Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fuck Yeah, Mario.

Give it up for the most Bad-Ass Plumber around!

Hey guys/girls, what's happ'n? I know... I know... it's Wednesday... so I totally missed my whole Tuesday blog schedule. Eh, what can I say? I tried, I really did Try... but yesterday was a day of complete laziness where I didn't even want to play video games... I just instead, watched some movies and TV shows that I had downloaded. Well... that made up my evening at least. I spent a good portion of the day shopping - initially for my brother's birthday (which is tomorrow, the 31st of March) but as always, I've picked up some things for myself :P

Pimpin Mario there (in above Pic) is one of the items I came across and decided I MUST have. :P Both his arms move and I think he is bitch'n awesome (damn, I'm going to need to edit this for gamespot). I also nabbed a copy of Scott Pilgrim on Blu-Ray as it's a bitch'n movie ;) Mod Nation Racers for $20 was too good to pass up and did you know Cadbury Creme Eggs come in mini size now? :D

I got a few things for my bro, but one of the kewler things I happened on is a 1:24 diecast model of the 2005 version of the Ford GT - which just so happens to be his fav car in just about any racing game (not so much the year, just the car in general)- especially Gran Turismo. 

I couldn't find a pic of the model online and I had already put my camera away, so here's a pic of the actual car the model was made for. It's quite a nice car.


Have you heard of Nintendo's 'Club Nintendo' reward program? I've recently stumbled on it and found out that a good pile of my gear and games qualify for the service. It's a service set up to allow you to register consoles and games with them in return for Coins which are used to get exclusive items directly from them. Registering my newly acquired Wii and some games managed to nab some 560 points from the service and now I'm looking through their catalog for something I can trade my points in for. Thus far the Messenger bag is looking really nice. The Zelda posters seem pretty kewl... but 350 coins for some small posters? C'mon.

To reach an 'Elite' status within the service you need gather 600 coins for the year (goes from July1 - June 31st) and that category always gets a special gift at the end of that give year for... I assume spending so much dough on Nintendo. Some example of 'Elite' or 'Platinum' status rewards that they've listed from previous years are stuff like a replica Mario hat, a crazy awesome looking statuette of a gathering of Mario characters and an exclusive version of Punch Out to download from the Wii store (only way to get the particular version of the game). I'm 40 coins away and plan on making sure I get those last coins before the end of June, as I like kewl stuff :P Seeing as you get 50 for registering a Wii title and 30 for a DS title, it shouldn't be too hard.


  • Did you know that both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner recently turned 80 years old?
  • Did you also know that I love the new Star Trek Movie? Re-watched it again a few days ago for the 18th time (approx) and still loved the hell out of it :P
  • Star Trek: Voyager was the only other Star Trek I got into. I went through all of the entire 7 season series in a few months thanks to Mon-Fri reruns on the Space channel back in 2004.
  • I finished my viewing of the Star Wars series as well. A new respect for the series, I have, mmm hmmm. ;)
  • I wanted Beyond Good & Evil HD... but don't have any MSP (360) and I'm not letting MS have my credit card info again... soz... I'll prob just wait till it hits PS3 in May.
  • Speaking of download games - Plants vs Zombies really surprised me with it's solid, addictive gameplay and candy-smooth visuals. 
  • Some ideas I've been thinking of and prepping for blogs: Fav consoles, A blog all about The Legend of Zelda series and what it means to me, more Demoscene feature blogs, more Buried Treasure feature blogs, something to do with upcoming games and some other stuff I'd like to keep under-wraps :P
  • Looking into redesigning my blog's layout and theme now that PinkSquadron has it's facelift.
  • I really want to watch Men in Black... random, I know.
  • Slipknot meets Beiber... made me laugh and it's not a half band duo.
  • Natalie Porman has caught my eye in a number of films as of late. Loved her role in the prequel star wars movies, thought she did a SUPERB job in Black Swan, caught her in V for Vendetta (first time I saw the film) and re-watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (which is a sickly awesome film). The trailers for 'Your Highness' makes me want to see that (even though it looks like it might be sketchy..) and I see she's even in Thor, :D Loves me some Portman atm. 
  • GWAR sucks...
  • As always, bullet point lists end with Rosie Jones.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Untitled - 03/22/11

