Sunday, August 19, 2012

To a Dear Friend

So, here's the situation. A song came across my random playlist on my media player just now and it almost brought me to tears. The song itself is quite a nice number, very soothing, but it's not the song itself that spurs such feelings. It's the thought of a dear friend brought with that song which has me shifting moods all of a sudden.

Just about a year ago now, a dear friend of mine, whom I've spent hours and hours discussing everything under the sun with (no really, we use to even get into things like the theory of relativity and how it applied to rules on other planets), be it through some kind of IM program or through emails that went for pages and pages and pages, just kind of vanished.

He was known for just up and leaving for a good month or so to focus on school or family issues, but never much longer and certainly not without some kind of peek in to see how things were going, a little email or something. Sadly, every possible outlet online that I've known him to visit paints the same story. A year before now, something happened to take him completely from any interaction.

I'm hoping it's something less drastic than what I've had in my head, but... I have my doubts. I've tried to contact him multiple times within the last year and nothing. It sure doesn't help that all I really know about how to contact him is that his first name is Alec (or Alex) and that he resided in Romania. Most other things he kept close to his chest. We discussed many a personal thing and shared ideas and thoughts on all aspects of life, but that kind of personal info he kept to himself.

Anyways. I miss my friend. I want him to return. If you have word from him, let me know. I would love to hear that he's okay. That's all really. If not...

Cloud737, Alec, Miss you budd, may we meet in another life. This is for you.