Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 - Point form

Oooh, Nifty date, no? :P

I seem to put so much effort into blogs at times... and it's one reason I don't do a lot of blogging... as it takes a lot of work... and a lot of time. Soz instead, here's a point form blog with some thoughts, news, ideas etc:

The Saboteur... a little rough around the edges... but still great.
  • Currently into 'The Saboteur' (PS3) and I'm having A LOT of fun with it. The controls felt a little loose at first and that bugged me... but I got use to it. The open worldness of it is great. Superb style too.
  • NFS Hot Pursuit is on the back burner a bit as I'm so dedicated to the saboteur... but I hope to jump back into that soon as it's a great deal of fun.
  • Speaking of fun games, I've started prepping my "Top 2010 games list" blog, just some work left in writing and maybe some pics to accompany it. It'll be posted when done.
  • Does Doom3 have a story? lol, I ask that because I'm also going through that and I'm lost. It just feels like I wander around killing monsters... which is really what doom was all about from the get go... but it just doesn't have the same feeling of Doom of old :(
  • Which reminds me, Rage is looking more and more awesome every time I see it. 
  • This year's super Holiday Sales on steam didn't yield a lot for me :( Last year I picked up a TON of cheap games... but this year... I checked it every day during the two or so weeks it went on and only picked up a couple titles. I did take advantage of the indie games at 25-75% off and nabbed a few for next to nothing.
  • I did get BattleField Bad Company 2 on the Steam Sales for a mere $6.80 but have already completed the single player... and gave the multiplayer a go... but felt it no different than any other shooter out there so it didn't peak my interest. 
  • Tried hooking up my N64 and SNES to my new TV and Receiver... but no luck :( I dunno what's up.
  • I'm not an MMO kind of gamer... but DC Universe Online has peaked my interest. I'll hold off for now... and see how it does, but I may pick it up at some point.
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 seems drool worthy! Does it not? I'm impressed every time I see this game.
  • I already own it for 360 and PC... but I'm contemplating getting Mass Effect 2 for PS3... lol.
  • Got and finished the expansion for Costume Quest, titled "Grubbins on Ice" I actually blew through it rather quickly.
Caprica, Canceled... sadly.
  • Finished of the first (and sadly only, it seems) season of Caprica and liked what I watched. It was really slow to get going, but the energy put into developing the characters really appealed to me. My fav character was 'Daniel Graystone' played by Eric Stoltz.
  • Started in on season one of Battle Star Galactica to see if it's got similar character growth. 
  • Also started in on the first season of Breaking Bad and I instantly love it. Every episode feels more like a tiny movie rather than a TV show. Some great watching ahead, I can tell. 
  • Caught up on this year's seasons of both Chuck and The Office, both doing great. Sadly, this is the last year we'll see Steve Carell in The Office.
  • Blew through the third season of Metalocalypse and loled a bit... but hoped it'd be longer. The 15min slot really doesn't suit it anymore I find. 
Sucker Punch is all style.
Some kick-ass girls.
    • The PinkSquadron is coming along nicely. News seems to be either too much or not enough... its weird. It's like... sometimes we've got 2-5 things to report on a day or nothing for several days :S We've got some more original content being prepped for the site too to help it stand tall on it's own :) Make sure to visit if info on strong female game characters is something you're interested in.
    • There's a good possibility I'm going back to school this coming fall :) I've decided this whole working at something I don't want to do for the rest of my life is foolish. On to better things :P
    • Toshiba and Sony both showed of 3Dtvs at this year's CES which do 3D without glasses. I like 3D... I don't like expensive glasses that need charging just to see the effect, this this news sounds SUPERB to me.
    • Waiting eagerly for news on PSP2. Sheesh Sony, wth? You'd better announce at E3. 
    • Totally awesome website I found called WallBase.Net - it's got one of the nicest UI and collection of amazing wallpapers in various sizes for your desktop. Visit it now!
    • Speaking of which, they've even got some Rosie Jones ;) (Note, this one isn't wallpaper size)
    • What ever happened to t.a.t.u?
    Lol... that's WAY more than I expected when I started in on this thing. Hope there's something that peaked your interest.

    Thanks for reading, Peace.