to a full blown trailer show casing more sack(boy) than you can handle :)


From what has been said about the game, it's going to be a lot more of a sandbox system where you're left to create your own games, with genres being only left to your imagination. The trailer shows off some side scrolling platforming (like lbp1), over top racing, a space invader's clone and more while sources say even titles dipping into Real time strategy (think Command an conquer) and RPG or 1 on 1 fighting games are possible with the new robust building tools available in LBP2. The command and conquer reference made me scratch my head, but I guess Media Molecule (the team behind the game) has already gotten something like that working from the tools. Nifty.

Further info states that you can map any kind of controls to your game (even motion controls) to control the game you create, that character and environment pieces scale easily, AI can be attached to "robots" (any character you place in the game) and will interact with both the player and the environment depending on their make up. There are movie editing options, new gadgets and the ability to string together levels so you're able to compile a complete multi-level game.

That AND all of the DLC, user-created levels and content from LBP1 is all compatible with LBP2 and quite possibly upgradeable too (visually? They didn't specify).

Coming this Winter, 2010, LBP2 looks to knock gamers socks off again with is cute, wacky sense of sty|e and tools to let you get in and play game designer to your hearts content.

I'm Pumped.