Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introducing: Pink Squadron


Hey guys, I wanted to give you a heads up to a project that's been in the making for quite a while. It started off on gamespot as a union which I ran for a while, but I quickly saw that gamespot had such limitations that was holding the idea back. The union itself (Harley's House) has been abandoned for quite some time but the ideas that made it a fun place to visit have just been brewing :)

Many delays were met in the project... mostly because of my inability to commit time to the project as well as a little bit of indecisiveness. But I've decided to spend some time and get it ready for the public :) *We're still working on it, so features will be added as we go, but right now it's fully functional.

The main site is a blog, with it's own address and style. We're also putting some effort into a forum to accompany the site and help form a community if possible.

Anyways, thats all fun and all but are you sitting here confused about what the hell a "Pink Squadron" is? Thought you might. To put it simply, it's a project dedicated to strong female characters in video games. News, Reviews, Interviews and more are on the menu and we (the staff behind the project) hope to provide a great place for a community interested in the idea.

Please Visit the site at

Where you can comment on our very first, Opening Post.

Many thanks :)