Saturday, October 29, 2011

Farewell old friend, you'll be missed

Sigh. Batman killed my PS3.

So, today was one of the first days in a bit where I didn't have anything to do before work and so, I went to bed early the night before, got up at a decent hour and started playing some Batman: Arkham City. I got a good solid 5 hours into the game and reached a part in the museum, dealing with Penguin and his goons when my PS3 shut it self off and obviously my game while it was at it. This kind of thing has happened in various games over the years, bugs I presumed, and so I just restarted and thanks to Arkham City's great checkpoint system I was brought maybe 2 mins away from where things went all crazy. Jumped back in, whooping some butt and BAM a shut down at the exact same moment.

Scratching my head, I headed online to see if anyone was experiencing the same thing in this location, but came up empty. I turned my PS3 back on and just left it at the XMB for a bit while I continued to look around online and... bam, it shut down again, I wheeled around in my chair and my heart sank. I turned my PS3 back on and it didn't even get to the XMB when it reset and beeped at me, it's power indicator flashing red.

My PS3 died.

I actually backed up ALL of my PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP mini saves about a month ago... to a USB stick (and some to Sony's cloud service, as they were copy-protected and refused to save to the stick) so I should be able to transfer them all over and not lose much of anything (besides my Arkham City save, which came after the backup). I also managed to turn the PS3 back on and eject my Arkham City disc... so that's not a lost cause :)

*Shrugs. I'm assuming it's the GPU... because I've been having weird graphical glitches across a lot of games where textures would pop out for a second, replaced by large solid colored polygons. I just put up with it.. for like 6-9 months now. Also, it's been getting louder and louder depending on what game I played. Sounded like a freaking Jet engine at times :P Guess I should of been more concerned with those signs, eh?

Hundreds of hours put into games over the years and it's never faulted me before now. Being one of the 60gb launch models (I didn't get it at launch but the manufacturing date was before launch, so I called it a launch unit :P). I will tear it apart and attempt the usual methods at repair, like applying new conducting gel on the CPU/GPU or w/e is involved, to see if I can resurrect the beast... but I really don't have much incline that'll work. Sony wants nearly as much to fix it as it costs to buy a new one... which is silly... but may also be an option sometime down the road.

I'm getting a new slim model tomorrow, as cheap as they come, as I've already got a new 750gb HD on order too, so stock HD doesn't really matter. I'm going to lose the ability to play PS2 games... which sucks a lot. I'm heavily thinking about getting a new PS2 as well... cuz I still enjoy the hell out of PS2 games. But I may way a little bit... so I don't stretch my bank account too much (I still need to invest in winter tires for my car sometime before it snows, which will set me back several hundred further, ntm other bills that need taken care of).

I can't wait to get back into Batman: Arkham City... but fear my save is gone. Uncharted 3 comes out this week too! So I can't just go without a PS3 :P

Ahh poop. Farewell PS3, you will be missed my friend.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's finally here :)

Three days feels like forever when you're waiting on something. I was told my Arkham City pre-order had shipped on Monday, via courier, which I assumed would be here the next day (Tuesday, the ship date) as courier services are generally really quick to get stuff to it's destination. Turns out they sent it via the regular mail system and because they shipped it in such a mammoth box (seriously, it's like 8X the size of the smaller box that the collector's edition came in) I had to go pick it up at the post office :S

But, now I have it :) I put it's Batman statue near my more awesome statues and noticed that I need to dust or something... :P

I redeemed all of my DLC (It came with the Dark Knight Rises costume, Penguin lounge challenge map and Catwoman DLC as well as a beta code for Gotham City Impostors and a code to download the OST). I'm actually waiting and hoping they release all of the pre-order dlc for the game on PSN/XBL so I can get it all! Cuz I need to play as robin and kick butt as batman from the animated series :D

Took the game disc out of it's holding place (in the back of the artbook) and put it in the steelbook I got for ordering through futureshop (which is great and much better than using the artbook). Have yet to pop it into my PS3 (waiting for the DLC to download) but I hope to break into it a little bit before I have to head into work :)

I'm on Act2 in Gears 3, that's now on pause, I started a new game in Chrono Trigger, which I downloaded from PSN and slapped on my PSP... that's on pause too. Other games I'm currently playing too... are going on pause as I dive into Arkham City :D I'll talk to you in a few weeks, when I come up for air :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

02.22.12 is the day

Let's get right to it. I just saw some hellish awesome news pop up last night.

Playstation Vita is hitting world wide (aside from Japan who get it in December) on February 22, 2012 :)

One Please. 3G not needed.

I'm excited :) After hearing vague "sometime late 2011" for the longest time I accepted that perhaps Japan would be the only region in that estimate and that the rest of the world would be seeing a late spring/summer release for the new handheld. Pleasantly, Sony announced the end week of February for the launch in the rest of the world. Much sooner than I had anticipated, but if I play my cards right (cut spending) I should be able to snatch one on launch.