Ack! It feels like forever since I've done a real 'themed' blog post and not just something quick on the fly. Alas... it's Tuesday, I need to do something! :P I've been busy of late, both with stuff IRL and trying to spend some more time gaming. Oh! that and of course PinkSquadron :)

The ol blog/site dedicated to kick ass ladies of the gaming world just got a big facelift with a ton of new features and improvements. I spend quite a bit of time reporting on news, creating content for and maintaining the site and while I love doing it... it kind of eats away at time I could be gaming and doing other things. I've got a few friends working on and a few whom said they'd like to do something for the site but if you're interested I'm still willing to accept any kind of help you think you can lend. A review perhaps? An article pertaining to something around the site? (*Oooh, maybe a catchy tag line? I've still yet to nab that :P) Just lemme know. Always looking to move things further forward :)

Ahh gaming, that's the next thing I'll touch on. I've been purposely been forcing myself to game as of late. I love gaming and really get into games once I do start playing, but there are times where I just end up spending hours on youtube, or working on blogs, or other distractions that put gaming to the side.

As in most games with the choice, my lead is female. (note this isn't my Hawke)

Right now I'm playing Dragon Age 2 - which... I dig... but I'm not hitting that "Ahh" moment... yet. I loved the first game, as each character was so incredibly interesting and traveling with them a joy. This one... while I dig the new combat system over the old one and the whole scale and graphical prowess has been upped... I've yet to feel that connection to the characters. The 'Sister' character is the one whom I have any real connection to yet (family, yo! :P) and even then... it's not half of what I felt for the characters of Dragon Age: Origins. Ehh, I hope it improves. A friend of mine mentioned beating the game in about 24 hours... which is another 'uncool' piece of news... as I've got over 50 in DAO.

I ALWAYS accidentally hit the magic button... thinking it's cancel... and end up frying people.
I've also got back into Fable 2 for a bit - played it for over 9 hours straight on a day off. Something I haven't done in a long time. The game is okay. I wasn't a fan of the first game and beat it in no time flat. This time around I was poking about trying to do some side stuff hoping to prolong the story in this title. Then I found the world of bigamy :P For some reason I find it funny that I have 4 separate families in villages around the world, some with kids, some with out and all totally un-aware of eachother. *EVIL FACE. Oh also... how come kids are conceived and then born in about 30 seconds? I assumed there might be some kind of waiting period. Eh, anyways :P

Mmm, that satisfying crunch.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (the 2010 remake) has got it's claws into me again too. When I first got it I played it quite a bit and really enjoy it... but I left it for a bit as I went about finishing up other titles and started it up again the other night. What a rush! It's such a pleasure to play, with great speed, superb visuals, audio and controls. Occasionally it's "Throw the controller at the TV" difficult... but that usually just means I need a break :P It's a TON of fun :)

Other than that.. I'm still occasionally plugging away at the remaining objectives in The Saboteur (game's finished, but there's left over things to nab) which I only jump into for 15-30 mins here and there as to not make it a chore.

I also started a game of Dragon Age: Legends - a facebook version of Dragon Age... which isn't that good :P I wasn't expecting much for a facebook game... but damn! EA is grabbing for money like you wouldn't believe. It starts off simple enough, you follow a point to point map, killing fools, leveling up etc... but really quickly you run out of coin and "crowns" (another form of currency) which you need to quickly produce potions (a necessity) and the only way to get enough to progress any is to put real world money into the game to purchase these things... something I am not willing to do.

I haven't touched Killzone 3 in a bit since beating it and giving it's online a go. It was a fun ride tho :) I rethought my score for the game (I initially gave it a 10) as I felt the fact that I was enjoying the game initially so much, i got caught up in it's kewlness. I re-scored it an 8.5.

