Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vroom vroom

Ahh, what a nice feeling. Well... not the whole debt thing... but hey!

I got my first car. :) I've gone quite a while without my own... mostly relying on parents and such for theirs when I could snag it from their grasp (or lining up drives /w friends for events), but on Friday I finalized the paper work with the dealer involved as well as my insurance company and finally my bank - whom lent me the remaining sum I needed to purchase the vehicle.

It's an 08 Chevy Cobalt, dark grey in color and I'm pleased as pie to know that it's come with niceties like power windows, locks, remote start and AC :) I would of done without those, but it's hellish nice that they're included in this particular model. It's still got a few years left in it's warranty for the motor and such (the complete 'everything' warranty is about to run up in about a month) and honestly, I didn't have to borrow much from my bank to afford it. That and the person I dealt with (I don't know her title) actually got me an amazing deal in which I will be paying just 1.9% interest on my loan for the first 6 months of it... which... if I'm careful with my luxury spending should be well enough time for me to pay that off (else it jumps to 16% after the 6 months).

So... I'm pumped! But also kinda weary... now that I've dropped so much money into a car - that I'll end up messing it up :P lol. It feels different when you're driving something you put your hard cash into.