Thursday, August 25, 2011

OMG-Z is superb

Holy crap. It's not too often that I just throw in (or click in this case) a game and am totally blown away by it. Especially when it's a cheap (technically I got this free through PS+ on PS3) download title which I just downloaded to see what it was like. But that's just what happened.

I'm starting to get burnt out on bad download titles when it comes to tiny games be they on a phone or something akin to PSP minis or XBL indie titles. There's A LOT of them out there and A LOT of them are either bad or just plain boring. OMG-Z is neither.

I sat down the other night and learned the basics needed to complete a level and learned more as I went on in this OMG-Z game... which I assume is "Oh my gawd - Zombies!" ... but it could be Onion Meat Garnish - Zebra! for all I know

In game screen, lots of blood.
Anyways, about 4 hours later, I was finished with the title (though admiditly I've gone back to try and get better metal awards)... yep, killed my through it's 80ish levels, have all the upgrades have had a hell of a time with it.

It's not a typical zombie killing game. Instead of some ammo king who runs around and slaughters everything in an arcade-y like setting, each level is just one screen (with various locations throughout the game) and you a lone shooter whom stands a-top something and has just 3 bullets to pick off the entire mess of undead (well over 100 zombies at times). You can upgrade your weapon's ammo to 6 shots through-out the game, but for the most part you'll be working with just those 3-6 shots. The strategy in play is with the different zombies, their chain reactions and how you upgrade your various skills.

The upgrade screen. This helps out A LOT.
Some zombies explode which take out others around them, others turn into acid pools that trap fellow zombies; police zombies fire a round before going down and the army undead fire a few bursts of ricocheting bullets when killed. Each of these types effect other types and depending on upgrades you choose (from money you receive with medals you earn in each level - Brownze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) their effects will be raised and even upgraded with new abilities as you progress. Mix in your own upgrades of ammo, weapon strength, explosive barrels, zombies with varying health and obstacles... and you've got a bit of a thinking game mixed in with your zombie shooting.

It feels truly unique and is addictive like you wouldn't believe. It's got a black/white (and grey) color scheme with only the blood and your reticule showing color, which is quite helpful, as the game gets a little chaotic at times. It's pixel art, much like games of yesteryear and even playing in on my PS3 on a 1080p HDTV(it's built for the PSPs 480x272 resolution) it looked great - very retro.

If you've got a PSP or PS3, get this game I got it for free, but I would of gladly spent $5 for it at the least.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Le Sigh... another personal blog post.

Hey, you. Yeah you, with the pretty eyes and such :) How you doin? ;) Ahaha.

Sad puppy is sad.

This a bit of an odd blog... but bear with me. Ever have those days where you wish you could turn the world off and just... go away? Today is a day like that for me. In general I'm quite the content individual, enjoying my day in various degrees, having ups and downs, but for the most part seem to have a very chill personality. That's not always the case and occasionally I seem to dip so far into "crap mode" that I literally feel no joy in anything, no cause to stand for, no person whom matters to me. I turn completely off and become sludge. This kind of thing never seems to last too long, generally a day - or a few - and then I level back out and get on with life... but holy shit does it suck when it hits.

My entire day was spent, completely speechless, I didn't utter a thing to a single soul, heading to work I had to play the part enough to not appear as a huge asshole, but I was still more or less dead inside, hating the entire shift. A few times, I felt like just walking out and going somewhere off, by myself... but... consciously I knew the consequences of doing such and honestly, it's not something I can afford at the moment... least I can think that much when in such a state, hmm? All that said, this kind of thing isn't fun at all.

So yeah. Yay for bullshit, eh? I do feel better than I have most of the day. I've got some soothing music playing right now (weird 90's shit that I rarely listen to seems to calm more than my usual music) and no doubt after some sleep, tomorrow should be better. *Fingers crossed anyways :P


Okay, enough bitching and whining from me.

GTA IV is a lot of fun :P I snagged a copy from steam recently to try out the ICEnhancer Mod that's blown up recently... but the mod kills my FPS... so I'll just leave it till sometime I upgrade my hardware. Been playing a lot of the actual game since then though :) It's been quite a while since I've played it and it feels really nice.

Not really playing much else besides that.

I have decided to start drawing again. I'm not that great, but I still like doing it. I got a comment on a little sketch I did and posted on deviantart which really sparked my urge to start in on it again, so I'll try to make some time for it. Kind of looking forward to seeing what I can whip up :)

Got to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes... it was decent. Felt too short IMO, but did a good job with the characters, especially the main chimp, Ceasar. Would like to see them do more in that vein... cuz I HATED the Tim Burton film 'Planet of the Apes'.

Andy Serkis plays Ceasar and... holy crap that dude know how to act through body movements.
Gamespot just gave Xenoblade a 9.0 ... sigh... I wish Nintendo would hurry up and just bring the game to North America... it's seriously one of the few games I actually want to play on my Wii... and they're being fucktards about it.

Dues Ex: Human Revolution is coming very soon though :) That'll make me happy. It's been getting superb reviews thus far too, so that makes it that much better.

Speaking of kewl games. Omikron. Not many people know it. I plan on doing a blog post on it, so check in soon :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Steam making me less a Pirate...

