Monday, April 11, 2011

A very personal blog.

Hey guys & girls, what's going on with you? Before I start in on the deeper stuff, something has come to my attention and I need to clear the air about, before it gets any weirder.

I am male. Was born male, always have been male and I'm not exactly sure what, if anything points the contrary.

Heh, it kinda makes me chuckle... but this isn't the first time this kind of thing has popped up online. A certain someone, whom I've been "gamespot friends" with for at least a couple years now was discussing something with another one of my friends (who I met on GS - one who knows quite a bit more about me than your average gamespotter) and just so happened to mention me as my online handle 'hush404' followed by "she this" and "She that", which confused the hell out of my friend and story short, ended in laughter, or so I'm told :P Things have since been set straight, but I've been getting a few comments from a few different users here on gamespot that makes me think the ol confusion machine is at it again.

Maybe it's my female avatar? (I've sported a female avatar for a long time now, think it started with Motoko Kusanagi - ala Ghost in the Shell) Maybe it's the fact that I started and run a website dedicated to strong female characters? (Which incidentally started off as a union here on GS) - not sure. Maybe it's the method in which I write? *shrugs.

So, yeah. I'm a dude, not a dudette. But you can call me Hush404 :P

No... I'm not Jeff Bridges... as far as I know...

Now that that's out of the way, on to my reason for not blogging. It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last blog and at times it boils down to laziness or business... but this time it's because my mom's been going through a rough patch.

I originally wrote quite a lenghty piece, going into detail, but later decided I didn't feel like sharing all the details. So, you get the very abridged version. My Mom in the last few weeks, has had to have 2 surgeries, the first was fairly straight forward and easy going. The second was meant to be a 1.5hr thing and somewhat straight forward, but ended up being a 5 hour ordeal with more doctors called in to assist as things got complicated and required more work. She's spent some time in the hospital, recovering, but was let out to come home - mostly due to a retarded scheduling conflict where the particular surgery was only allotted x amount of days in the hosp, but due to complications she should of stayed longer and for some stupid reason the system didn't have a way to deal with that. So she's home, she's got dual catheters, a mammoth stapled wound, and while she's doing better than she was a few days ago, she's got my sis taking care of the medical part of things (my sis is a licensed nurse) - which helps A LOT, but still, even she feels that Mom should of been under hospital care for a number of more days than allotted.

So yeah... that's kinda what's been occupying my time and mind as of late. That, and I've still got to work and take care of regular every day stuff as well. Work's been pretty good about it through, as I got a couple days off when the surgery was going on as well as my schedule shifted around so I can get my bro and I around to work without too much difficulty schedule wise.

I do try not to worry though and to keep my mind on other things (else I'd go crazy :P) but it's hard to just pretend like everything is peachy. So, yeah, that's why I've been absent and not blogging. I know the whole blogging thing doesn't really matter - in comparison, but I still wanted to share why I've been gone.


Now, on to something a bit more upbeat. I got a new phone :) Except for a hiccup with getting my old number moved over to the new phone, it's been perfect. It's model name is "Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+" which is a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo. It's an android based smart phone, totally touch screen (except for the power button and volume) and it's hellish sexy. I've already been playing with it, grabbing some useful apps and even shrieked as I found emulators on the android marketplace. Anyone have some droid apps to suggest?

Been playing very little games lately. Started a new game in RoboTrek (SNES) a lovely game from Enix which I have a soft spot for. Borrowed my sis's copy of Windwaker as I wanted to give that another go and purchased Plants vs Zombies on PSN - which is a lot of fun. Have thoughts of jumping into other games, maybe finishing off some others, but not in a huge gaming mood atm. We'll see.

Rapid Fire Tidbits:
  • Ordered Tron Legacy and the original Tron on Blu-Ray the other day from Amazon and hope to have them this week. I've been waiting to see Tron Legacy again since I saw it in theaters.
  • Seems Sony and Hotz got over their suit and agreed to some kind of terms over the cracking of the PS3.
  • Itching bad for L.A.Noire to get released. Skyrim and The Witcher 2 nearly as bad.
  • Been considering upgrading my PC, seems to be something I do every Spring now :P I think my vid card is fine but I'd like to up the quality of my Ram and CPU to match. 
  • Blew through the first 2 seasons of Californication - it's a decent show, onto the 3rd season :)
  • Gamespot's new beta look ( is interesting, nice and clean at least.
  • Spider-Man: Edge of Time looks awesome.
  • Recently ordred the limited edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on ebay for $30 :) Waiting for it to get to me.
  • Had part of this blog written up with random stuff about me - may put it in another blog, or just ditch it altogether... hard to say. 
  • This blog is fairly void of pictures... something I don't usually do :P 
  • Have an awesome day, yo.
Sincerely, a male Hush404 :P