Saturday, July 30, 2011

3DS price drop and a New obsession

Hey team, what's up? Been busy as of late, clocking in a nice 90 hours (for 2 weeks) at work for the paycheck... which is quite a lot of time... but great come pay day :) It's really cut my gaming back a bit... well that and 'my new obsession' :P I'll get to that in a minute, first:

The 3DS just went from $249 to $169 in a single day. The week before that, titles were being cancelled, others delayed and concerns about the system's sales brought into question. I was a bit surprised but, hey!, honestly at $169 the system seems like much closer a possibility to me than it was at $250. That said, I'll prob still not buy one (at least right now :P). I'm still waiting for the Vita to come along :)

With that out of the way.

BattleStar Galactica.

Frack :)

I'm so into this series right now, it's scary. I just finished season 3 (one season left to go) and I literally started laughing during the end of the last episode I just watched because it had me excited for what was next. The series is fracking brilliant. The length in which they delve into each and every character on the show is like nothing I've seen before. Each character seems so fleshed out and real, it's really something that most shows never even get any where near. Right now, I'm watching downloaded versions of the show, but I'm strongly considering the blu-ray boxset as a Christmas gift for this year :)

I've also stumbled on a browser based online (they mention MMO around certain circles.... but I wouldn't call it MMO from what I've seen) game for the series, titled simply "BattleStar Galactica Online". Anyone with an interest for the series should check it out, as you get to pilot ships (starting off with the Viper Mark II as human, a light Raider as Cylon) and build up your rank as part of the fleet, interacting with the cast and crew and feeling like you're part of the whole scheme of things. It's quite awesome for a completely free title (they do have a way for you to pay real world money for cubits - it's currency-  but thus far I'm doing fine without that :P) and actually looks quite a bit more like an actual game, than you'd think it'd look for a Java based game run in a browser.

Are there are other BSG fans here? I know Roy digs the hell out of it, anyone else? If not, I suggest you give it a try. It's a bit of a slow burn at first, but after a handful of episodes you begin to get hooked into the characters and then it becomes wonderful :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dipping back into the classics

An incredibly fun/unique game
 So... I'm still working on the idea of finishing up some games and foregoing buying more until I finish some that I have stockpiled; I've been doing rather well, I must say. I did pick up a game on steam called Magika because a friend of mine wanted me to play it with him (and I'm all for co-op so I agreed) and it was on sale at that moment, so I decided "Why not". But besides that I've done REALLY well. No disc based games have entered my house and aside from free games on PS+ I really haven't gotten anything else via digital means either.

Sickeningly good character development
I was playing a number of titles and then just did the whole "Stop!" thing as I got really hooked on watching Battle Star Galactica (blew through the mini series, season 1 and 2 and am now on episode 8 of season 3) which is a fucking blast! Having watched Caprica before it, I was assuming it had the same slow burn, yet incredibly complex and fleshed out character progression that I was use to and I'm pleased to announce that it really does. I love shows that can really work with the characters. I've got the rest of season 3 to finish and then season 4 awaits - I'm excited.

Jade is such a strong character. Fitting for such a strong game.

Anyways, back on topic. I've dug into Beyond Good & Evil and I'm loving it. I enjoyed the hell out of it on the PS2 back in the day and I eventually got my hands on a PC copy... but the PC copy always had issues with working correctly... so I haven't re-played it until now. It's really fun and I love the two main characters. Wonder when they're going to get around to finishing up the sequel?

I've also got inFAMOUS2, NFS Hot Pursuit, Alice: Madness Returns, Gears of War (decided to replay the original) and L.A Noire (which is now with a friend whom wanted to borrow it) on the go... but I just didn't feel like playing any of them. So, what did I do? I grabbed my PSP, transferred some PS1 classic titles from my PS3 (where I had them downloaded) and started in on some older games :)


 A lot of these games I've had for a while or I got free thanks to PS+ and thus far I'm quite impressed. I've jumped into Xenogears and I'm really impressed at how awesome it looks, both in game and the superb anime cutscenes. Also loaded up the first Spyro game and that too really impressed me with it's visuals! I guess I had an image in my head of what a PS1 game should look like and then keep getting jarred awake by what they actually look like :P I love having them on my PSP too... it's just a different feeling than sitting down infront of my TV to play them.

I've been combing through the PSOne classics section on the PSN store and notice quite a growing group of awesome titles there! Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9, Syphon Filter, Resident Evil, Castlevania SotN and more top the list... I guess I wasn't paying attention to the awesome that they have up there :P Honestly... at $5.99 and $9.99 for each game... it's quite an awesome deal. There are a number of titles I'd like to nab there, but will again leave it until later as I finish up some titles.

