Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free beta code and a PS update

Hey team. Anyone want an Uncharted3 multiplayer beta code? I got one with my copy of infamous2... and really have no use for it (don't generally care for betas... just would rather wait for the full game). It's only good for North American (USA & CAN) PSN accounts (decided to give the code to a gamespotter in Aus who tried to use it and it didn't work). So, if anyone's interested, say so, I'll PM the first who does so, with the code.

Other than that... it's been about 4 or 5 days since my last blog, which outlined some games I was working on beating... and I haven't touched any of those in that time. Nope. I think the only game I played was Plants vs Zombies on my PS3 :P Oh that and a new infamous-facebook game... which is a little weird but decently done.

**For anyone who doesn't know, is a site I run with the help of *punkhead66 (here on gamespot - not sure if they want their real name used :P) and a few others whom act as freelance support that focuses on strong female characters in video games.

I've been a little lazy of late when it comes to pinksquadron... letting articles pile up, unpublished... and it's mostly due to good weather (being out, enjoying it) and work. When I do get slouch time to just chill at home, it seems I prefer watching TV shows I've downloaded or movies if I have the time. I did manage to force myself to sit down for a bit the other day and pump out a number of pieces for the site - but I fear some times my laziness hurts the place - which isn't kewl.

That said, Pinksquadron is going along rather well in my eyes. We average 2000-2500 hits per day, have a small but growing number of facebook fans and thankfully there's enough news on the subject at hand to provide a decent amount of new content (when I'm not lazy ;)). One thing we need to work on is reviews! That again comes from my laziness - but reviews will start soon, I swear. One very kewl thing with the site, is the analytical software google has in place to allow me to see exactly what's going on and who's visiting. I get updates on where traffic is coming from (to better aim my promotion), what posts are being read, what key terms are being searched for when the articles are found, what browsers people are using, where in the world they are and when they're visiting. It's all very interesting and incredibly useful to knowing where and how to be promoting the site.

I just got a bug with my domain host fixed, which took people visiting (without the www. prefix) to a default error page with them, to redirecting to to the real I actually didn't know this was an issue for quite some time and then once I noticed it... I had to fix it... cuz that's not kewl at all.

We're actually also in talks with a professional artist whom is crafting a few characters of original design to represent the site in a more unique way. Right now we just use some well known video game characters to get our image out, but some time this summer, we may have our own look, unique to the site. I'm rather excited for this.

If you've got any interest in the subject matter, I suggest you visit the place :)