Ooh, I got some new games too. Cheap games of course :) I've picked up Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) and Darksiders (PS3) and DarkSector (360), umm lets see, I also nabbed Enslaved (PS3) for and Dante's Inferno (PS3). Back a few weeks ago I got Metroid Other M (Wii) and Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii), while paying full price for Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii). Technically... I bought a Wii too (a number of weeks ago). I've had access to my Sis's Wii for quite a bit and even owned games for it... but she moved again, so I was Wii-less :P Now I have my own, Black of course :)  All of these titles join my list of games I need to get to :P

What games are the rest of you playing?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A moment for Japan

I had originally prepped another blog post for today (as it's tuesday) but felt that this topic is a bit more pressing.

Surely you've heard by now that an 8.9 magnitude earthquake has rocked the eastern part of the world, near Japan and caused not only major destruction across it's entire nation, but also caused massive Tsunami's to completely wipe out some parts of Japan. If you haven't you've been under a rock.

This Video really gives you a grasp of what happened LINK (video embedded on blog).

The quake happened on the 10th (Thursday) and it hasn't been a pretty picture since. Other parts of the world were warned of possible Tsunami's from the blast, even across the ocean at the west coast of Canada and the United States were in alert.

However, Japan is the worst hit. Homes and businesses are picked up and destroyed like they're nothing, airports engulfed just as easy, cars and just about anything else doesn't even phase the movement - they're tossed around like toys, oil plants are set a blaze, entire communities are wiped off the map. There's even talk now of a nuclear power plant which officials fear may not be able to be cooled enough to prevent a catastrophic meltdown. It's been reported that people have been evacuated from the are just in case, but still.

This whole thing has me glued to my PC, looking for footage on the happenings. I hate to see people suffer and this is a whole new level, that effects the entire world. I've taken initiative to share some of what I can for the people of Japan, donating to a few places to ensure help continues for the nation. It's going to take a lot of work, we're thinking of you all and have you in our hearts.

Whether you can donate to the cause or not, please take a moment to think of the people, for the thousands dead, the thousands stranded... just take a moment. For Japan.


Some interesting ways people are trying to help Japan.

First off, I'll be putting some links below for anyone interested in donating to a variety of organizations who are scrambling to help the nation of Japan and it's people, however there's a few other noteworthy things I wanted to give my say on.

**Edit - Actually, CBS (parent owner of gamespot) has put up a superb page of info for those who wish to help out with the cause. LINK - It gives you lots of options to donate if you live in the United States.

Some others I'd like to point out:

Google has set up a page where you can send Yen (Japanese Currency) to the Japanese branch of the Red Cross via google checkout.

Paypal has setup a service where any and all transaction fees made for the next month will go directly to aid Japan.

CTV has listed a number of ways that Canadians can get in on donating towards assisting Japan.

Google has created an app to help families around the world find loved ones who live in Japan.

Other stuff -

Sony has delayed MotorStorm: Apocalypse (PS3) in Japan, possibly indefinitely as the game's subject matter of racing through environments being ripped apart by nature is a little too much for the time being. wrote a report on just that and have example video. They've also shut down production warehouses.

Square-Enix has shut down servers for Final Fantasy XI and XIV (their two MMO projects) in an attempt to help their nation and save power.

Konami has taken a similar stand and taken Metal Gear Online... offline while the country struggles with the disaster.

It's reported that Irem has outright cancelled their upcoming PS3 title 'Disaster Report 4' which deals with the very subject matter at hand.

Lastly, Sega has delayed the release of Yakuza: Of the End out of respect for it's citizens.

Pictures - some of the more insane pics I've seen:

Most images from, Video via Youtube.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

3/8/11 - Point form

Hey guys/girls, I almost didn't do a blog today *GASP! But I've been trying really hard to make sure I've got a blog for every Tuesday and dammit, I'm going to stick to it. Nothing terribly special today, just some thoughts from my head, some of what's going and the like.


