Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Steam making me less a Pirate...

No moar 'Arrrrr'?

So, funny thing. I've come to realize that I've hit a point where... instead of downloading a PC game illegally from a favorite torrent source... I'll go looking for it on Steam FIRST.

I'm dumbfounded. When did Steam wedge itself into my life like that? If you had told me years ago that such a situation would slide into place, I might not of believed you. Back in the day it was all about pirating games, sharing discs with friends and all that fun stuff, but... Steam really has blossomed into a service that makes it not only easy to get those games and assure they're working (automatic patches and almost always a post in the game specific forum if a problem does arise) but does so generally at a superb price to boot.

I've been a big fan of Steam's constant sales (they do daily, weekend and mid week sales every week as well as big sales on tons of games through out the year) since I started using the service. Really, out of the 200+ games I own on the service, I've only ever paid full price for... I think, 3. Left 4 Dead, one of my fave online titles I got for $1.24 at one point.... you just can't beat that kind of deal.

Just recently I decided I'd give the ICEnhancer mod a go to see how it is (as everyone has been talking about it for weeks now :P) and realized that I didn't own GTA IV on the PC... so it's like I said; I checked Steam first and that's when I came to the realization... Piracy is becoming a thing of my past in the world of games (* As long as the content is available online on a service like steam).

It's not just Steam either, as I've collected quite a number of titles on Good Old Games ( as well. At $6-$10 a piece and extra work put into them to ensure the older games work without problems on modern systems, it's a freaking steal.

I wonder how many other people are being turned by the services such as steam (there's many out there, you might have your own fave) away from piracy because of the simplicity and good sales on the content at hand?