Another awesome thing I ran into. Turbo Grafix 16 games are transferable to your PSP :) I wasn't aware of that either... I moved Neutopia over and I'm insanely pumped.

I've got some more titles to play and enjoy... and I didn't have to spend a penny :P Hells yeah.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How do you top that?

Wow... just wow.

So... on Thursday I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Halifax (about ~2 hours from where I live) with my brother and a co-worker to check out a live music event happening there.

Seether did the best out of all the opening acts. I don't know a lot of their songs, but what they did do was decent. They even preformed a version of Nirvana's 'Heart Shaped Box', which put a smile on my face :)

Other opening acts included Matt Mays, Protest the Hero, and Coheed&Cambria... but IMO they all did piss poor jobs in comparison to the main event.

The last, AND BEST, to take the stage was none other than:


Yay fire! and Metallica! :)

They blew the fucking place up, to put it bluntly. Last fall, I got to see Lamb of God perform live and I thought that was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen... and while I still have major love for that band... Metallica puts on a show like no other. The place was filled to various capacity through out the day of music, but when Metallica showed up the place was PACKED. The entire area filled with tons of people whom had come to see the band who last visited the area 18 years ago.

Young, old, the crowd was all over the place, but they all were there for the music. Beer and food were insanely expensive, but were still bought in mass quantities. I managed to pick up a shirt, hat and poster at the merch stand - but lost my poster somewhere in the crowd once Metallica came on stage (which is a bummer as I carted that damn thing around during the entire event (the event started around 3pm and finished around 12) but I've got my shirt and hat sitting on my bed next to me :)  A nice memento of the event.

An even better way to remember the thing tho, is video! :D I've got quite a bit of the band performing via my phone (brought my camera but left it in the hotel accidentally) and while it's not the best quality and the music sounds muffled due to how loud it was, it's still there :) Take a look at this compilation I threw together from the various clips I took:

Links for the 2 part video:

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Also, check out some (kinda crappy) shots I took:

This was pretty early on, not a lot of people.
A few more people showed up once Seether took the stage
Singer for Coheed and Cambria - crazy hair! :P Didn't care for the singing tho.

Mr Hetfield I believe.
Most of my Metallica pictures were blurry and crappy... so just watch the video :P Which is still a bit blurry and crappy, but works better than the pictures :P

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vroom vroom

Ahh, what a nice feeling. Well... not the whole debt thing... but hey!

I got my first car. :) I've gone quite a while without my own... mostly relying on parents and such for theirs when I could snag it from their grasp (or lining up drives /w friends for events), but on Friday I finalized the paper work with the dealer involved as well as my insurance company and finally my bank - whom lent me the remaining sum I needed to purchase the vehicle.

It's an 08 Chevy Cobalt, dark grey in color and I'm pleased as pie to know that it's come with niceties like power windows, locks, remote start and AC :) I would of done without those, but it's hellish nice that they're included in this particular model. It's still got a few years left in it's warranty for the motor and such (the complete 'everything' warranty is about to run up in about a month) and honestly, I didn't have to borrow much from my bank to afford it. That and the person I dealt with (I don't know her title) actually got me an amazing deal in which I will be paying just 1.9% interest on my loan for the first 6 months of it... which... if I'm careful with my luxury spending should be well enough time for me to pay that off (else it jumps to 16% after the 6 months).

So... I'm pumped! But also kinda weary... now that I've dropped so much money into a car - that I'll end up messing it up :P lol. It feels different when you're driving something you put your hard cash into.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Amerrriiika and Caaaaanada fuck yeah!

Haha, before anything, check out this video:

:) I dun even care for the series anymore, but I love that trailer/song combo.

This IS your god, right? ;)

Happy 4th of July to all of you crazy Americans :D (Okay, you're not ALL crazy...) I know the day is one of celebratory activities including fireworks (lol I almost wrote firefox) and such and I hope yours is AWESOMEEEMEMME!!!!! WITH CHEERRRRIIEEESSSS ON TOP! ;)

To any fellow Canadians, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! WOOO!

Little known fact: Both our male and female hockey players are completely wasted while playing in the Olympics - and we still whoop ass ;)

This past Friday was Canada day (July 1st for those who don't know) and I believe it's much like the American 'July 4th', in that we do fireworks (almost wrote firefox again lol) and have a hell of a time celebrating our country.

Hope everyone has a safe, long weekend and enjoys the hell out of their respected country.

To anyone reading from other places around the world. Stay awesome and get some fireworks anyways and celebrate something awesome too! :D