I plan on getting the Non-3G model... as I really don't see a need for online gaming on the go... especially when you need pay for a separate 3G bill with the likes of AT&T. If I can't be somewhere with Wifi (honestly, how many places do you go without Wifi?) then I'll just enjoy the machine as a single player device. Being 4+ months away, I should be able to have enough to get the system, a hefty memory card and hopefully a few titles at launch. :)

The specs, the beautiful screen and the games all really have me foaming at the mouth ;) Can't wait. I especially like the idea of starting a game on PS3, saving to a cloud and playing the exact same game when I'm on the go, simply saving (again) to a cloud (a term for a server in this case, not a cloud that rains... :P) to pick up again when I get home on my PS3. Very kewl stuff.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, my single most anticipated game for the Vita.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cancelled my Arkham City pre-order

Yep that's right... I cancelled my Arkham City pre-order...


With EBGames and re-pre-ordered it with FutureShop :)

Reason? Oh... how about this AWESOME Steelbook case! (at no extra cost!)

Until recently, I didn't even know this was an option! Hells yeah futureshop for scoring something kewl for us Canadians :) I was even worried about a case as I'm getting the collector's edition which as far as I can tell, comes with a cheap cardboard sleeve instead of an actual game case.

So, now the game can sit with the rest of my PS3 games :) Though... I'm going to need to find a bigger shelf or something... as I'm stacking PS3 games on each other now... as I've run out of space. *Perhaps I'll move them to my larger shelf and move my PS2/Wii/360 games to the current PS3 shelf...

Has anyone noticed that Japan gets a colored version of the batman statue that's included with the CE of the game? What's up /w that?

I can't wait for the game :) It's got to be my most anticipated of the year (yes more than Gears3 or Skyrim), as was Arkham Asylum when it launched. Playstation Mag Aus has the only review up right now, but we should start seeing some more soon - btw, PTOM AUS gave it a 10/10. I just hope that all the DLC being released at various stores for promotion (the different batman costumes, robin costumes, challenge maps etc) all make it online before long so I can snatch those too :)

Speaking of Batman, did you know that DC has done yet another of their awesome animated movies for the Dark Knight? (Not the movie, the man himself). It's based off of Frank Miller's comic of the same name and has Bruce Timm attached (the guy behind the animated series of the 90s), with Bryan Cranston as James Gordon (a kewl thing for sure) and  Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. The whole thing sounds very kewl. If DC's previous efforts are any indication, this one should be well done :)

Here is the trailer for that:

Link for those reading my blog somewhere other than my site.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A grab-bag of random

Heh.... so I noticed... my last blog post was on the 13th of September. That's like... 3 weeks ago :P It's partially because I've been busy with stuff outside of the internet and partially because I haven't felt like writing out something in full. Either way, I got some good feedback on my cyberpunk post; here at gamespot, on facebook (a cyberpunk group no less) and a few other places where I post my blog and it's really encourages me to take a more "journalistic" approach to future topics in an attempt to make something informative and article like, rather than just ramblings about what I'm up to every blog :P That idea, however, takes quite a bit of effort in making sure everything is crafted well enough to make sense, that the facts used are correct and so on.

Anyways, this blog isn't like that. This is more or less just a catch up blog.

What's been playing:

Ack, lately I'm all over the place with my gaming. Jumping from game to game, not finishing a whole lot and really just killing time rather than sitting down to a good story.

Hard Reset - (PC) At one point, I picked up Hard Reset on Steam and rather enjoyed it. It's a pretty and decently fun throw back to shooters of yester-year. Not particularly strong on story or characters or anything besides nice visuals and fun (kinda frantic) gun play. I didn't find it particularly hard... but then again... I played it on easy. I'll try harder some other time :P Only about 4-5 hours long... but I enjoyed it. Gave it a 7.5 on GS.

Timeshift - (360) I was playing this game a while ago and kinda liked it but... would run into situations where I died a lot simply because I didn't know exactly what I was doing or whom was killing me. I got curious as to how far I was when I left it so I looked up a walk through and learned... that I was like 5 seconds away from beating it... lol. So I booted it up and tried my hand again at the boss and literally walked through another building and laid the final shot into the boss and I was done... I can't believe I was that close to finishing it all this time :P The game looks great for a 2007 title and the gun play works well, but the narrative is bad, acting bad, and over all story - you end up not caring about. Throw in some odd difficulty variation and it's a 6.5/10 :P

Street Fighter Third Strike and 4 - (PS3) Ahh SF :) Got a random urge to play some Street Fighter :) Downloaded SF3TS and f'n love it :) Such an awesome hd update to an awesome game :) It also pushed me to throw in SSTIV and give that a go again. Seth... I think his name is... is a cheap FUCKER! But I enjoy the game like no ones business. Juri is DEFF my fav new character.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - (PS3) Not impressed. The game seems so awkward. Like it needed double the amount of development time? I hate the story/characters, don't care for the world it's set in and even the driving itself is just passable. I can see myself not finishing this one :S Never know though... lol. A shame as the trailers and media made it look awesome.