First thing I'm throwing out: Dragon Age 2 is out today (I think it's today) and so a few days ago I threw in my copy of Dragon Age: Origins for the PS3 and decided to finish off the story for my character Kaitu. It took a little messing around to remember what exactly I was doing and where in the story I was, but once I did, I fell in love with it all over.

Here is a shot of my character as shown on - tho it's slightly outdated... as I know I achieved level 20 last night.

I have to say, the best part of the game is interacting with the people in your party. Leliana was always my love interest and I try to keep her happy, but the whole damn party loves my ass now (figuratively... ) It's interesting as hell the back stories and problems that Bioware has woven into these characters! It's a blast to sit back and talk with them, learning these things, as it brings the game to a whole new light. I felt for Zevran when he told me of his last mission with the Crows before heading to Ferelden and I laughed when Oghren got me totally drunk and we both passed out in the camp :P Shale is such a deep character too and strange that she was actually DLC and so not everyone got to experience her uniqueness.

Anyways, I was near done with the game when I stopped playing it. I just needed to finish the landsmeet (which I did last night) and then go to war... I presume. I didn't actually look it up, as to avoid spoilers. I did however get a result to the landmeet when I wasn't thrilled with... so I might go back and see what I can do about that with a previous save.

Anyways. Superb f'n game, can't get enuff. I also can't wait for my copy of DA2 to arrive by mail (amazon) so I can dig into that as well :)


  • I know it's still a ways off and there's no solid info on release date or price or anything... but Sony's new NGP system has me drooling. I honestly can't wait.
  • So... Anne Hathaway is going to be Catwoman in the new Nolan Batman film. Not sure how I feel about that. I think she's a decent actor... but question her for the role.
  • Recently jumped back into Fable 2 as well :) It's kinda fun... but I'm really sick of the series and it's 10 minute stories! Honestly, most of my time has been spent messing around, but I compared my time with going through the actual story and it's NOTHING. I'm nearly done and I felt like the thing just started. 
  • Blew through Killzone 3's campaign both on single player (normal) and co-op /w my bro and am looking to finish it on Elite - which if I do will give me the last trophy I need to get plat ^_^
  • Speaking of Platnium trophies... I still have yet to gather any :P I'm really close in some games... but end up just moving to something else. They don't mean much sure, but I'd love to nab some for all my work :P Example, Uncharted (the first) I just need finish it on crushing mode and I'm done. Mafia 2 - Hard mode and I'm done. The Saboteur - just blow up the remaining few hundred Nazi installations (there's like 1400 in the game). Some more leveling and a few track specific trophies in NFS Hot Pursuit and I'm done. But... I just end up moving to a new game :P
  • When is Tron: Legacy coming out on Blu-Ray? I keep listening to the soundtrack, wishing I had it.
  • I am SUPER PUMPED for L.A. Noire! I haven't anticipated a game so bad for a while now. There's lots of games I'm looking forward to but LAN is top of the list for the foreseeable future. Batman AC and ESV- Skyrim come in just behind that.
Anyways, I'm sure there's more random stuff to note, but I'm hungry and in need of some lunch :P

Oh and of course, before I forget: Rosie Jones.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Buried Treasure Vol 2: PC gems

Not content with doing just one buried treasure blog, I'm jumping straight back into it. This time I'm going to focus on some older PC gems that you may or may not of heard of; some I feel really deserve light shed on them and best of all all of which are available on, or Good Old Games is a site dedicated to bringing older PC games back to modern PCs in full functioning order at a very affordable price. For either $5.99 or $9.99 you can get your hands on a growing number of titles that have all been cared for by the gog team and made to work on windows XP, Vista and 7 without fault. All of these games are packed in a tidy installer, completely DRM free and the site even offers bonus goodies for each game as well, be it soundtracks, strategy guides, wallpapers, manuals, artbooks, screensavers, making of videos or what ever they can get together as a kewl bonus. I highly recommend taking a look at their library and picking up a few classic titles.

