Thursday, March 22, 2012

No, I will not read your Mass Effect 3 blog post.

One Fucking word and I'll blow your head off.

Hey guys, girls and giant human sized rabbits from the future, how are you? This is a rather odd blog post, but I thought I might just throw it up here anyways.

**Special note - I will NOT be discussing ANYTHING spoiler-wise about ME3 here.**

I am currently enjoying the hell out of Mass Effect 3 on my 360. It's really the ONLY thing I'm playing right now. I've got about 15 hours in on the single player game (I play rather meticulously, carefully planning, choosing missions, searching for hidden stuff, talking with characters and playing around with the environments to see what I can and can't do) and probably nearly as much time in it's multiplayer offerings as well.

I love the Mass Effect series. I really do. I love the writing of it's characters, I love the extremely realized worlds, I love the idea of playing your Shepard how you want (good or evil or a mix), I love the amount of detail the team has put into every aspect of the titles and how I escape into that world every time I jump in to play. This is why I won't be reading ANY of your Mass Effect 3 blog posts. I care too much about experiencing the world for myself, being caught off guard by split decisions I have to make and finding my own way through it's paths of story.

I don't want to ruin a single thing and so I've decided to completely ignore anything I see online that has to do with ME3. That's quite hard to do as a ton of people on every damn aspect of the internet, wants to discuss their experience with it, be it something that happened in the game or their over all view of the game or what have you... and while some try to make sure it's spoiler free... a lot of the time it ends up being not-so... or a comment after the post ends up spoiling something. There's quite the uproar going around right now concerning one part of the game (won't mention which).. (I haven't read up on it, merely seen headlines) that even Bioware is responding to... and I dislike seeing even stuff like that. Sigh. Why is the internet so crazy? :S lol.

Suffice to say, I'll continue my great time with this game and ignoring anything related to it on the internet (including blog posts you guys make), just thought I'd let ya know :P If you're on XBL and have the game/want to play online, I would love to play! :D Thus far I've been playing with strangers.

Oh, and on the MP portion of the game... What is the point of Mics if all people do is yell at each other? Seriously... I've played many a match where we play in silence and are able to keep tabs with how team mates are doing, how the objectives are going etc and finish the rounds just fine. Jump into a match with mics and all I've heard is "WTF ARE YOU DOING!", "GET THE FUCK OVER HERE GUYS, THIS IS THE BEST CAMPING PLACE", "YOU ALL SUCK FUCKING COCK" and "SERIOUSLY? THIS WHOLE TEAM SUCKS SHIT".