Wednesday, October 19, 2011

02.22.12 is the day

Let's get right to it. I just saw some hellish awesome news pop up last night.

Playstation Vita is hitting world wide (aside from Japan who get it in December) on February 22, 2012 :)

One Please. 3G not needed.

I'm excited :) After hearing vague "sometime late 2011" for the longest time I accepted that perhaps Japan would be the only region in that estimate and that the rest of the world would be seeing a late spring/summer release for the new handheld. Pleasantly, Sony announced the end week of February for the launch in the rest of the world. Much sooner than I had anticipated, but if I play my cards right (cut spending) I should be able to snatch one on launch.

I plan on getting the Non-3G model... as I really don't see a need for online gaming on the go... especially when you need pay for a separate 3G bill with the likes of AT&T. If I can't be somewhere with Wifi (honestly, how many places do you go without Wifi?) then I'll just enjoy the machine as a single player device. Being 4+ months away, I should be able to have enough to get the system, a hefty memory card and hopefully a few titles at launch. :)

The specs, the beautiful screen and the games all really have me foaming at the mouth ;) Can't wait. I especially like the idea of starting a game on PS3, saving to a cloud and playing the exact same game when I'm on the go, simply saving (again) to a cloud (a term for a server in this case, not a cloud that rains... :P) to pick up again when I get home on my PS3. Very kewl stuff.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, my single most anticipated game for the Vita.