Saturday, June 04, 2011

Top 10 (pre E3) anticipated games list

Holy moly! ;) There is a huge flood of info coming our way this week.... and E3 hasn't even started!!! Tons of new trailers, info, screenshots - it's like christmas! No doubt this coming week will be ever crazier as the big players in the game (nice pun, no?) come to the plate and swing, your way, what exactly their plans are for the next year and beyond.

Before we get new footage of awesome new and expected titles, I want to lay down what exactly I'm looking forward to this coming year.

Special mentions - Games that are either not coming out this year, or have no release date yet:

Bioshock Infinite, Bionary Domanin, Dragon's Dogma, Final Fantasy VS XIII, Final Fantasy Type 0, The Last Guardian, Spider-Man Edge of Time, Starhawk, XCOM. Also, infamous 2, Duke Nukem Forever and Red Faction Armageddon - all of which drop this week :P

10. Prey 2

I rather enjoyed the first Prey game. It actually felt like a perfect throwback to the Id games of old (Doom, Quake etc) with just enough polish and kewl ideas to stand out. The story and characters were laughably bad, but it was still fun. The new one looks to take it in a slightly different direction, but I really trust the team at Human Head Studios to do a spectacular job.

09. Xenoblade

It's been some time since I've been excited for a Wii title. The team behind this though, I have some respect for and the game itself looks phenomenal. Quite ambitious for a Wii title and that's exactly what I want to see.

08. Zelda: Skyward Sword 

Strange that I mention it's been a while since a Wii game impressed me... but Skyward Sword... IS a Zelda title... of which I have a soft spot for. Not sure if I'm going to like the whole "Do everything with motion controls" idea... but I'm willing to give it a shot.

07. Darkness 2

Now... I loved the Darkness. The game was SO incredibly awesome. The new title looks to make it a lot more action based with quad wielding. That sounds weird... but it's going to allow you to use 2 guns along with your two snake like evil powers to devastate your enemy. I don't care for the new cell shaded look of the game, but if it's got near the same amount of detail in character design and story, I'll be happy.

06. Tomb Raider

I've always been a casual fan of Tomb Raider since they started doing it right - around the time of TR Legend and generally hated the clunkiness of the old games. This new title seems to be something else altogether. An origins story that has Ms Croft portrayed as a real life person with fault and shortcomings. I love the idea.

05. Uncharted 3

I'm pumped for Uncharted 3... but I also pretty much know what I'm in for. The series is superb with great characters, action and such... but again, I already know that... so my hype meter is a little less than something like... Tomb Raider - which is a completely fresh experience for that franchise. That said, I still have it a notch higher because I still know it's going to rock my world.

04. Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect is one of my most beloved titles this generation. I really want the last story in the trilogy to be epic as hell. I'm kinda scared about rumors floating around though. With EA president claiming stuff will be changed in ME to suit casual gamers... that kinect support may be in.... ugh... I really don't want them to mess up my fav franchise just to be gimicky and reach out to casual gamers :(

03. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 

I can't even fathom how many hours I've sunk into Oblivion... it's hundreds for sure. The idea of a completely open world where you alone (more or less) face the perils of that world and it's evils with sword in hand and some rat meat to help you through - is completely awesome. The new title is bigger, prettier, sounds better and should just be grander on every scale... I'm excited.

02. Batman: Arkham City

Ahh batman. How I love you so. Arkham Asylum was one of my favs when it launched in (2009?) and I've been anticipating the sequel ever since. We've got more villians, some returning, a playable catwoman, batman with a whole slew of new gadgets and a game that is oozing style!! GAAH!

01. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I wasn't sure if this or Batman should get the top spot... but DX3 beat out the competition just by a nudge. I can't even put into words my excitement for a game in a cyberpunk theme, that looks spectacular, offers open choices on how to play and is backed by a solid universe that's already proven itself awesome.