Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Game industry burnout?

Lets get the hell out of here any way possible

So, I'm making a conscious decision to pull back from the world of gaming in the sense of giving two shits about what people bicker about on the internet. I've been pulling back more and more over the years, cutting out forums, avoiding stupid places where people bicker about systems, comparing games and the like, but I feel like I need to pull back ever further because it just annoys me and ruins the fun of games for me.

As Microsoft/Sony join in with their new consoles for the foreseeable future, you've got PC elitist shouting profanities and putting said systems down (even before they're out), you've got fans looking forward to those systems shitting on the WiiU in a similar manner and even the small WiiU crowd digging in on things when they can.

My only question is... why?

1080p this and 60fps that, this game has better textures that game runs smoother, this port sucks, that port has cut content. Forget it, I'm done. I don't care. If a game I'm looking forward to boasts large specs and it happens to improve the game, awesome, besides that I just don't care. I'll be getting my PS4 this November, don't yet have enough confidence in the titles I've seen for the WiiU to purchase that and want nothing to do with the XB1. That's how my tastes are directing me and I'll enjoy the hell out of it my own way.

Peace. I'm off to enjoy gaming for what it is and forget the rest.