Thursday, November 18, 2010

A letter to fanjerks

*Warning, quite a few F'bombs thrown around.

I know, I know... I did one of these blow up blogs a while ago outlining just how stupid fanboy/girl -ism is ... but hey, I thought I'd do another :P

Where to start? Well, I'd like to address the fanboys/girls directly.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please shut the fuck up. Thank you. Ha, that's not even the beginning fool. Sit down and listen. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Ahaha, okay, no seriously, I've got more to say than just that. That one line, however, sums it up nicely.

To anyone with either a 360 or PS3 who ends up bashing the other console... gahh. You guys are running machines so gawd damn similar that there should be nothing but love between you. 90% of the games out there for these two systems are shared and the ones that are exclusive to each system make the respective system shine, letting gamers enjoy a great experience and check your hate at the door. I've noticed heavily that the strongest fanboys/girls on these systems generally are those whom own just one of these systems. Anyone with the resources to own both know that each system is competent and have great experiences for all. This is by far the rowdiest crew of fanjerks (we'll use that term instead of boys/girls), the most vocal and the group where the dumbest claims seem to sprout.

As of late the debate is over Kinect vs Move and it's driving me crazy! Each method takes a slightly different swing at the idea of motion gaming and as it stands; each works. You can think what you want per title for each tech but you shouldn't troll places where fans of each device and scream your brains out how much you hate said device and how it's garbage in comparison to the one you're supporting.

Sure, each company in question likes to fuel this kind of hate as they promote their ideas and claim "This option is best and on the best console" - sadly, people are eating this up. Companies are ALL about making profit and don't fool yourself in thinking other wise.

Which moves me to my next group. The snub fucking PC fanjerks. You fucks are quickly raising the ladder to becoming the ultimate jackasses of the fucking group. Forget hating on one system because you think the other is better, you dumb shits constantly scream that all console gaming is garbage and a burden to anyone who claims themselves "true gamers". In your eyes, No console game matches up, every PC version of a game is superior and if a port doesn't exist you point to other games and say "Fuck it, those are better than that game" and that PCs should be the only place to get games. I'd first like to point out that games aren't only resolution and textures as many of you point out the PC usually has higher standards for. Games are about the experience, one which consoles deliver to millions and millions of people every day.

Yes, the PC is just as much a contender for gaming as the major consoles out there, but to sit on a high horse and claim your system is the ONLY place for games is worse than the fanjerk-ism shown between PS/XB owners. Next, you can't buy a machine for $300 that can lay down the hardware sufficient enough to jack games into a resolution and smoothness that a console can provide. So stop telling people that you can. I've personally dropped over $400 into just a graphics card to run the games I want on PC in the way I want, forget the price of the rest of the machine... and that's buying from discount sources to get better deals than you would buying from a big name player with their commercial boxes.

PC can and a lot of the time does, run into problems with incompatibility. Still, you'll get a game, either boxed or from a digital source and get problems with differing operating systems, drivers, additional software packages, quirks, workarounds and the like. It can be a headache to even get a title working on the PC at times, so much more so for those not knowledgeable on the subject and a lot of PC fanjerks claim otherwise while point around to google for users to find answers for their complications. You shouldn't have to search google and comb through forums looking for someone to help you get your game running, it should just work... and yet PC fanjerks just sweep this under the rug and claim it's no issue at all. Fuck you, it is.

 In closing. Just STFU, enjoy your games and leave the rest of the world alone. We're fine without your hate.

Sincerely, hush404.