Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Wars fever?

I'll start this blog off by saying that I've always been a general fan of what Star Wars presented... but never a huge fun of the fiction itself. I didn't know the names of all the characters, nor the connections they all had. I was always confused about the whole storm trooper thing and how they were the bad guys - yet in the prequel movies they start off as the good guys .... anyways... suffice to say I've never paid enough attention to this universe to grasp a great understanding of it all and really appreciate the collectiveness of it all.

Until now. Ha. Well, I'm not going to say I'm a Star Wars encyclopedia, but I've begun to take steps to learn A LOT more about the universe and it's characters. It started simply with my brother and I deciding to watch the Star Wars movies from 1-6 and refresh on it all. We're not through them all yet... I'm currently on 5/6 and my brother just needs to watch the last one but we're really close and it's really sparked my interest in the series.

Chucking troopers around is a lot of fun.

While out shopping I nabbed a copy of 'The Force Unleashed' for the 360 thinking I might have some fun with it; little did I know that I would LOVE the game. I hated the demo that I played when it first came out and so I put it out of my mind, but when I sat down with this game I absolutely loved the feel of it... strange, no? I've gone and beaten it and have started a second play through as I'm still pumped about it and using my acquired abilities on harder enemies. I gave it a good 9.0 rating here on gamespot.

Deciding I wanted more, I re-bought Lego Star Wars Complete (use to have it for PS3 but sold it), this time for the 360 and I can't wait to jump into it further and see the similarities to the movies. Funny thing, while watching some of the movies, my brother would say "I remember this part from lego star wars" :P I also nabbed Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the 360 (all of these were $10ea, so even if they don't turn out great... no big loss) which I later see horrible review for here on gamespot... but I'll hold judgment till I play it.

I've got a copy of KotOR on steam that I might try to get back into and I have very fond memories of my copy of Republic Commando - a Storm Trooper squad based shooter that I actually beat a couple times because it was a superb title, which I may see if I can scrounge up. Even more recently I picked up a copy of Rogue Squadron for the N64 that I'm looking forward to playing. Researching, I see the PSP has done very well with Star Wars titles, as each one (even that systems version of the force unleashed) have decent review scores... so I may see about nabbing some cheap versions of those. Do you recommend any others? Just about any system is fine as I have the ability to play most systems.

I'm also interested in seeing the CG based "Clone Wars" series, does anyone know if that's decent? I picked up the DVD of the movie that started that series, hope to get to that after I finish the main movies.

I always thought this race, and specifically this Jedi was kewl.