Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My E3 2010 conference thoughts

Here's my break down of the big conferences: what I liked, what I didn't and who I feel presented best.

Too bad there wasn't more of THIS and less Kinect.

Microsoft started off alright with titles we've known about for quite some time, such as Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Fable 3. Thinking this is a typical way to start off a show, keeping big news for later, I wasn't too bothered. They teased a new Crytek game with a CG bite sized video and showed something related to Forza via scoping out the new Ferrari ... but Sigh, that's actually when the fun ended for me.

As the entire rest of the 2hour conference was all about Natal; re-dubbed "Kinect", their camera system which they showed off selecting menus, playing movies and horrible games.

The Kinectimals game seemed like a fun diversion for 10 minutes (cough EyePet ripoff) but the rest seemed like incredibly lame download games that we've either seen A) on the Wii or B) as $5-$10 downloads. Lame Wii sports rip-offs, slow boring cart racers, Wii Fit ripoffs, ugh I wasn't impressed at all.

They announced a deal with ESPN to bring sports coverage to the 360. -_- being the farest thing from a sports fan this means absoluetly nothing to me.

There was aboslutely nothing for me as a gamer to get excited about.

They did finish with announcing a new 360 slim modle with 250gb hd and built in wifi which is kewl, but of no use to me unless I need a new system... as I already have a 360 elite.

Microsoft's Score: 5th

Electronic Arts:
EA started off with a bang. NFS Hot Pursuit remake by Criterion

EA followed up Microsoft's conference and while there was some emphasis on the foolish motion tech of Wii, Move and Kinect they actaully threw out some core games for us to drool over and lust for.

Right from the get go, we're treated to a big ol trailer and gameplay footage of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the Criterion (burnout guys) teams NFS title with is a total remake of the original Hot Pursuit of the mid 90s featuring extravigant cars, fast races and cop chases. All amped up with online and various other touches, it looks great.

They jumped into some Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor - which looked an aweful lot like CoD MW IMO. BattleField Bad Company 2 is getting an addon in the form of a Vietnam pack and of course EA showed of a number of sports titles like an MMA game, Madden etc.

One thing I really thought was gimmicky was the "GunClub" announcement where you sign up with EA to recieve news on beta and such of their shooter games. Seems like a scam to get you to buy more shooters from them :S

They finished with a demo of BulletStorm which looks whacked... dunno if I want it or not :P

Some news for Sims3 ala consoles and some star wars goods in the from of KotOR fame.

I must say, as a core gamer, EA brough much more to the table than Microsoft did in their conference.

EA's Score: 3rd

Ubisoft had some tight titles on display, Ghost Recon being one of them.

A short time after EA wrapped up, Ubisoft took the stage to show off what they've been working on.

The first title, not even introduced, went straight into an on stage demo, by the creator. Child of Eden by Qgames, whome are previously responsible for Rez, Lumines and so on are helming the project... and it looks like Rez to the next level. I really got bored of the presentation WAY before it ended... so my enthusism for the game is nill.

They moved into Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood which really made me smile. Still gorgeous looking and the title seems to amp up the action as you try to flee your villa, whilest avoiding cannon balls :P

Which moved into Shaun White Skateboarding... which looks baaaaadddd. The show then switched from decent games into vitality sensors and motion games that made me want to turn the feed off. Honestly I don't care about yoga game X and breathing simulator Y.

But they ended with some more core games :) The new Ghost Recon got a trailer and gameplay demo which looked awesome. Total tatical take on a mission which reminded me of Socom mixed with MGS4. Decent stuff.

Oh and they also Showed "Driver: San Francisco" a Driver game that they say goes back to the roots of what made Driver fun, with great chases, special attention to car handeling and the whole boot. :)

Ubisoft's Score: 4th

Link is back and taking full control of the Wiimote.

Holy Crap, Nintendo kicked it off with a bang that put to shame all the shows that before it. While Microsoft focused on extremely casual games the likes of which have been seen on the Wii since launch, Nintendo really reached out to the core audience this time around with many anouncements of new games.

They started off showing the new Zelda game for the Wii, dubbed Skyward Sword and it looks neat... but their demo of the game by Shigero Miyamoto totally flunked as the sensor got confused and barely any of his moves showed up on screen and the items he tried to use didn't work as intended.

From there they sunk into party games with Mario Sports Mix and Wii Party. Could care less.

But then they went f'n nuts and announced a new Goldeneye game for the Wii. Done by Activision and only for the Wii, the game harkens back to the N64 classic and looks to whoop any other shooter on the system to shame.

Which lead into a showing of Epic Mickey. Which impressed me less then when I saw media for it in the past, but still looks rather nice.

Keeping the oldskool feel, they showed off a Kirby game that revolves around the idea of the world and characers made from yarn and cloth, it's a unique take on it and it looks to hold that same ol Kirby charm.

Dragon Quest 9 was bragged up and annoucned for NA.