No moar 'Arrrrr'?

So, funny thing. I've come to realize that I've hit a point where... instead of downloading a PC game illegally from a favorite torrent source... I'll go looking for it on Steam FIRST.

I'm dumbfounded. When did Steam wedge itself into my life like that? If you had told me years ago that such a situation would slide into place, I might not of believed you. Back in the day it was all about pirating games, sharing discs with friends and all that fun stuff, but... Steam really has blossomed into a service that makes it not only easy to get those games and assure they're working (automatic patches and almost always a post in the game specific forum if a problem does arise) but does so generally at a superb price to boot.

I've been a big fan of Steam's constant sales (they do daily, weekend and mid week sales every week as well as big sales on tons of games through out the year) since I started using the service. Really, out of the 200+ games I own on the service, I've only ever paid full price for... I think, 3. Left 4 Dead, one of my fave online titles I got for $1.24 at one point.... you just can't beat that kind of deal.

Just recently I decided I'd give the ICEnhancer mod a go to see how it is (as everyone has been talking about it for weeks now :P) and realized that I didn't own GTA IV on the PC... so it's like I said; I checked Steam first and that's when I came to the realization... Piracy is becoming a thing of my past in the world of games (* As long as the content is available online on a service like steam).

It's not just Steam either, as I've collected quite a number of titles on Good Old Games ( as well. At $6-$10 a piece and extra work put into them to ensure the older games work without problems on modern systems, it's a freaking steal.

I wonder how many other people are being turned by the services such as steam (there's many out there, you might have your own fave) away from piracy because of the simplicity and good sales on the content at hand?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

03-08-11 - Pickups and such

A little BSG humor there :P

Hey dudes and dudettes, how's things? I did plan on dropping quite a hefty blog on you today which has taken some time to write, edit for errors and search for pictures... but still I'm not done... and it's mostly because today is my day off... and I instead spent the day doing rather leisure things.

My brother and I ripped into town to do some random shopping. I initially wanted to get some compressed air (you know those keyboard duster things)... but I couldn't find any... so we just hopped around a few stores without much mind of any one thing we wanted to nab, just window shopping if you will. We ended up at FutureShop - a tech shop of sorts along the lines of BestBuy (actually, I think the same company owns them both...) anyways... I try to avoid the place because of their just plain weird and pushy sales people... it's never a fun experience.

For example - today I had an employee tell me that she was hugely into beta testing games and that she beta tested most of the games available in the store. *Rolls eyes. I just nodded and went about my business, later commenting to my brother what a crock of shit that was. We just went around picking through shelves of games and movies and such and the same employee showed up and spent 10 minutes trying to sell my brother a specialized World of Warcraft keyboard thing which made quick the act of hitting hotkeys for the game... I laughed as I walked away, letting him deal with her. I over heard him say a number of times that he really wasn't THAT into Wow... that he only played it a bit and didn't really need such a device... but she kept on it, again *Rolls eyes :P

Once we got rid of the pushy sales folk we go back to poking around and making fun of stuff (annoying employees included). I broke my streak of not buying games at this particular store :S Hell, I went a few months, so I'm proud :P Each title was only $15... so at least I didn't buy a "new" game eh? ;) Right? lol, I'm just trying to convince myself :P

Anyways, I picked up Resonance of Fate, Valkyria Chronicles, Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds -  all for PS3.

Then I rounded the Blu-Ray section, my eyes darted around a bit and then I found the 'TV seasons' boxsets section and started looking for something in particular.. and spotted it both as a DVD boxset and a Blu-Ray boxset... and having watched most of the series in a DVD quality format.. I decided the extra cash for the Blu-Ray version was worth it:

:D Battlestar Galactica :D Rather pleased that it includes pretty much everything too. It's got seasons 1-4 and the 4.5 set they released as well as "Razer" and "The Plan" - two movie esc pieces they did along side the series and all of the web-episodes they did for promotion are packed in too. Can't wait to see it in crisp clear quality.

I snagged a copy of DC Universe Online at EBgames for $35 (PC) namely for the awesome batman statue that came with it. But now I have a copy of DCUO that I'm not going to use because... I already own the game (but wasn't giving up the kewl swag in the CE for $35). Soz... anyone want to purchase a PC copy of DCUO? lol.

I also put my order in for some pre-orders that'll be coming in the next 6 months, those being Batman: Arkham City (PS3), Uncharted 3 (PS3) and Mass Effect 3 (360) all for the collector editions, which I'm totally pumped for. I did it through which means I need not pay a cent on them until ship day, which is extra nice considering one comes in October, one in November and the last in March 2012, so it shouldn't dent the wallet all at once. I'm waiting to order up on ESV Skyrim as they haven't announced a collectors edition yet and I want to see if they do.

Just a few items... but quite a bit spent out sadly. *Ehh, w/e. I've been good over the last few months - even put $1000 down on the debt for my car. So a treat was in store... right? ;)

Like I mentioned above, I'm working on a sort of hefty blog, it'll look at something in the industry that affects quite a few gamers and I'm sure at least some of your will agree with my view on it. If all things go as planned it'll be up in less than a week.

For now, hope you sleep well :) Peace.