Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some new reading material

I like to read. A lot of the time I like to watch TV shows and play video games more than read... but I really do enjoy the idea of reading. You know, loosing yourself in another world woven by a good author. Taken to a new place, rich with characters and stories... that kind of thing. It's really the same reason I dig movies, games and TV shows so much... it's that escapism from real life into something else that's so fresh and exciting.

That said, my sis and I took a trip up to the city today (Halifax to be specific) to do some shopping with the hope that some stores there would be of greater variety than those we have locally. That didn't turn out extraordinarily true... as we seem to have about 90% of the stores located there available to us locally. Two exceptions were HMV - a decent music (and movie) store... something I miss greatly (we use to have a "CD Plus" which is very similar to HMV, but it's since moved out, *tear).  The other is a proper book store, "Chapters" with a massive amount of space and selection that would make anyone drool - it makes our local "Coles" look like a book cart like you see in prison movies, in comparison. ;)

Anyways, I went to the check out with a stack full of books so tall I had a hard time holding them :P

First off, I was looking for some more William Gibson material. After reading "Neuromancer" I totally fell in love with the style and settings her puts his characters in (read - furturistic cyberpunkish ones). I manged to find these:

Actually, I already had "All Tomorow's Parties" but this is a slightly different version. I got my own copy of Neuromancer - as the one I read was downloaded. The four new novels are Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Idoru and Pattern Recognition.

I also went searching for some more Philip K.Dick novels and found some but they were hardcover and rather expensive... so I decided that the other books will fill the void for now until I finish with them. The one I did end up getting is a collection of short stories by PKD titled "Second Variety"

Again, PKD is a science-fiction writer and one who's style I really like. A lot of his books have been transitioning into movies (titles like BladeRunner, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly) over the years and while some good and some bad, they all point back to the tremendously awesome books.

The Next two books really took me by surprise and I really took an interest in them once I looked them over. Both are based on the DragonAge universe that Bioware has set up with it's game series and I'm eager to tear into them. One's Titled "The Stolen Throne" and the other is "The Calling".

I also picked up a small manga book (couldn't find a pic) that goes through the entire story of the N64 title "Zelda: Majora's Mask" which I thought was unique and very kewl. They also had copies of books that went through "A link to the Past" (SNES) and the first N64 title "Ocarnia of Time" but for now I just got the one book to see how I like it.

Suffice to say, I should be fine for reading material for some time. Currently I'm re-reading "If Chins could Kill, Confessions of a B Movie Actor" and autobiography by Bruce Campbell, which is an extremely interesting book that goes from his childhood, up through the Evil Dead movies and on till it was published (forget exactly where it ends, but I nearing the end now, so I'll know soon :P). I highly recommend it if you dig the actor.

Thanks for reading.