Then they broke out Donkey Kong! :D A New Donkey Kong Country in 2D style game play is being prepped for the Wii this fall, classic music included :D

They closed their show with the 3DS showing off it's idea, the hardware and some games for the system. Big cheers came from teh audience as MGS and KH were announced as franchises being prepped for the system. It looks great, similar to the DS but with a larger top screen, and 1 analogue stick. Looks like it'll be tight.

Nintendo's Score: 2nd.

Nintendo's latest iteration of the DS, 3D and sexy.

Sony on fire... or rather, a new TWISTED METAL!

Then all hell broke loose as Sony came in ON FIRE throwing games everywhere! HoooraH!
They started their show with a massive and awesome collage video of various games' we've been looking forward too, getting the crowd pumped.

Killzone 3 was front and center as their first subject of the show, showing off various gameplay footage, all in 3D (for the audience at least)  and it looks f'n superb! The Jet pack parts look to add a whole new perspective to the idea of FPS.

Sony went on to talk about 3D and how important they believe it'll be in the near future and how they're prepped to dive straight in with games like MLB the SHow, The FIght, EyePet, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Gran Turismo 5 and Sly Cooper Collection to name a  few.

From 3D they went into their motion controller idea, Move. I've been hating all the demos and focus on the motion side of things through out E3... and while Sony did show a few casual games that I have zero interest in (like their Wii sports rip off) I really did like some of the stuff they showed off that looked like actual games.

Sorcery was their first demoed and it looked great. Harry Potter esc, you weild a wand and use various magical powers to kill enemies etc. The style kind of reminded me of a D&D game like Baldurs gate or something similar and the way the demoer used the remote was super, it was really fluid and looked easy to control. Even something like drinking a potion involved shaking it up and then tipping it to your mouth. lol.

They also demoed Tiger Woods with teh Move and it looks pretty tight, again 1:1 controls really looks like it makes a difference.

Then out of nowhere they announce a game called "Heroes on the move" featuring Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly and the turtle (forget his name) from Sly from their respective games in some weird collab that uses the Move controller. Mega kewl looking.

Continuing on a high note, Kevin Butler comes out and entertains the audience in his usual way, I was smirking and laughing quite a bit, it was a nice touch. He talked all about games and how awesome they were :) Whether you're a casual, hardcore or somewhere inbetween, PS3 had something for you.

Finally, Jack Trenton went on to price the Move hardware. The regular move controller (one with the glowing ball) will be $49.99, the sub-controller (with the analogue stick, think Wii's nunchuck) is $29.99 and a bundle with the move controller, PSeye Camera and a game will be $99.99, the Camera, already available for some time is $19.99-$29.99 depending where you shop. A bundle with the pack (above) and a PS3 will be out for $399. The finished with listing some PS3 games with Move support, like: Time Crisis, Echochrome2, EyePet, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5.

Shifting from that they went to PSP and how they're going to agressivly attack the market with campaigns for the system. They also listed a number of games coming for the system like: Invizimals, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Tron, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, AceCombat, Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday, UFC 2010, DBZ Tag Team, Papapon 3, Fat Princess, and Valkyria 2.

Then out of no where Trenton announces the Video store for Canada is coming :D SOMETHING I'M VERY HAPPY WITH.

They announced a "PS Plus" their pricing scheme for PSN, stating that playing online and all the features already included will stay free for all users, that PS Plus will include things like:
-exclusive dlc
-early demos, beta,
-trial games
-free psn games, minis, themes, discounts
all for $49.99 per year with a current offer of 3 months for free. Not too bad if you're looking for that, me personally I'm fine without that kind of stuff.

Little Big Planet showed off and explained.

EA took stage and annoucned Limited Editions of both Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2 exclusive for PS3 with HD remakes of MOH Frontlines and Dead Space Extractions packed in for free in each respective game.

Then a shocker, we hear GlaDos (from Portal) yet "Get ready for a surprise" and Gabe Newell walks out on stage. He starts with laying out who he is and his history of having harsh words for the PS3 and that now he had to man up and deliver on the system. It made me laugh. He then announced Portal2 for PS3 and a new steam integration for the game to allow connection via the PS3 to steam for cloud purposes and more. Very kewl.

Trention went on about exclusive deals with 2K for content in Mafia 2, Ubisoft for missions in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Final Fantasy 14.

Gran Turismo got a relese date of November 2, 2010.

Infamous has a spectacular trailer shown off, I personally can't wait for it :D

Then to close the Show a video was shown and A F-WORDING SWEET-TOOTH VAN PULLED ON STAGE!!! Twisted Metal is BACK BABY!!!!! 2011, PS3, by Jaffe and Crew of "Eat Sleep Play".

Sony came with the games this year BOIS!!! HOOOORRAAAHHHH!

*Sadly, no "The Last Guardian" and no word on PSP2... but w/e :P

Sony's Score: 1st

Kickin butt and taking names at E3 2010.