The following titles are ones I believe can be considered 'Buried Treasure':

The Longest Journey
Price - $9.99
Genre - Point n Click Adventure/ Puzzle

You take the role of an 18 year old art student, April Ryan, in a not so straight forward tale to save the world. At the beginning of the game she is having these strange dreams of another realm in which she is called upon to help. Dismissing these as just dreams she quickly learns that there is more to the 'dreams' than first perceived. It turns out, this realm, known as Arcadia, is parallel to our own and one that follows a system of magic and chaos in contrast to our logic and science take on things. In order to correct a balance between the two worlds, April must travel between each, taking a journey of a life time.

Setup as a point and click adventure game, the game uses pre-rendered environments that look absolutely lavish, and real time rendered characters that move around in these spaces. You'll be progressing the story mostly through dialogue with other characters and solving puzzles - all of which seem very intuitive and not nearly as brain bustingly confusing as some point/click titles. The dialogue itself, along with voice acting is superbly done and you'll really be enveloped into the world as you play. April is a deep and interesting character, as too are many of the characters around her, whether they be helping her or getting in her way of her goals. Topped off with some beautiful music, you'll be hard pressed to find many adventure titles that excel past this one.

Fallout 1 & 2
Price - $5.99 ea
Genre - Turn Based Strategy RPG

Sure, most people are now familial with the Fallout series... mostly thanks to Bethesda and it's hand in Fallout 3 and the follow up Fallout: New Vegas. But a lot of gamers whom love those games have ignored or outright not known about the two that stared it all, Fallout 1 and 2.

Set in the same post-nuclear setting (though, many years before) as the two newer games, both titles excel in story telling, character design, freedom of play and and over all finesse that you've come expect from a Fallout game.

In the first title you play a Vault dweller whom is sent out to try and find a replacement part needed for the vault in order for it's citizens to continue a healthy life under the ground. You'll run into radiation affected mutants, raiders, gangs and all of the other kinds of baddies that are all out for number one. You're set up with guns, melee weapons and anything else from the world and set into turn based fights to determine if you live another day. If you think of the VATS system in the new games, it's quite similar to that.

In the second title, you play a descendant of the character in the first game, whom is set to lead the people of a separate vault, but must first show your ability to lead, as you're given the task of heading out into the wasteland to acquire knowledge on the GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) system (mentioned in Fallout3), a system used for purifying contaminated water - so that your vault may continue to flourish and it's people live peaceful lives. Again, you take up arms and defense and head out into the wastes for your journey of hardships and survival.

Both titles are EXTREMELY well done, each with just as much if not more attention to character, story and world detail than those in Fallout 3. The only thing that seems to snag people is the turn based combat system, which takes a little getting use to. However, once you do, you're in for one hell of a treat.

Syberia 1 & 2
Price - $9.99 ea
Genre Point n Click Adventure

Syberia holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite point and click adventures on any system. It's unique premised, art direction and setting really drew me in and I loved every minute of it.

In the first game you play Kate Walker, a lawyer who is sent to a remote village in France to clear up some final details of a Toy manufacture take over. Once in the village, you learn that the owner of the factory has just died and that her brother will need be contacted instead. Your journey takes you across a good portion of Europe as you trailer this character in question, the whole while learning his back story and questioning your own goals.

In the second title, you pick up exactly where the first one left off and follows pretty much the same structure as the first, this time with different goals in mind. Most of the original cast from the first game make it back into the second game and it's solid gameplay with a story to match that of the first - just slightly familiar.

There's some beautiful music to listen to, extremely unique puzzles and memorable characters all wrapped up in a heart warming story. The world is pre-rendered and beautiful looking, the characters are real time based but look nearly as nice. Puzzles range in difficulty and most of the time the game eases you into them.

I'm trying to remain vague because it's all too easy to spoil a good adventure game by letting too many details through. Trust me when I say, if you have the patience for point/click adventures and $10-$20 to spare, this series will impress and leave an impact on you.