Transformers: War for Cybertron - (360) Ahh, transformers :) I don't remember exactly when I picked this up, but it's been on my shelf for a bit, begging to get played... so I threw it in. The actual game play can get a little dull, but it's not too bad and controls well. The A.I, I think brings it down. But it's story feel good and it's fun going through out it. I finished the Decepticon portion of the story and I'm like 3/6 chapters into the autobot continuation of the story. I jumped online with it as well and did not too bad taking down some foes - even when I was one of the few low level bots :P I kept messing up the transform and melee buttons tho... so when I was going to land a deathblow to a foe... I'd instead turn into a vehicle... lol. My vehicle had a large cannon attack though... so it wasn't all bad if I managed to avoid a melee attack from them :P Not done with it yet, but it's fun :)

Fear - (PC) Decided to give the FEAR series a go. I wanted to play it on my 360... but they're near impossible to find and at a good price. So I got them from steam. Just barely got into the first one... but it's kewl thus far, they have very good sense of timing with spooky stuff. I went up a ladder or something a whipped to the right to see alma creeping past a door... I thought that very kewl that they'd trigger that just as I looked :)

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter HD - (360) Superb :) I went through SS1 a long time ago and tried to do it again on my 360... and was SOOOO BORED. lol. Decided I'd give SSSE a shot... and it's quite a bit better :) Looks much nicer and is just more engaging. Very fun.


Been trying a few demos too:

Duke Nukem Forever - On 360 as well and it's what I expected. Really oldskool "kill everything before going to your next boring objective" which I know a lot of people hated and ripped on it for... but I wasn't that put off on it, knowing what I was in for, I accepted it and had some fun. I honestly feel people were so frustrated with the game because they expected more from it. That said, I'm not dropping $60 on it :P

Bastion - I downloaded the trial for Bastion on XBLA and what I got to play before my power went out (during a storm :P) was kinda kewl. I didn't like falling off the ledge so easily and I was shocked at how quickly monsters whooped my butt, but it's got a superb sense of style and unique feel to it. I don't know if I want to drop $15 on it right now, but it's something I'll keep in mind (most likely grab it during a sale on Steam).

Driver: San Francisco - (360) Was a surprise for me. I downloaded the demo for 2 reasons. 1 - it looked alright and 2 - I had enjoyed the original Driver. The mechanic of leaving your body to take over anyone elses is weird... but unique and a lot of fun :) The demo gave you a few different scenarios but each was fun and the handling was both unique and really well done. I'll have to get this game some time down the road.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War - On the 360 is a decent little game. I actually won a code for it in a contest and I'm glad I did... as I prob wouldn't of given it much through if I hadn't. It's a small scale RTS/tower defense kind of game, but the strategy is solid, unique and a lot of fun. I love playing at the commando powerup - who weilds a machine gun, rocket launcher and just causes chaos while screaming "YEAH GET SOME!!!" :D So... while this is under Demo, I actually have it and enjoy it :)

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Downloaded this on my PS3 and was blown away. Honestly... most flight games I get totally disoriented and confused, never seeming to be able to catch up with baddies and take them down... but this demo completely changed that! I was whipping my jet around with precision and their DogFight mode (just take a button when behind an enemy) makes everything so butter smooth - OMG I love it. Will be getting this one at some point (if not at launch).

Dungeon Siege 3 - Also on my PS3 I got the demo for Dungeon Siege 3 which also impressed me. I wasn't sure exactly how things were going to play out as the developer is not the team whom did the first two... but I rather liked it. Having 1 of 2 characters and a solid experience revolve around that is kewl and everything just worked well (I would of liked better camera control through).

Other things:

Been watching this season's Breaking Bad since July and this coming Sunday is the finale... and it should be GOLD :D The show really kept up this season with the anticipation! Can't wait for it.

Dexter started on Sunday :) I love Dexter :) Can't wait to see what they do with this season.

Batman: Year One. I found out about thanks to amazon, want to see it.

Speaking of Batman - Akyham City is getting RAVE reviews and I couldn't be more excited for it. Got the CE pre-ordered.

Also waiting on Uncharted3, Skyrim and a number of others :)

Have not picked up Gears3 yet. Money management and all :P Thinking SotC/Ico and GoW Origins collections are my next pick ups, Gears after that perhaps? Rage is out too... :S lol. Too many games.

Promise the next blog wont be as random... :P Peace.