Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wow... E3 was lame...

Holy crap. I remember having mixed feelings about last year's E3... but damn, some kewl games were announced for various systems last year. That sure wasn't the case this year.

Sitting through the painfully bad Microsoft press conference made me want to bash my face in... with a Kinect. *Rolls eyes. Sony pulled up and I thought "Hey, they've got NGP right, that's what they'll talk about!" ... no... instead we get a ton of Move crap mixed with with some game trailers of games we already know about followed with some little NGP (or Vita) info and a whole bunch of extremely boring "We're Playstation YO!" *Rolls eyes. Nintendo stepped up and IMO has the best showing... but I'm iffy with Wii U and there really wasn't much shown, new game wise to get me excited. NTM, I just got my Wii... and now I need another system? No so fast Nintendo.

Microsoft - 


Halo anniversary - I'm not a big halo fan... but the first one is deff my fav... so an updated version of that is kewl :)

Tomb Raider - Was shown in action :) Can't wait for the game.

Mass Effect 3 - Got to see a tiny little bit from the game.

Dislikes - 

Call of Duty - Don't care.

Halo 4 - Ditto.

EA Sports - Ahhh... nope... please shut up Moore.

Mass Effect 3 - Kinect? Really? *shakes head.

Kinect - OMG 90% of their show was Kinect. I don't care about kinect, kinect can eat me.

Over All - So... I enjoyed seeing Lara Croft in her new game. 2/10

Sony - 


PS Vita - Named, priced, rough release date announced. Bioshock title announced for it, Street Fighter X Tekken, Uncharted, LBP and MNR all shown for the device.

God of War Origins Collection - The two PSP GoW title on the PS3 in an HD collection? Sign me up.

Ico and Shadow HD coming this fall - About time! I can't wait for this collection.

Starhawk - Looks tight as hell.

Bioshock infinite - OMG the game looks stunning.

Dislikes -

PS Move - I like the idea of move... but they spent WAY too long on it and showed horrible demos. The NBA 2k game with kobe bryant was a joke. The medieval game where gestures control your weapons was equally as bad.

Dust 514 - I was excited for the news (which was leaked before E3) but the gameplay looked soooo generic.

Exclusive EA content - They announced various EA games would come with free content "Only on Playstation" - this stuff includes new weapons, cars, skins etc - just bullshit garbage. Yet they bragged it up.

A few titles I liked and we got a price for PS Vita. 4/10



Wii U Announced, shown off. Controller explained. Looks kewl, some core game franchises lined up to appear on the machine.

Skyward Sword coming this fall :)

Dislikes -

Wii U - Is a dumb name. Not all specs revealed, no price, no solid RD, most games mentioned, not shown. I don't know if I'm sold on the idea. Also, I was thinking. Nintendo releasing an "HD console" to match the PS3 and 360 later on in 2012... seems a little odd no? Give it another year or so and I have no doubt both Sony and Microsoft will be releasing consoles that leave the Wii U in the dust graphically and technically. It'll be the same story the Wii has suffered this generation.

A whole bunch of remakes, re-releases, half-assed sequels and other crap announced. Remember when Nintendo did original games?

Little to no support for Wii. Not kewl.

Over All - the Wii U's dumb name still has me looking at it in question. 5/10.

Holy crap... lets hope TGS is better this year or maybe next years E3...